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Chapter 217: 217

There is some disturbance happen after this incident end, there is another evil presence appeared which makes underwater creatures very disturbing, something should not be happening, there must be another that exist before .

The queen of underwater world is very much worried about it, there must be something that, she miss, there must be someone else, she want to discuss this to her, but at that she was not present in that moment in palace . She just review every detail which in her mind, which her parents said to them .

Vibration waver comes in her mind, which said, the death army happen to awaken, from the bottom of seal, this message from immortal creature whom she want to discuss

That message is very much dangerous, they all fatty mermaid creature who just scared of it .

In the palace, jenny hat make their move and transport both back to palace without telling them,

Jen and bahu or (jenny and varu) both enjoy their romantic night without disturbance, but the forget about something, which make them unrealizable

Parents of both were present in that moment which both were staying before their parents arrived, jen and bahu both wake-up in certain condition .

Jenny wake-up but vision was not clear because of the sunlight, which is covering the while room, jenny look herself in mirror and smile . But she turn toward varu, but when again turn toward mirror, she realize that, servant mark appear in her back .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntVaru stands and said, I did it, you think, you can easily escape from my sight, for you information, we will never separate

Jenny and varu not realize that, they already in palace their hat play prank on him, both were fighting over magic, which totally hurt the mood of jenny .

The discussion were listen by someone other than him, both were not known about the incident, there are just standing and arguing with each other, since they already in love

Some slammed and door fall on ground and dust blur the vison

Jenny and varu look at the look and they realize their parents was outside

Jenny and varu look up and door around his room, which make him realize both already in palace

Laughing sound coming out from cupboard, jenny hat was hiding and played prank on them .

Jenny and varu already made them too clear about their intentions

Jenny and varu parents is very much clear about their future, they already decided about the marriage . Jenny and varu parents told them to put some cloth and come downstairs . We need to discuss some matter with you

Jenny and vary were looking at each other and she turn back to cupboard where cupboard is shaking because of hat were laughing .

This incident were full impact on both of them, they were really nervous about what they were planning .

That hat escape before jenny and varu could catch him,

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Nervousness were s.h.i.+ne in their faces without any doubt, but they get a hope by smiles were seen in their parent face .

When they just sat down, jenny and varu smile with joy when they look smile in the families

Ren and varu mother both scold him, they makes varu and jenny shocked and stands own its own .

Ren said, why you two so careless? You both were badly injured and you still enjoying here, we were searching for, you were just enjoying, and this is really careless incident

Jenny look and swallow her word and reply, mom I am really sorry, I will never do this again

Sorry my foot, you came with me and you will never study here, I will send you to Doctor College, where you can continue your study as doctor, I will withdraw your from here .

Jenny look at mom, mother please let me explain, I still continue as witch, you should understand this, I am fine here, please let me continue here .

Ren looked at jenny and said, you want to continue with sleeping with him .

No mom, I mean I want to study more in this academy

Varu mother get in action, she came closer to varu and put his ear and said, you bad body, we were worried when you were in deep sleep, you carelessly fight for her, you also stay here with

Varu reply, mom! I! I mean we were just playing, there is nothing more, and this is just a normal thing for us

Jenny father and varu father jump in argument, you young generation, you saw this as a game play, you both really doing childish thing, the thing is you were doing was adult thing . I think, that punishment is very light for you .

Varu father said, I think, we should send both of you to separate academy, this will be good, I think we should capture that hat, otherwise you both again escape

Jenny father said, I already capture her hat, now there is no way you both can meet again, you both are adult now, accept your punishment

Jenny said, father and mother, you both now, I am stringer that you, you punishment is not working on me, if you force me, I will reply you like I beat you in last time .

Ren reply with her another world magic, where she can see something bigger and dangerous thing she holding back .

Ren look at her and said, so you want to fight against me once again, you really expect something weakest from my side, I am not using my full strength against you, you can ask this to you sister, she very well know about it .

Min said, jenny, you seeing that thing is mother small capability, if she want full war against you, you just out of number, we know you strong but we still unknown about their strength .

Varu said, wait jenny, I will fight with you, don't worry

King salmon said, you should worry about yourself, you want to draw sword, we both see your fighting skill, but you both indeed strong but, there is many thing you both lack . We a.s.sume you as kid, but we don't want to spoil your future by marrying both of you . So I recommend you, stay away from each other,

Sudden magical wave cover the room, except the parents, no one sense it .

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