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Chen Mings body suddenly started to tremble violently. His body dropped back on the bed, beads of sweat were gathered around his forehead. The intense pain was surging around his body, even though he might a grown adult this body was still young, the intense pain was too much. As more time went past the pain carried on happening, more and more sweat was gathered around Chen Mings body, he thought that at any moment he would pa.s.s out, but he couldn't if he did all the effort he put in would go to waste.

Chen Ming kept on telling himself the reason why he is doing this, enabling him to last long enough to feel the pain ease down slowly. As hours went by the pain finally came to a total stop. Chen Mings body was still trembling from the after effect and was panting heavily. He lied down on the bed for a few minutes until his breathing becomes rhythmic.

Chen Ming got out of his room and called for the two maids, he told them to get him a cold bath ready. Once the bath was ready Chen Ming dismissed the mains and got into the wooden tub. The cold water felt like heaven on his skin. He sat down crossed-legged and started to gather sprite particles. He noticed that his veins were much bigger than when he was using herbs.

The particles were flowing smoothly into his veins continuously without being disturbed. Chen Ming sat there for hours without being disturbed by others, time went pa.s.sed quickly, Chen Ming didn't get up until he heard a knock on the door. Without waiting for a reply the door opened it was revealed to be Tao. He walked up to the bathtub and placed his index finger into the water.

" How long do you plan on sitting in this cold water? You have been sitting here a whole day now, you haven't eaten anything and your gonna catch a cold", Tao said as he looked worriedly at Chen Ming who went back to cultivating. Tao stood there for almost an hour before Chen Ming decided to get up, his body was wrinkly from sitting in the water for too long. Tao pa.s.sed him a towel before getting a new set of clothes for him. Tao had known the new changes to Ming Chen, he also knew that he has been getting ranking up faster than anyone his age. He also knew that Ming Chen just ranked up otherwise he wouldn't have got up.

" Tao can you get someone to follow the PM's son. I need you to keep me updated on everything he does, the people he meets and have someone find out his rank", Chen Ming said as he was putting on his clothes. Even if the PM's son was strong he was nothing compared to Chen Ming who just ranked up two whole levels. He was now middle-tier Lieutenant 2. Despite there being millions of Lieutenant 2 the reason for him being special was that he was only 15. People his age would only be at the ranks of Colonel if some were talented enough they would be a Major. However, being just a Lieutenant wasn't enough for him, he needed to rank up fast in order to get to the Demon Territory.

Before he can do anything he needs to fulfil the promise he made with Ming Chen. He needed to get revenge on those people who killed the real Ming Chen. The moment he understood everything he knew the people who wanted him dead. He was going to give these people a taste of their own medicine. Days pa.s.sed, during that time, Chen Ming had his people keep a close eye on the PM's son. After knowing what he does Chen Ming came up with a plan and to make thing even better the PM's son along with a few other n.o.bel kids, who all hate Ming Chen and want him dead, went out camping. No one besides the people inside the Chen Mansion knew that he can cultivate, the people outside still thought of him as a weak and pathetic young master. Chen Ming along with Tao, Bao and a few other strong guards stealthy followed the group of people.

Chen Ming and his team all watched from afar the group of people talking and laughing. They would also sometimes talking about Ming Chen and how they wised that an eyesore like him should have been dead. Chen Ming couldn't help but laugh, the real Ming Chen died long ago, he was now looking for revenge for him. Chen Ming and his team all waiting until nightfall when all the n.o.bel kids have gone to their own respective tents. Tao, Bao and the rest were wearing all back with a single red rose at the back of their clothing as well as covering their face with black clothing. Chen Ming was the only one who wasn't wearing all black and covering his face like the rest. He signalled for them to prepare their attack now.

Chen Ming had gone through the plan with them multiple times, so they were aware that he would be the one dealing with the PM's son. There was a total of ten people who had stealthy went towards the bundle of tents including Bao and Tao. Chen Ming just casually walked over towards the tent slowly allowing the rest to go inside the others tent and tie them up. The men covered the kid mount with a cloth to prevent them from saying anything and took them away from their tent and tied them all together.

By the time Chen Ming reached the tent site, everyone was moved away except for one tent which had the PM's son in it. Chen Ming walked up to it, opening the doors and walking inside. He saw that the PM's son was sleeping peacefully and couldn't help but play an evil smile on his lips. Chen Ming walked back out and set the other tents of fire, the tents weren't that close nor that far making it easier for Chen Ming to set them all on fire without walking far, Chen Ming whose main powers were fire couldn't help but laugh, ' who knew setting things on fire was this fun'.

The PM's son who was sleeping peacefully smelt smoke, at first he had just brushed it off and close his eyes, however, at the next moment the smell of smoke was getting stronger not only that the cold night breeze seemed to have gotten hotter. PM's son jumped off his bed with eyes widened. He could see the bright red lighting coming from both his side, he walked out of his tent to see that all the other tents around him were burnt, his mind went blank, before realising that his friends were in the tent, he ran frantically to each to see if he could entre and save his. He wasn't able to get close to any of the tents due to the fire, at that moment he thought of a plan and was about to call out for help when he heard a laugh coming from ahead. At first, he couldn't see anything due to the smoke from the fire getting in this eyes, however, he could faintly see multiple figures walking towards him, he thought these people might have come to help after seeing the fire.

Thinking about this, he couldn't help but have a smile on his face, However, in the next few second the smile on his disappeared instantly. The person who was in from of his was none other than the person he hates the most Ming Chen. His eyes could help but display his deep hatred for the little guy in front of him. The fires on the tent disappeared leaving a pile of ashes. Tao got a seat out of his s.p.a.ce bag. Chen Ming sat on the chair while keeping his eyes on the PM's son.

" Ming Chen, was this your doing? This fire was done by you and your lackeys weren't it? Huh wait till I get back to the capital and tell my father what you did then watch how you and your lackeys get sent to death", the PM's son said as he puffed his chest up and down and straightening his back to make him look more serious. Listening to this Chen Ming couldn't help but laugh.

" Haha, of course, it was done by me, and of course you can go and tell your father.... that is if you get there alive", Chen Ming said with an evil look in his eyes. Looking at those eyes the PM's son couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver a little, was this the same Ming Chen who couldn't even come to school because he was bullied.

" Ha ha ha, you must be kidding me, how can a weak person like you set all these tents of fire", PM's son said that as he gave a look of contempt. Ming Chen was so weak that he couldn't even defend himself against a child. How on earth would he be capable of setting these tents on fire?

" Why is it that I cant set these tents on fire", Chen Ming said as he looked amused when speaking to the PM's son. The PM's son looked at Ming Chen as if he was looking at an idiot. He couldn't help but scuff at Ming Chen.

" These tents are made with a special material preventing them from getting on fire unless someone is a fire user at the ranks of a Captian or above the ranks of a Captian no one will be able to set these on fire, as for you, you are someone who can't even cultivate forget setting these tents on fire. Chen Ming smirked as he couldn't help but feel pity for killing someone like him. Thinking a little longer Chen Ming gave an evil smirk towards the PM's son. Tao and Bao who were standing next to Chen Ming couldn't help but feel sorry for the little kid standing in front of them. Even if he wanted to run he couldn't as he was surrounded but he didn't even seem to realise.

Chen Ming got up from the seat and walked towards the boy who was standing in front of his tent. Chen Ming lifted one of his hands up and quickly there was a bright red coloured flame that formed in his hand. Looking at the fire the PM's son could help but petrified, wasn't Ming Chen a useless boy who cultivate, how was he able to summon a flame. Chen Ming threw the flame ball he had in his hands towards the tent, the moment the flames touched the tent, it blew up in flame. Looking at the scene in front of his the PM's sons legs couldn't help but tremble, from what just happened, Ming Chens ranks are either a Captian or higher. Thinking about it he couldn't but laugh at himself, he truly was screwed this time.

he turned to look at Ming Chen who was looking at him as if he was an animal rather than a human. Chen Ming went through his sleeves and got a small bottle out. Inside the bottle were five pills, he opened the cork and got all the five pill in his hand. Chen Ming signalled for Tao and Bao to come over, the PM's son wasn't able to put up a fight, as both Bao and Tao were above the ranks of a Captian and the PM's son was only Major. They both grabbed one arm each and used their free hand to lift the boy's chin and open his. Chen Ming squatted in front of the boy and said in a very low voice.

" I pity you, because of that I'll let you live... However, don't think that I'll let you live an easy life", Chen Ming said as he looked at the pills first then towards the boy with a smirk. Chen Ming had five different coloured pills in his hand and one by one he had inserted them into the boy's mouth making sure that he has swallowed them. Chen Ming then explained what each of the pills does to the boy making his feel terrified.

" The red pill will ensure that you will never be able to cultivate, the blue one will make you mute, the green one will make you a cripple, the yellow one will ensure that you don't die and of course the last one which is my favourite one, the black one, it poison. It a slow-reacting one don't worry you won't die that easily. Every day you will experience extreme pain for the rest of your life until you die naturally of old age. Fun isn't it, it took me a while to make these all these, do you know hard it was, aren't you going to thank me?", Chen Ming asked as he looked at the boy with ridicule.

Both Tao and Bao couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver when they heard what Chen Ming had said, he wanted to be thanked for making such evil pills. This young master of theirs is truly evil, even the devil would cower in shame. Chen Ming then pa.s.sed a lager bottle with white pills to one of the guards and told him to feed them to the other kid. Chen Ming then looked at the kid again, he got a water holder and forcibly made the boy drink it.

The pills that were fed to the boy don't work unless you give them a special type of water which has been soaked with different types of herbs. The effects of the pill started to take place as the boy's body started to tremble violently. He wasn't able to cope with the pain and fainted. As for the other kids, the pill they had eaten made them lose half of their powers and made them forget what happened today. After making the campsite look as though it was attacked by bandit, the group of people left as if they weren't involved in it. before leaving Chen Ming didn't forget to leave a black handkerchief with a single red rose on the site.

The next morning when Chen Ming woke up there was a commotion in the front hall of the mansion. Chen Ming got out of his room without changing from his nightgown and walked to the front hall. He didn't bother knocking on the big door and walked in without a care. There were around twenty people standing in front of his grandfather, whos face held worry. Chen Ming walked towards his grandfather and sat down next to him.

The people at the bottom who were standing couldn't helo but give a particular look towards the young boy who had just walked in without changing his clothes and no knocking. One of the people gave a look at displeasing and even voiced it out.

" Doesn't the young master of the Chen family have any respect for his elder, not only did you not change from your nightgown, you came without knocking, and to make matters worse you didn't even greet us elders and sat down, such disrespect", the elderly man said with pure displease in his voice. Listening to what was being said Chen Ming couldn't help but smirk.

" Just who are you to make me greet you, even my grandfather doesn't complain that I don't greet him, do you think that you are more important than him. Also, this is my house I do whatever I please if you are unhappy about it the door is right there you can walk yourself", Chen Ming said in a cold voice making the elderly man angry, he was about to say something when another man middle-aged man signalled him not to.

" Speak, what is it that you need from me?", Lin Chen asked not bothering to carry on with this drama from these family heads. The middle-aged man from before stepped out and greeted Lin Chen.

" General Chen, yesterday my son along with a few other kids had gone out to camp. Unfortunately, they were meet with a horrific incident. They were all attacked by powerful people not only that my son was crippled. I ask the General to send some people to investigate.", the person who spoke was the Prime Mister, thinking about what he did to his son Chen Ming couldn't help but snicker. Unluck for him everyone in the room heard his, the men below gave a dirty at him.

" Please forgive me for my rudeness but what does my grandfather have to do it this, shouldn't you all be asking the Ministery of justice to investigate this", Chen Ming said almost taking over the case from his grandfather. No one spoke for a while until one of them came upfront and spoke. The person who replied was yet again the PM.

" Fith young master, it is true that we should go to the Ministery of Justice, however, we don't just want the people who hurt our kids to be jail we want then dead, those people who hurt our kids should pay for the price", the Pm replied truthfully.

" It seems like you all want my grandfather to do your dirty work, but ask yourself are you worthy enough for that, unless you want to put the Chen family on your bad side I suggest you get the Ministry of Justice for a look at the case for you". Chen Ming said as he gave a cold look at the people standing.

After taking care of the people, Chen Ming spoke with his grandfather about some matter before heading to his room to carry on cultivating.

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