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Knights in gleaming white armors, priest and priestesses in white robes, devotees of the light, all shuffle through in a hurry along the solemn hallway of the church.

Their footsteps and slight chatter could be heard all around the building as they dutifully accomplish the task given to them.

But within the building, one place retain it's peace and tranquility. Three people sat around a table sipping tea leisurely, seemingly isolated from the outside world.

The garden, magically enchanted to have it's own atmosphere, are filled with colorful blooming flowerbeds. The only noise heard was from a fish leaping out of the pond within the garden.

"Christine, is it true?" Asked an aged gentleman, breaking the silence.

The man is donned in a golden robe decorated in silver outline, this man is the pope. his wrinkled face show's the stress brought by his position yet his strong aged voice carry no hint of weakness.

Christine, the woman sitting opposite of him, sigh before staring at the calm surface of the pond.

"Yes Joseph, the G.o.d of light has spoke to me, he spoke of the return of the dark tide." She answered with a tired voice.

"How long do we have?" Setting down the tea cup in his hand he calmly ask.

"At most, a year."

The pope nod I'm understanding before turning to the man standing at their side, "Captain, I believe you know what to do."

The man cross his right hand across his chest in a knight salute before marching out to carry out the order.

"I hope we can prevent the tragedy of 200 years ago." Closing her eyes, Christine spoke full of melancholy.

"I hope so as well."

At the same time, deep in a cave at a hidden valley a similar gathering are happening. Surrounding a fire pit, six green skinned humanoids are sitting on straw cus.h.i.+ons.

"Star Seeker, why is it that you summoned us?" A muscular man ask the elderly figure sitting at the end of the cave with agitated voice.

"Patience Thunder Fist, I will answer in due time." Star Seeker told him before scanning the room.

"Two weeks ago I had a vision." The moment the words left him the other members become tense, whatever it is the elder saw must be of great peril to have summoned all the Chieftains.

"In my vision, an army of great evil comes from the West. They come and slaughter not just men, women and children, but all creature that breath and lives. The land they conquer wither and die, leaving nothing but wastelands. In my vision I saw our home, The Haven Valley fall to them, our struggle meaningless for we were caught unprepared and alone. These abomination do not torture, do not pillage, and do not r*pe, they just seek for destruction and reap more lives." Recounting his vision Star Seeker shudder as he close his eyes.

The other Chieftains were shocked and baffled by what they heard, until one of them snaps, enraged not from disbelief but for the future actions of their enemy.

"Then what are we waiting for, we must gather our men and prepare to face this evil!" She said with her face turning red from rage.

"No Fire Light, the horde alone is not enough to face them."

"Then what is it you suggest we do, esteemed elder?" Ask another with a long sword resembling a nodachi strap to his back.

"That is precisely why I summoned you all here Blade Song, listen well for I will not repeat myself." The Chieftains perk their ears up upon hearing that and Star Seeker nod I'm acknowledgement.

"The horde, our people are strong but these abomination are stronger for each of the fallen would only rise back as one of their rank." Quickly Star Seeker raise his hand to stop the Chieftains question before continuing, "they are creatures that defy death and would only truly rest when their handlers are put down, we may be strong physically but these creatures live not with mortal flesh. Now we have a choice, we gather allies and stand together or we stay and wait for death. The choice I leave it in your hands."

Silence prevail after Star Seeker spoke, the choices he gave are both hard to take. The orc clans have always been neutral, they take no part in wars and would roam as traveling merchants while some stay at one place and be either miners or ranchers but even so they never neglect their training and always strive to become better.

The orc are natural warriors, they are righteous and honorable and they cannot stand injustice. They have always follow the teachings of the old and become protectors of the souls, their warriors protect the weak while their shamans guide the dead to eternal rest.

But now, the elder have told them of an enemy that not only desecrated the dead but also enslave them, How can they stay still knowing such vile creature is on the loose! But to act means they have to trespa.s.s on the land of the sentient races, they need to make bonds and receive a pa.s.s from the ruler of each lands if they want to move an army or in other words to break their neutrality and take side with the sentient races ruler, something they had never done.

The silent continue until one person spoke up with voice full of conviction.

"I, Blade Song, Chieftain of the Blade dancer clan, agree to stand with other sentient races to face this evil!"

Following his example the other Chieftains gain their courage and voice their opinions.

"I, Fire Light, Chieftain of Star Light clan, choose to stand and fight the evil along side the sentient races!"

"I, Stone Crusher, Chieftain of Stone Crusader clan, agree to fight the great evil!"

"I, Storm Chaser, Chieftain of Storm Bringer clan, agree to battle evil from this land!"

"Thunder Fist, Chieftain of Iron Fist, agree in repelling this evil from our world!"

"Good, very good! Now that we have a decision, hear my command and do your best to accomplish them!" Hearing their answers Star Seeker are overjoyed and turning towards each of them as he gave their tasks.

"Storm Chaser, you and your clan storm howlers are the fastest one among us, I ask you to bring news to the sentient races and ask for their cooperation."

"Thunder Fist, Blade Song, Stone Crusher, I ask you three to gather our scattered people and to oversee their training, we will need all the warriors we could get."

"As for you Fire Light, I need you to gather as many talents as you can and train our shamans, only them have the power to return the unfortunate souls to their rest."

"Do you all understand your duty?"

"""Yes elder, We understand!"""

"Good, now go! May the ancestral spirits bless us all!"

"""May the ancestral spirits bless us all!"""

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Far in the east, on the tallest tower of a castle stand a beautiful woman donned in a green dress with leaf like patterns.

The howling wind flare up her golden hair as she stare out into the distance.

"My lady, what is it that troubles you?"

"I myself have no idea, but I could feel a disturbance in the land West of ours."

"The land in the west... I believe it is but another foolish human trying to control something beyond their reach. I do not think you should concern yourself any longer my lady."

"You might be right." Turning to face her butler she brush her hair behind her pointy ear. "How are the progress of the teleportation circle?"

"Our last transmission with the stranded exploration team, sir Getos.h.i.+ reported that everything was going well my lady."

"Good, I hope it will continue to progress without difficulty." Saying her piece she turn back to look at the clouded sky outside.

"I really do hope so..."

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