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Deal Yoo Jin-ho made a frowned face.

"Brother, already?"

"I do not hear the end, I know."

Jinwu said firmly.

It was not that I did not hate Yu Jinho.

He seemed to be a little strange but he seemed to be attentive and patient.

It was different from the chaebols we saw in the media.

But I did not want to match the Hunter play of the rich man.

"What if I do not say anything more?"

"Tongue, brother!"

Yu Jin-ho caught up with Jin-woo trying to stand up.

"Brother, just 20 times! No, just go 19 times! "

"Where? Dungeons? "

"Yeah! I'll give you a lot of money. "

Yoo Jin-ho's voice was eager.

Jin woke to his head.

There are two main reasons for doing Hunter work.

Money and commitment.

Yu Jin-ho was not included either.

Perhaps I think Hunter's work is a little more dangerous than extreme sports.

Jinwoo had been guessing so far.

It was quite surprising that I was going to make a raid on the dungeon after such an accident.

'There are so many people in the world.'

It was not strange that one of the wealthy patrons was caught in safety frustration.

However, Yu Jin – ho 's eyes shone with delight to think so simply.

'Do you have any intention?'

Raid '19 'which attracted more attention than' conservative 'which I will give a lot of attention attracted more.

Jin-woo's head started spinning fast.

'wait… If the last time you call it the first raid and you need to add 19 raids in the future … '

Do not tell me.

It did not take much time to reach a conclusion.

Jinwoo has a look of no expression.

"Do you think a daughter's license is a guild master?"

"Yes, brother!"

I was fortunate not to have coffee.

If I had been drinking, I would have blown away from this place now.

"Are you going to be a guild master?"

"It's a little complicated, Brother."

Yu Jin-ho said his face blushed more severely than before.

"Please tell me your story, brother."

"…"Jinwoo, who was worried about what to do, sat down again without winning curiosity.

"Yes, let's hear it."

I have not finished an hour yet.

The story can be heard.

Yoo Jin-ho also fastened his b.u.t.t to the chair opposite.

"As you said, I want to get a guild master license."

It was not hard for Hunter to get a guild master license.

It must be Hunter more than 20 raid experience. If you have this minimum requirement, you can obtain a license through a simple written exam.

Of course, no one will enter the guild that Hunter made without a skill, and if the guild does not maintain the minimum number of guilds, the guild itself disappears.

Yoo Jin-ho continued to speak.

"The story is not yet known outside, but in fact my father is trying to make a guild."

"Eugene Construction Guild?"


Eugene Construction was one of the leading construction companies in Korea.

In addition to construction, the company has been expanding its business into many fields, and I have been told that I have made big money for Hunter related business recently.

'Do you make your own guild in such places?'

When Jinwoo showed interest, Yoo Jin-ho added a comment.

"I want to hire strong hunters, grow them into large guilds, and put the hunter-related businesses under them."

It was necessary for the company to cooperate with the guild for the Hunter business.

The power of large guilds is necessary to collect treasures such as marbles, dead bodies, and mana stones from the A and B cla.s.s gates.

"I'll be self-sufficient from now on, this is it."

"Exactly, Brother!"

It is not a problem to make a guild if Eugene E & C has enough funds.

The problem is who runs the guild. "My father is going to hire a S-cla.s.s Hunter to build a master and put my brother into a master and run the guild as a corporation …"

Jinwoo noticed what he wanted to do.

That would create an element of anxiety.

It was because the power of the master in the guild was so powerful.

If there is a friction between the two, even if the master is hired by the master, there is a possibility that the master will dominate the guild itself.

If so, one way.

You can leave the guild to the master who will never betray his employer.

For example, a brother or son.

There was a famous eugen son Yoo Jin-ho.

"But I do not have a great career to get a master position. It is a multi-purpose idea that I have gained tremendous profits by engaging in business related to Hunter. "

He was already a competent entrepreneur at the age of 31.

By comparison, his brother was only a 22-year-old college student.

Although there is an unusual history of D cla.s.s awakening.

The president was planning to leave the guild to his eldest son.

The eldest son can not be a master but a hunter, but he has a great track record of knowing the Hunter business.

Even if there is a risk, it means that I will take it.

"Do you want to convince your father to sit in the master's seat?"

"Yes, yes, brother."

Jinwoo noticed why Yu Jin-ho desperately wanted to attract himself.

Given the high grade Hunter licensed Guild license, it is only a license from the money.

But if you take a minor hunter like yourself and make 20 raids and get a license?

I can move my father's heart.

You just have to admit that you can lead the hunters.

That was Yu Jin-ho's calculation.

When Yoo Jin-ho becomes a guild master, you can place a S-cla.s.s Hunter on the deputy master and scoop up a competent Hunter.

One of the two master masters and secondary masters must be filled with a talented hunter, so the other hunter comes with peace of mind.

I needed 20 raids to do that.

"Brother, help me! Only you! "

Yujin bowed his head.

Without Jinwoo, he would have lost his first raid.

Once for a spider, once for a chalice. Two times in a row.

I needed a reliable and reliable ally.

'You can believe.'

A cold-blooded person who can kill an enemy without blinking an eye, but a fair man who does not take the life of a weak person and does not take advantage of unjust gain.

Jinwoo was qualified.

But Jinwoo did not need Yu Jin-ho.

So Jin asked.

"What is the price to return to me?"

I pulled out the paper envelope I had prepared with the face of Yoo Jin-ho with his head.

What came out of it was the bird's eye view.

Jinwoo accepted it.

"It is a building built to be used as a guild office. The expected market price is about 30 billion, but it will go up. "

There is always the possibility that the monsters will pop out of the dungeon though they are managed by the a.s.sociation.

So the land prices around the a.s.sociation branch or large guild were running.

There is no wealth more precious than life.

If a small guild is nearby, safety is guaranteed.

What if a building with large guilds is inhabited?

I did not have to say.

"If I become a master, I will only write for one year until my guild is in place and change my name to my brother. Of course, I will make the notary public so that it will not come out later. "

It's a 30-billion-year-old building in cla.s.s-19 raid …

Jinwoo laughed.

"If you can become a master, are you still staying?"

"Yes, brother."

Yoo Jin-ho learned that no matter what happens in the dungeon that day, it is not strange.

You can lose your life if you use a sloppy Hunter.

If you use the famous Hunter, you have no reason to persuade your father.

But Jinwoo is different.

E-cla.s.s Hunter, C-grade boss, and C-cla.s.s Hunter alone without any hurt.

'Brother at least B grade … Or more than that. '

If you hold on to Jinwoo, there will be no problem about 19th grade raid.

If I could become a master, I would have been worth about 30 billion won.

Only Jinwoo's consent is left.

'Do not you think you have not kicked this offer?'

Yujin looked angrily at Jinwoo's eyes.

how will we do it?

Jinwoo was troubled.

30 billion.

It is a tremendous amount.

Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery Lottery

It even climbs its value.

It was a fascinating story to the ordinary hunter as he pulled out of the paint right away.

But Jinwoo was far from ordinary.

Unique (only one).

It is the only hunter that can grow.

If you repeat the quest and level up this time, someday you could go up to grade S, or more.

'If it can be above grade S, 30 billion is nothing.'

S-cla.s.s hunters pay tens of billions of dollars.

No entertainer or sports star could compare ransom with S-cla.s.s hunters.

An age when the number of higher hunters means national power.

The S-grade treatment was beyond my imagination.

So now the top priority for Jinwoo was growth, not money.

It is easy for me to grow.

'It's better to reduce the variable.'

If you hunt together, experience may be reduced, or you may feel uncomfortable because of your eyes.

Yoo Jin-ho had to carry out intimidation in order to make troubles in this dungeon.

It was also a problem to schedule the team.

The efficiency will fall because of this.

'I can make money next time.'

Unfortunately, the moment I decided to refuse.


There has been a recipe for catching two rabbits, money and growth at the same time.

'If this is the way …'

I looked up and saw Yu Jin-ho, nervous.

Jinwoo slowly opened his mouth.

"There is one condition."

Yu Jin – ho 's face became bright.

"Say anything, Brother!"

But can I laugh when I hear the condition?

Jinwu swallowed a smile and said.

"You and me, you two are going."


Yu Jin-ho was surprised.

"tongue… Brother, excuse me, but if I did not get it wrong … You and I both have to clear the cla.s.s C dungeon, what do you mean? "

"I understand exactly."

Yu Jin-ho's face became speculative.

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