A Descendant To God 27 Chapter 28 - *Cough* 'First'

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After taking a little rest, the group continued advancing in the dungeon, we then reached a room that seemed to be empty except for some huge Pillars and a sign, on this sign there was

"The Floor Is Lava" written on it, I'm really wondering if the one who made the Dungeon isn't someone that died from a Reincarnation G.o.d.

Although the Pillars were far from each other, my [Parkour] skill and my body were already strong enough to allow me to jump from 1 pillar to another without any Magical support, at first, I thought that I could just carry someone from my group and then help them do the Test but apparently only 1 Person can do the Test at a time but we could still use magic to help the one doing the Test, I used the modified [Wind Steps] to allow them to jump Higher, Jos then used a Body Strengthening Magic on everyone, Mia just looked at us confused and just used Earth Magic and make some bridge between each Pillar, seeing that, Jos and I just started a nervous laugh.

We then decided the order of pa.s.sage : Ann, Avery, Mia, Jos then Me.

When Ann was walking on the Bridge, I quickly creamed toward her, "RUN, ANN, THE BRIDGE IS CRUMBLING", Hearing that, she quickly ran but the Bridge under her already crumbled, I used a [Wind Wave], to save her, [Wind Wave] being a non-offensive Spell that would mostly be used to knock back other spells, people or any kind of object flying toward the user.

A huge *Thud* was then heard, hearing this, Avery, looked concerned and said "Are you Okay?", to which Ann nodded, indicating she was fine, she didn't use the bridge anymore and we just decided to make Jos use Body-Strengthening Spell and I would use [Wind Wave] to knock her, we then continued this until she reached the end, obviously, I used this because of her body being the 2nd Strongest in the group, we didn't dare to do that for the others.

With Avery, we decided to try an Earth Bridge too, yet again, the Bridge crumbled so we decided to make Earth Bridge + [Wind Steps] + Body-Strengthening Spell, we then pa.s.sed easily through this Test.

The biggest challenge being suffering the wrath of Ann, who questioned us the moment we finished,

"Hey Hey! Why am I the only one who had to suffer by falling?!"

Jos and I then exchanged this look like 'We done f.u.c.ked up, dude', when Jos was about to answer her, I quickly said "It was all Jos' Idea!", because my [Lie] already reached the Max Level and because of how Handsome I was, she would probably believe me.

Ann started glaring at Jos, while he was giving me a sad look after I betrayed him.

[Why are you scared of her when you're 1000 times stronger than she'll ever be]

'Because they will probably be against me when I'll side with the Demons so I better let them have good memory before I'd probably kill them'

[Yeah, I guess you're right]

After continuing, we reached the next room, this time, wave of monsters started appearing, I tried to kill as much as I could, this was probably a Stamina Test considering that every monsters were of the weakest kind and they were of the Defensive kind, so I used the fact that it was quite dark to use the

[Shadow Clone Technique] to kill even more of those Monsters, with this test, I got 25.000 EXP and rows of different Monster, I extracted 1 Skill from every of those monster and destroyed them to get even more Essences, I only kept 1 Skill, [Critical Defence], it allowed me to have an even stronger defence when my Health was lower, I then destroyed every monster except the one that gave me [Critical Defence], I got 1.500 Essences with those Monsters.

I started looking at the [Daily Quest] that got completed during the trial,

{Daily Quest : Kill !!

Kill 100 Monsters !

Quest Rewards : +2500 EXP

Quest Failure : None

Time Limit : 1 Day}

I took the EXP and continued walking with the group, we eventually found some Light, this was sign that it was the end, when we arrived, everyone had Shocked expression, looks like we reached the end before everyone else, under the shocked expression, our group just continued walking until we found the teacher that was a.s.signed to us who also held a shocked expression, I also showed a delighted smile, I got Teacher's Acknowledgement and even some Wors.h.i.+p, Got 6 Lottery Tickets and 2 Broken [Function Unlocker], Mia started talking,

"Teacher, We've finished the dungeon, did we pa.s.s?" Although Mia asked this, she had a really confident look, the teacher just nodded and kept his mouth shut.

We then got a.s.signed to tents that would allow us to rest while the others were still taking the test.


The Next Day -

Eventually a group walked out of the Dungeon and started cheering, thinking they were the first one to pa.s.s, we were woke up from the huge sound of their cheering, Jos and I got a bit p.i.s.sed so we decided to try to shatter their dreams of being the first one.

I and Jos walked out of our tent and started clapping, we went out to the group who started showing bewildered expression,

"Good Job guys, you are the *cough* 'First' one to pa.s.s the test, isn't that right Jos?"

"You're right Grimson, they are really the *cough* 'First' to pa.s.s, after all we were sleeping for a whole day waiting for someone to finish while they are still so lively, they must be really good"

Unexpectedly, Avery tried to join us.

"Jos, Grimson, why didn't you tell me that the *cough* 'First' are already here?"

They might be a bit embara.s.sed but I found it funny seeing them going like, 'uh no that wasn't what we meant' well one of them seemed more angry than embara.s.sed but heh I don't care.

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