Boss Mo's Predestined Love Brought By Surrogacy Chapter 40 The Little Guy Was Ill

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The little guy finally ate the medicine after several setbacks.

Mo Yichen touched the little guy's red-hot face. He never thought that the little guy would get a fever because the nanny didn't dry him in time after giving him a bath.

"Well, I should find a new nanny. I wish I could take care of him if I had enough time." Mo Yichen felt guilty.

There were only Mo Yichen and the little guy in the ward at that time. He gazed at the little guy quietly.

He suddenly realized that it was not enough for a baby to only have a daddy. "I am willing to take him to my office but I cannot take him on meetings."

"I thought I could take care of my son. Well, it's too difficult for me."

However, Mo Yichen had no plan to get married since women like Chen Qian would never love his son.

But his mother was not young and strong enough to take care of this little guy.

Besides, Mo Yichen wouldn't let anybody know about the little guy for now and wished him to grow up happily.

Mo Yichen had to go back home to take something necessary since they needed to stay in the hospital.

Then he called Wu Gang.

Wu Gang answered the call.

"Wu Gang." Mo Yichen said emotionlessly.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" What a poor a.s.sistant! It was at the private time.

"The little guy got a fever and I need you to come to the hospital."

"What? Got a fever?"

"Yes, I have to go back home and I will give you 20 minutes to arrive here."

"Got it. I am on my way."

Mo Yichen kept his son secretly in these two years and no one knew about the little guy. Wu Gang met the little guy only once at the day when he was born. Wu Gang's first impression to him was that he looked like a monkey who was wrinkled and ugly.

Soon, Wu Gang came to the ward according to Mo Yichen's direction.

"Take care of him and you can turn to the doctor if you need. I am gone." Then Mo Yichen looked at the little guy and left the ward.

Wu Gang watched Mo Yichen leaving and then sat down.

He looked at the little guy carefully.

"Wow, he was like to his mother, especially for his eyes and feature." Wu Gang poked his delicate face with a finger, "It is so soft, amazing!".

After giving birth to the child, Gu Yan had nothing to do with Mo Yichen. However, Mo Yichen always helped Gu Yan secretly. Wu Gang thought, "Maybe it was because Miss. Gu and the little guy were so alike."

"My boss would rather let her work at Mo Group than give her some money to let her go as far as possible." Wu Gang could feel that Mo Yichen treated Gu Yan differently.

"My little guy, your biological mother and father may fall in love soon." Wu Gang said to the sleeping child.

Fate was doomed and only G.o.d knew.

Gu Yan kept vigil in the hospital for a few days. Her grandma became weaker after having the second operation. Gu Yan worried about her grandma so she always stayed at the hospital.

Gu Yan was going out of the restroom, "This large hospital should ignore the broken toilet. I had to go to another floor." She was terrible with directions and couldn't find the right way after going out of the toilet.

Gu Yan could only read the billboard and tried to find the right way.

A nurse walked past her when she just wanted to ask the way. But the nurse walked into the ward in front of her.

Gu Yan had to wait here and she thought the nurse might come out from the ward soon.

The nurse came out a few minutes later and Gu Yan saw Wu Gang also came out when she was about to ask the way.

Wu Gang was going to call Mo Yichen but felt that there was someone seeing him.

Gu Yan looked at Wu Gang's side face and felt she might know him before. "Bad memory…" She could hardly remember him.

Wu Gang turned around slightly and saw Gu Yan's confused face, "What? What is she doing here?"

"You..." Gu Yan tried to recognize him.

"Hi, Miss. Gu, how are you?" What? What was she doing here? Did president call her? No, President knew that I was here.

Gu Yan was familiar with this voice and tried to recall carefully.

Suddenly, the baby started crying…

"The baby was crying. Is that your baby?" Gu Yan heard the crying and asked Wu Gang.

"No, no, it is not my baby." Wu Gang felt embarra.s.sed. It seemed that his little secret was brought to light.

"Wait… A baby?" Gu Yan suddenly remembered, "It was he who arranged a lot of things about the surrogacy. How can I meet him here?" Gu Yan also felt embarra.s.sed.

The baby was crying louder and louder and Gu Yan couldn't help watching the baby.

For fear that she found the baby was her own son, Wu Gang tried to stop her.

"There is only a baby here who is like Gu Yan and if Gu Yan knows the fact, I might be done!" Wu Gang thought.

"There is n.o.body taking care of the crying baby and don't you take care of him?" Gu Yan reminded him kindly.

Wu Gang was about to call Mo Yichen since there was something wrong with the baby but he didn't expect that Gu Yan was here.

"Oh…yes!" Wu Gang realized, walked into the ward quickly and closed the door.

"He is so wired. It is common that a baby would get ill. Did he worry that I would hurt the baby?"

Gu Yan felt ridiculous about this idea.

"Wu Gang looked so serious when I saw him at the first time but he is totally different now. Sure enough, people will be different when they meet emergency."

Hearing the crying of the baby, Gu Yan couldn't help remembering her son who she had never met.

"Is he ok? Is there anyone taking care of him if he gets ill?" She worried about her baby.

"Of course. He must be taken care of." Gu Yan answered herself.

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