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Published at 18th of August 2019 11:26:43 PM Chapter 9
Mobile Knight Tournament

My third year of elementary school was at it’s end .

And the mobile knight tournament was about to begin .

It was a really popular event that would even be broadcasted .

Since even the upper-cla.s.s gathered to watch the matches, there was no doubt about the scale of how much attention it drew .

Inside of the hangar– I was standing in front of Avid .

Marie was holding my helmet in her hands .

“To be able to watch Lord Liam’s battle up close, I can’t help but tremble in antic.i.p.ation!”

“You’re really that excited?”

“Yes! This Marie here is truly lucky to be able to do so!”

It was cute seeing her cheeks flush as she flattered me, but I wasn’t looking for that kind of response .

Then another girl pa.s.sed by me .

It was Rosetta .

She was wearing a pilot suit that really showed off the curves of her body .

The eyes of the boys naturally gathered on her .

She had a large chest and a well-defined behind .

And yet nothing looked off-balance .

While the rest of the boys unabashedly stared at her chest, I kept my poker face .

I called out to her,

“Hey Rosetta, are you partic.i.p.ating as well?”

“…that’s right . ”

If her glare could freeze, I’d be frozen solid .

By now the story of me trying to get us engaged had probably reached her, so I’m sure that she despises me right now .

“Aren’t you being a bit cold? I want us to get along better, Rosetta . ”

“I’m not interested . ”

As Rosetta walked away, Marie was expressionless .

She was surely thinking about how Rosetta was taking an unforgivable att.i.tude towards me .

She was a yes-man who always agreed with whatever I did– or should I say yes-woman? Well in short, she was that kind of person .

But right now I wanted a woman like Rosetta .

I wanted to see the surrender of the girl who always glared at me with sharp eyes .

To see her face distorted in humiliation would surely be an amusing sight .

“Marie, who am I fighting against in the first round?”

I had Marie check .

The reason I didn’t look into it beforehand was because of my position as her superior .

All such miscellaneous matters can be handled by my subordinates .

For I am their ruler .

“…it’s Rosetta . ”

When Marie whispered such with a complex expression, I smiled,

“How lucky, don’t you think so too, Marie?”

In the very first round, I could beat down that proud woman .

I hope you don’t surrender too soon, Rosetta .

“Yes . Lord Liam, you truly are a person blessed with luck . ”

Marie replied to my joke with a serious response .

–As I thought, this didn’t satisfy me .

The auditorium was located far away from the tournament venue .

Afterall, battles between mobile knights were dangerous .

Because the audience could be put in danger, it was normal to watch the fights through holographic images and large monitors .

The matches were being broadcasted throughout the entire Empire .

For a n.o.bleman, the was a small show, but at the same time– an important chance .

They be able to confirm with their own eyes which heirs showed potential and grew strongly, while also seeing which ones had been given the wrong upbringing and should be given up on .

In that sense, Derrick was seen as an abomination among the n.o.bility .

In the two times that he’s acquired the t.i.tle of champion, he had done so through threatening his opponents, winning without any personal merit at all .

The n.o.bles thought there wouldn’t be any decent matches while Derrick was around .

From the spectator seats– Kurt was watching Derrick’s match .

“It’s a terrible fight . ”

Wallace was betting on Derrick’s victory .

Because he was sure that he’d win .

Even though Liam was partic.i.p.ating and couldn’t see him, Kurt was wondering if that was okay .

“It’s a luxury aircraft, but from which weapon factory? From my point of view… maybe it’s a new model from the Third Weapons Factory?”

Derrick’s aircraft was a state-of-the-art mobile knight .

It was a model that hasn’t even been used in the imperial army yet .

Sitting next to the two who were talking was Nias, the representative from the Seventh Weapons Factory invited by Liam .

There were stakeholders sitting around them .

In the audience seats, there were representatives from the various weapon factories who had come to show off their new aircrafts .

“It’s an aircraft from the First Weapons Factory . It’s a machine built by taking the combined technology from the other factories available to them since they’re based on the imperial capital . ”

It was a bitter-sounding explanation that sounded like it had a grudge behind it .

Kurt whispered while amazed,

“I-is that so? Can Liam win?”

Despite Derrick’s lack of skill, the new model’s overwhelming performance was still something to be amazed at .

Nias grinned,

“‘Can he win?’ It won’t even be a match, I’m just worried…”

At that moment, her expression immediately turned serious .

At the end of her line of sight were the representatives of the First Weapons Factory .

They were also being glared at by the other weapon factory representatives .

“…if it’ll be a decent fight, that is . ”

For the weapons factories, this tournament was a great opportunity to show off their aircrafts and products while boosting sales .

Nias expected Liam to do the same thing for herself that Derrick did for the First Weapons Factory’s new model . She was just worried that it would end too quickly .

Wallace looked at the holographic image and shook his head,

“That’s just plain terrible . ”

Liam was going to partic.i.p.ate in the next match, but before that Rosetta entered with a training model from the elementary school .

Her aircraft looked liked it was hastily repaired, barely one step away from falling apart .

Nias narrowed her eyes,

“That aircraft is over it’s limit . The pilot is in danger . ”

Kurt agreed,

“Yeah, this is dangerous for her… Oh, Liam’s here!”

But when Liam appeared, his expression immediately changed to a smile .

Wallace, who was sitting next to him commented, “…don’t you like Liam a little too much?”

I dropped into the match venue in Avid .

Even if it was only a venue built for the tournament, it was a wasteland compared to the area of the planet the elementary school was based on .

There was nothing around .

If I were to compare the distance to something of my previous life, the school and the spectator seats would be in j.a.pan, but the match venues would be held in Australia all the way across the ocean .

“I can’t really compare the rest of the intergalactic empire because the scale is too different . ”

The s.p.a.ce within the c.o.c.kpit was wide .

They must have used s.p.a.ce magic, because my seat was floating in the middle of it all .

The luxuriously built c.o.c.kpit was very comfortable .

Now then…

In front of me was a rather old aircraft .

It’s pilot was Rosetta .

She tried to say something to me at the beginning of the match, but I couldn’t hear her .

On the monitor projected into the air, the other person’s c.o.c.kpit was visible .

Rosetta was leaning forward with a raised face, and was glaring at me .

–I was thrilled .

Squished inside of a narrow c.o.c.kpit seat, she was directing all of her hostility towards me .

The aircraft I was piloting was Avid .

Not only was there an overwhelming difference between our machines, my evaluations in martial training were far above hers .

I’d like to express my full respect for her spirit that still hasn’t been broken yet, even though this was a match that she had lost from the beginning .

Well, let’s see how long it’ll take for her to give in .

I’ve already made enough preparations .

“Rosetta, no one will blame you if you surrender . ”

She answered my cheap provocation,

“…up . ”


“I said shut up! Do you really think you have no chance of losing?! If it’s a real battle, then I still have a chance!”

–she was trying so hard to fight the odds that I couldn’t help but find her cute .

I was really impressed with the strength of her spirit that actually made her believe she had a chance despite the hopeless situation she was in .

“Or so you say, but reality only smiles upon the strong . If you accept your loss and bow down to me, I’ll make sure treat you delicately . ”

“Like h.e.l.l I will!”

As soon as the start of the match was announced, Rosetta charged at me .

The figure of her approaching with her poor maneuvering skills– was laughable .

In her heart she knew that she couldn’t win against the aircraft in front of her .

It was completely different from the rented mobile knight she was piloting .

As her aircraft stepped in and swung it’s sword, the machine in front of her– Avid, avoided it with a light gait, disregarding its size .

Liam didn’t even draw Avid’s weapon .

“You! YOU!!!”

She moved the older model that didn’t have very good auto-a.s.sist functions while slas.h.i.+ng at Avid .

But Avid easily dodged her without kicking up any earth .

Despite being such a large aircraft, no sounds or vibrations resounded whenever it moved .

“How much money did you spend to make such a thing?!”

She wanted to cry .

But she held herself back .

At the very least, she wanted land a single hit on it, but Avid caught the blade .

To have a large mobile knight reproduce such delicate movements would usually result in its hands being destroyed .

But Avid’s hands didn’t break .

On the contrary– it was the sword that shattered .

“It’s as if that blade was made of gla.s.s . ”

The quality of it was certainly bad, but it wouldn’t break that easily .

“…don’t look down on me! Especially not someone like you!”

She was jealous of Liam .

Stronger than anything, he was the embodiment of what the ideal n.o.ble was supposed to be .

She yearned for that figure full of confidence .

–but when she looked at herself in comparison, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated .


Losing herself, she jumped forward in a tackle– but then Avid pulled out it’s sword .

It was a special kind of sword called a ‘Katana’ .


Immediately afterwards, the monitor that displayed the current status of each of the aircraft’s parts flashed red .

All of its limbs were cut off .

Suddenly losing its support, the main body fell to the ground after flipping onto its back .

The insides of the c.o.c.kpit shook violently .


When she thought it was finally over, Avid had stepped on her .

Looking up at Avid from the inside of the c.o.c.kpit, Rosetta had to face reality .

(…I knew I couldn’t reach him . )

Her spirit was completely broken .

She finally broke down in tears and laughed,

“Aha… hahahaha…”

Avid lifted up what was left of the airframe, and dexterously pried open the c.o.c.kpit .

Liam then opened up his c.o.c.kpit and stepped out, directly looking down at her .

(Do you want me to apologise and prostrate before you? If I subserviently started to flatter you, it’d be nice if you could give me some money . You broke the aircraft I rented afterall, it’s going to be hard for me to pay it off . )

As she thought so, she erased her smile and wiped her tears,

(…I’ve had enough, the Claudia house should be destroyed with my generation . I can’t allow my child to live out the same fate . This is the only way for me to rebel . )

Tightening her face, she started to glare at Liam .

“That’s quite the ungraceful figure you have there, Rosetta . ”

He was laughing .

“Oh, so it was possible for the honour student to make such an expression?! I know your true nature! Even if I lost the match, I will never give in to you! If you’re going to kill me, then kill me already! You won’t find anyone willing to bow to you here! I’m a Claudia– Rosetta Ceret Claudia!”

If you chose to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, you’ll be told beforehand that you’ll be doing so at the risk of death .

Even if a fatality did occur, it’d be treated as an accident .

Many people used this as a chance to eliminate the heirs of hostile houses .

Right now Liam had complete authority over whether Rosetta was going to live or die .

Even so, she was still able to show such strength because she didn’t care anymore .

(Mother… Grandmother… please forgive me . We don’t have any other paths left . This is the only way for us to be saved . Even so… I wished that our lives were a little bit happier . )

She didn’t want anything luxurious .

To marry a man she loved and live a modest life together with him– that’s all Rosetta needed to be happy, she didn’t need to be a winner in life .

However, that was something that was completely out of her reach .

(–if there’s a next life, I’d like it if my dream of becoming a bride would come true . I always wanted to try wearing a wedding dress…)

The treatment of her house and the hara.s.sment of the supervisors had gotten to her– Rosetta had finally given up .

And in response to her cry– Liam laughed .

Rosetta, you truly are the greatest of gems .

I’d like to thank you for letting me hear a ‘kill me’ line in real life .

In my previous life, I had a junior who would talk about how great ‘kill me’ lines were with great enthusiasm .

But now I also understood the greatness of ‘kill me’ lines .

I couldn’t help but take my hat off towards your spirit that never breaks .

–but it’s all for nought .

“Lord Liam, I did it! This Brian here was able to persuade them!”

“Well done . Brian, your timing is impeccable . ”

Brian gave me a report at the most opportune moment .

This is probably because of the good deeds I do everyday .

Or should I say bad deeds?

The guide had probably done some things behind the scenes .

Next time I see him, I need to make sure to bow my head towards him .

I really need to express grateful I am to him next time, but how could I ever thank him enough?

“–Rosetta, I have some good news for you . ”

“What is it?”

I felt myself inexplicably smile at Rosetta’s firm bearing,

“Our engagement has been officially decided . Your mother, the d.u.c.h.ess has accepted it . ”


Seeing Rosetta’s stunned expression, I really felt like I won .

–it was the painful expression of someone who just had the family they believed in betray them!

“Let’s get formally engaged during our fourth-year’s long vacation . Eventually, you’ll succeed as your house’s head, and then… your status will become mine . ”

Rosetta was trembling .

She must be vexed .

The family that she trusted had given in to me, and she had also lost her house’s Ducal status .

–I felt this pain in my previous life as well .

It wasn’t just about how I lost my family . What really hurt was the fact that they had betrayed me .

So I could understand her suffering .

But even so, I will break her . That’s right, I wasn’t on the side of those who had things taken from them .

I was on the side that took things away .

“I even got permission from the Empire . Aren’t you glad? No matter how much you deny it, your family has already accepted me . The house that you’d go home to– doesn’t exist anymore . Your hometown broke out in celebration at this news . ”

“Eh, ahh…”

Her voice wouldn’t come out . Rosetta was a poor thing, her family had been taken hostage, and she had lost her hometown .

“Rejoice Rosetta– for you are going to be my wife . ”

She was crying .

Her tears spilled as she said something, but I couldn’t hear it .

I wonder if I was seen this way in my previous life?

My chest hurt a little, but that was only because I was remembering the past, not out of guilt .

I contacted Marie,

“Marie, keep an eye on Rosetta . If anything happens, take care of it . ”

When I gave my order, Marie rejoiced like a loyal dog,

“Yes! Please leave everything to this Marie here!”

I turned my back on the crying Rosetta and returned to the c.o.c.kpit .

“Now then, who am I facing next?”

The one-sided match was over .

Wallace had a complicated expression on his face when he saw Rosetta cry .

“I don’t know what he said, but to make her cry like that– Liam is a demon . ”

He tried speaking to to Kurt, but he seemed to be excited over something else .

“Liam’s stronger than he used to be . No, maybe it’s the aircraft that changed?”

The conversation between Liam and Rosetta couldn’t be heard by the audience .

Now the next match was about to start .

However, Nias noticed something unusual,

“There’s static on the projection?”

While small, the interference was gradually getting worse .

Then suddenly, several aircrafts could be seen approaching Liam’s Avid .

“Aren’t those… the new aircraft models from the First Weapons Factory?”

Although their appearance had changed, Nias could tell what they really were .

Wallace stood up,

“T-this isn’t good! This is how Derrick’s going to kill Liam!”

Wallace’s face had gone pale, but the video was suddenly cut off .

Brian(´; ω ; `) “Even though the guide wasn’t involved, to see so many unfortunate events naturally occur around Lord Liam… it’s painful . ”

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