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" Of course it concerns me, we are cla.s.smates after all right, we should look out for each other", PM's son said with a sly smirk on his face. Oh how much Chen Ming wanted to punch this guy in the face or burn him alive, but he couldn't do anything yet, why, he wasn't strong enough. He needs to get stronger and get revenge for Ming Chen. While thinking about how to get stronger, Chen noticed from the corner of his eyes an egg that was smaller than the other ones, he felt a weird aura coming from it.

" This egg why is it so small", Chen asked pointing towards the small egg which was practically impossible to see lying there along with the big ones.

" This one... it's a bad egg, the creature inside is dead that's why the egg shape hasn't grown bigger", Li Wei said not bothering to say any more about a dead egg, although it was dead the sh.e.l.l design is so unique that you wouldn't wanna through it away.

" I wanna buy that egg", Chen Ming said completely ignoring the shocked look on Li Wei and Tao's face.

" Are... are you sure you want to buy this egg, even if the sh.e.l.l looks elegant the creature inside is still dead", it's not that Li Wei liked this young master that he is unwilling to sell, it for the sake of his own store's reputation. If this young master buys the eggs and later complains about it, it will be his store that will have to face the backlash. He knew he shouldn't have bought this egg out from the storage.

As if knowing what Li Wei was thinking Chen Ming said,

" Don't worry I won't complain, I want that egg", Chen Ming stated as he looked firmly at Li Wei.

" Are you sure?", Li Wei asked Chen Ming wanting to make sure that he wasn't playing any games with him. As Chen Ming and Li Wei talked they completely ignored the PM's son, they also didn't notice the evil smirk that was playing on his face.

After Chen Ming made the purchase of the egg he gave it to Tao to keep save, before he left the store he heard the PM's son mutter something under his breath, however, Chen Ming didn't pay any attention to him. As they walked around the purchased some more items that they might need, like herbs and a little dagger which Chen Ming has taken a fancy to.

Chen Ming needed to get stronger if he wants to take revenge. He was only after all a General at Medium section. He needs to grow stronger otherwise his family can't always protect him. After getting home Chen Ming got all the things he needed and took it to his room, he told Tao not to allow anyone to disturb him unless he tells them to.

When he went inside his room, he got all the herbs and made a special blend that allowed his pores to get bigger in order to observe more sprite particles. Like this two years have pa.s.sed, during this time no one disturbed him. He had all his meals given to him in his room. Not only that the egg he bought two years ago that was p.r.o.nounced dead what alive and healthy. It was a cute little baby dragon, however, it was different from other pets that you get. Chen Ming was able to make a contract with this fire dragon which allowed him to improve by a whole rank.

By two years Chen Ming has spent millions of gold on herbs not just for himself but his dragon w.a.n.g Shu. Even when he was inside his sh.e.l.l, Chen Ming has made different concussions to give nutrition to allow the egg to grow bigger, which also means that the creature inside the egg also grows bigger. There are only a few people who know about his contract with his dragon and they are Tao and Bao.

After two years Chen Ming was now Colonel at the lower sections, he was able to rank up by four whole levels throughout the two years, meaning he ranked up twice a year, which is considered goldy for a small country like where he lives. It wasn't just his ranks that he improve his physical appearance has also improved, he was no longer a skinny boy who looked like he would get blown away by a little wind, he had gained weight around his body. He practised martial arts every day with both Tao and Bao, Bao also thought him how to use his dagger.

If anyone were to fight Chen Ming now they would most likely lose even if they were few ranks higher than him. During this time he also learnt about medicine, he would be considered a doctor or a medical cultivator, doctors and medical cultivators are highly looked up to as making medicine is not only hard but it takes years of studying to perfect, something Chen Ming doesn't have to worry about. He looked into pill refinement, in the Mu Kingdom there has been a very few pill refiners, they can all be counted with one finger. In the entire Da continent, there have been only a few numbers of pill refiners, the other continent Chu has hundreds maybe thousands of pill refines. Chu continent is said to have more sprite particles in the air allowing people over there to rank faster than the Da continent.

Chen Ming thought about being a pill refiner, not only will he be able to earn lots of money, he will be able to get rare herbs if he is backed by a powerful clan. Thinking about all the rare herbs he could get his hands on, Chen Ming couldn't help but smile to himself.

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