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Christmas eve was festive inside the White House private residence.   Chrissy, Alexa, Andrea were busy in the kitchen, making some Filipino food for 'Noche Buena'  all of the Filipino household help were overjoyed.  First, their first lady is now  Filipina.  Very kind-hearted and had given all of them the traditional 13th-month pay bonus.

Now, they are all busy preparing for the very first 'Noche Buena' in the private residence.  Everyone was in a festive mood. A Filipino Christmas song was playing while working.  They were all beyond themselves and couldn't wait for Christmas day.

While the women were busy making Filipino desserts, the men were in the parlor seated by the fireplace talking politics.  

President Grant decided to retire and would not run for another term. Which his advisors were all against his decision.  They want him to run for another term to prepare the next presidency for Daniel. 

"If your mother wasn't in this condition, I might do just that and run for another term.  However, she needs medical attention, and we are planning on getting all the help we can after the holiday.  She will be undergoing a lot of testing and would require a lot of my time to be with her. Thus, I will not have much time for campaigning."  Explained President Grant to Daniel and Prince Alexander.

However, Daniel has no plan on running for President.  He wanted to continue in the Senate and run for another term when this one is done.  

"I understand father so that you know... I'm not interested in the Presidency if that's what your concern.  I would run for another term after this one, then who knows after that.  We will see!"  Said Daniel to his father to make him feel at ease.

"Daniel is right, President, sir!  I have learned that life is now our own, and it's only borrowed.  The rightful owner could take it away anytime.  Therefore, I'm planning on enjoying this life while I can and live a happy life with my wife.  Also to give you a lot of grandchildren...  "  He followed his statement with that, and it made President Grant smile.

All the men wanted were to spend more time with their wives and enjoy it while they can.  Now that Alexa is done with her beauty pageant, Prince Alexander is now ready to introduce her to his people as his Crown Princess to be.  They plan on getting married as soon as possible before the queen could screw everything up again.

After a while, the women came into the parlor, all looking tired from all the preparation they had done.  Chrissy excused herself and asked the President to help her with her medication.  President Grant happily got up and went with his wife leaving only the two couples.

They all stayed for a little and chatted before they all went back to their rooms to change into their festive items of clothing for their 'Noche Buena.'

Prince Alexander and Alexa decided to go for a walk in the garden instead of going back to their room.  The wind was blowing, and it was a chilly night.  Prince Alexander put his arms around Alexa to keep her warm.  "Brrr!"  Alexa let out cold air while snuggling close with Prince Alexander. 

The couple stood out there in the garden of the White House.  Looking at the moon on a winter night without a care in the world...

Christmas day came and gone.  Prince Alexander only sent a text message to his family greeting them Merry Christmas.  He didn't get any reply in which he already expected.

New Year's day is approaching, and everyone decided to personally see the ball drop at the time square in New York City.  President Grant ordered to have a press release to inform the world of his plan on watching the ball drop in person.  

He had done it so he could also announce to the world about his family without uttering a word.  He would let them all see Chrissy and Alexa by his side to let them know who they are.  He knows that once they spotted them, the question would arise, and it's a good time as any to inform the world about them.  Along with his plan on retiring after this term...

A couple of days before the New Years' celebration... They went to visit Grandmother Grant at her home in the outskirt of Was.h.i.+ngton, DC.  The older lady was beyond herself when everyone arrived.  She wasn't expecting them to come when she had just seen them during Christmas. 

The whole family, along with Prince Alexander and Pierre, decided to surprise the older woman and to spend time with her before flying out to New York City.  

The whole week pa.s.sed by very quickly, and it was time for everyone to fly to New York City. They bid Grandmother Grant goodbye and wished her a happy new year ahead of time before leaving.  

The whole family boarded Airforce One while being reported in the news.  Just as President Grant expected, questions have arisen as to who those women with him.  In which he was planning on having a press conference as soon as they come back from the trip.

While they were on the way, President Grant Advisors gave them instructions on how to get sympathy from the that they could use if President Grant changed his mind and ran for the second term.

Alexa and Chrissy study the sheet of paper with the memo very well.  They agreed to go along with what the advisor told them to do.  They wanted to let President Grant have an option for the future, and not be constricted to only retirement and nothing else. 

By the time they landed in New York City, reporters from all over the country and the world were already camping at the JFK airport.  Everyone wanted to get the headlines for the new year.  Some already have one prepared...

"The women in President Grant's life!  Who are they?" 

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