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Chen Ming slowly walked towards the golden camber, he saw that it had a big golden door, he presumed that to meet Ming Chen he would need to go inside. He slowly pushed the door open and saw a little boy sitting on a chair while drinking tea. There was nothing in the room except for two chairs and a table in the middle of the room. As Chen Ming was walking, the little boy lifted his head up and greeted him.

"Big brother please sit, there is a lot of things that I need to tell you before my soul fully leave this body". As he heard the little boy Chen Ming sat down on the other chair and said;

" What is it that you need to tell me"? Chen Ming asked as he watched the little boy pour tea for him.

"Well big brother now that you are going to be staying in my body I would have to naturally tell you everything you need to know about this world, how it works and why you are residing in a child's body", Ming Chen said as he took a sip from this cup and looked him, Chen, to see him nod his head indicating to carry on.

"This place is called the Mu Kingdom in the Da continent, the Mu Kingdom is just one of the many Kingdoms where is the Da continent. We have one of the smallest Kingdome, land-wise, but don't let that fool you, this Kingdoms strength can beat the biggest Kingdom in the continent the Ling Kingdom. The strongest military here is run by the Chen family, which is us, we are the number one military in the Mu Kingdom, then the Royal military. The Current Emperor is Mu Pan, he has the highest power among everyone in this Kingdome, which is given. The Chen family military is called the Snow Beast military, the Emperor has no power or right to command the military. This world isn't like that one you come from, here we have special powers". When Chen Ming heard that this world has special powers he spits out his tea.

"WHAT, This place has special powers????, what kind of witchcraft is this??". Chen couldn't believe what he was hearing, special powers are something that would come out from a fairytale.

" Its true, this isn't some witchcraft like you say, it how people in this world live. At the age of 12 everyone wakens their powers, one can develop their powers and grow strong, the stronger you are the more powerful spirits you can summon. When one has reached the ranks of 1st Sergeant that is when they can summon a spirit and make a contract with them, that spirit will stay with you, it will protect you and fight for you. What kind of spirit you summon can also depend on what spirit type you are, most common ones are fire, water, wind, earth and more. Even if one is strong they might not be able to summon any spirit if their mental strength and concentration aren't good enough, sometimes it can lead to death if one isn't careful. The ways one can grow stronger is by cultivating. During cultivation, one must take in spirit particles that are in the air and absorb them into their Glabella, which is located between your eyes. That is also a weakness of everyone. Well...I think this is all you need to know about this world, if you aren't sure about something you can ask now, I don't have much time left". Ming Chen said finally finis.h.i.+ng his talk. Chen Ming looks at him in a particular way and asked;

"How did I end up in your body, wasn't I meant to be dead, I was poisoned and left in a fire to die, so how did I get here?". Chen asked still curious about how he got here.

"When you're soul left your body it couldn't go to the afterlife, you still had some wises that haven't fulfilled, I saw that your soul was unhappy and allowed your soul to enter my body. Where come forward a bit, I just remembered that there is something else which is important that I forgot to give to you." Ming Chen said as he lifted his hand placed it on Chen Mings forehead. A sudden burst of energy flowed from Ming's hand to Chen's head.

" These are my memories, I'm giving them to you to keep safe. Before my soul leaves this place I would like to request two things from you, I would like for you to help me get revenge on someone and keep my family safe". Chen Ming heard Mings request, but before he could answer he saw that Ming's body slowly started to disappear.

"Don't worry kid, this big brother of your will definitely take revenge for you and even protect your family, may your soul rest in peace". After he said that everything went black.

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