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Chapter 61: < Protect – Episode 60 – Asia Tour [2] >

Empire Konzern, which Ahn Soo Ho tossed to the American a.s.sembly, disintegrated in midair. While the hungry hyenas pounced, his retirement pa.s.sed quietly. They knew they were each other’s bribes. Since 60 billion dollars were deposited, they wouldn’t have to worry about profits for the time being.

“Is this a list of broadcasting companies?”

“Yes. The list starts with the companies that we can most likely take over.”

“No public TV?”

“That’s hard because of regulations.”

“Because it’s cable? Then how much will it cost? Actually, just let the legal team handle it.”

What else were the expensive lawyers for? This kind of thing could be left to the professionals.

“How’s the project going?”

“The Comma Project is going smoothly.”

Ahn Soo Ho tilted his head and tapped the desk with his finger. It was good to volunteer and heal, but something impactful was needed. Moving stories get tiring after a while.

“Let’s hold a concert.”


“We have a lot of singers. Let’s hold a concert.”

“Yes, but it’s not that easy…”

When it came to concerts abroad, hiring a local promotion company was the most important thing. If they got scammed though, they would end up with huge losses and it could make their image suffer.

“What’s lacking? Will it be possible if the Philippine government helps?”

“I guess so…”


As soon as Ahn Soo Ho called Logan’s name, he nodded and made a call.

“The ch.o.r.eography team is here too. Or put the trainees on stage. Okay, since we rested up, let’s get back to work.”

The trainees still in school couldn’t come, but the adult trainees tagged along. Since most of the volunteers were actors, he didn’t have to worry about the singers’ stamina. Since Korean dramas were popular in the Philippines, they could also liven up the mood by bringing the actors onto the stage.

“Are you allowed to do this, Mister?”

“Please stick to one t.i.tle, Seol Hyun.”

“No! I like both.”

“Fine. Do what you want. Anyway. It’s all in the contract. It says you have to do whatever I say. You’re not being treated well for no reason.”

“You’re a tyrant!”

Jang Seol Hyun scoffed as if she couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not like I’m making you do bad things. And if we make profits, they’ll be donated to the Philippines under your names.”

“You should ask us first. Some of us might not want to donate.”

“No, you’ll get your profits. It’ll be the company who’ll give them the money.”

“Oh! Huh? That’s a huge deficit!”

The Hosoo Entertainment employees were curious as to how the company managed to afford everything. Since the company was 100% owned by Ahn Soo Ho, no one could look at the company’s finances besides him and the finance director. There was an accounting firm, but that didn’t help much either.

“It’s a deficit.”

“Then why?”

“Because I have to come to the Philippines often from now on.”

If they donated their profits from the concert, the Philippine government would be welcoming and the citizens would like it too.

‘I’d better build the training grounds not too far away from the dungeon.’

The Philippines was the perfect place for firearm practice and survival training. The areas near the ocean where active volcanoes exist were almost always uninhabited. Ground facilities that weren’t underground were bound to stand out to people. And if Ahn Soo Ho had built the camp with his old ident.i.ty, a ton of suspicious people would have swarmed over.

‘What a useful figurehead.’

Management was completely different from businesses that sold products. They didn’t have to worry about spies or getting defective items recalled. Scandals and drinking while driving really didn’t count in comparison.

‘As long as you don’t kill someone, I’ll resolve it.’

He would protect them until the end as long as they weren’t complete sons of b.i.t.c.hes. The singing department went crazy in response to the president’s orders. A sudden concert? However, there was no reason to just be surprised. Even though it was a last minute decision, the preparations were moving along pretty well. Since they were going to donate the money, the Philippine government gave their permission, and the government workers stepped up and cast the people for the concert.

The stylists who didn’t prepare proper outfits from Korea went around Manila looking for outfits at clothing shops. They caused such a fuss that people talked nonsense about them preferring the Philippine fas.h.i.+on.

“This frill lace is not bad.”

“That swishy one? Hm. Will it look good?”

“Since Mi Na has a good body, she can pull of anything.”

“But our Kw.a.n.g s.h.i.+k has short legs…”

“I’m sure he got some lifts in his shoes.”

They brought a whole pile of clothes back to the banquet hall. They brought pretty much everything that looked decent. They were in a war to fight for things they would give their own celebrities.

“Hey! I bought that one!”

“Don’t! It’ll rip!”

Kim Yoo Seon saw the scene and let out a hollow laugh.

“Is this some kind of street market…?”

“I like the energy.”

Kim Woo Jung looked around with a satisfied face. It wasn’t just the stylists who were busy. The ch.o.r.eographers were discussing what to do for the performance and many employees played the role of promotional agents to make up for the team that stayed home.

“What about the actors’ parts?”

“They’ll all say h.e.l.lo together and then we’re going to send up confident actors in between the performances.”

“I can’t believe we decided on such a performance and put it in action over night…is our president amazing? Or is he just scary?”

“I think he’s both.”

Kim Woo Jung saw Ahn Soo Ho as a scary person.

‘He was like that in Hollywood too.’

It didn’t feel like they were working in Hollywood, but the leaders of movies, dramas, and music showed up. He had also looked into Ahn Soo Ho. The problem was that all the detective agencies shooked their head and said they didn’t know much.

‘He’s not just your typical rich person.’

Since they even put down the American president if they didn’t like something, there was no way people would bow down just because they had money.

“Not like that! Like this! Gather your chest and bounce.”

“The hips and bust move separately. Do it rhythmically!”

The banquet hall of the cruise s.h.i.+p was bustling with idols practicing their ch.o.r.eography. They remembered their team performances, but they had to learn the collective dance performance from scratch.

“Aah! I only took a few days off, but my body is already hardened.”

“You have to do stretches every morning. If you don’t, your pelvis will harden.”

“Ugh! Don’t talk about my pelvis!”

“Yeo Hyun, you have a big a.s.s, so you’ll probably have no problems giving birth.”


“Ooh! Look at that flexibility!”

The girls wrestling with each other brought more color into the scene.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! What do you think you’re looking at? Learn your steps! How are you going to do the drills in the military? Huh?”

“You didn’t complete your service either. What are you talking about?”

“Haha! You haven’t even shot a gun before! I’m an expert, you know.”

“Then enter the military already. Don’t lie about going and then run away to the States.”

“If I go now, I’ll be an active-duty soldier. Who’d want that?”


The girls finished their fight and made up, but the boys were still busy arguing.

“Guys! I have an announcement!”

Someone came and yelled.

“If we complete this concert successfully, we get to go on a cruise tour!”

“Send back the actors who have a movie, drama, or a commercial to shoot. Contracts should be followed. And clear the upcoming month for the rest.”


As soon as the employee left, Oh Joo Kyung looked at him with concern.

“Isn’t an Asian tour too much when we’re not prepared?”

“Prepared? Who needs preparation?”

“For the concert.”

Ahn Soo Ho smirked.

“Director Oh, they’re not as amateur as you think. They’ve trained anywhere from a few years to ten years.”

Even if they were mercenaries, they would be veterans.

“But a foreign tour is…”

“Are you worried about them getting tired? That’s why I got us a cruise.”

The large cruise s.h.i.+p was slower than a plane, but it was stable and cozier than a hotel.

“I called it an Asian tour…but we’re going to go back after stopping by only four places.”

It wasn’t an Asian tour but a dungeon tour.

The locations Ahn Soo Ho decided on were Jakarta in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, and Shanghai in China, where the dungeons were located. China put a pan on Korea, but Ahn Soo Ho didn’t worry about that. No one was crazy enough to mistreat him when the premier invited him. He was curious as to how the Korean president would look at him at the BRICS Summit.

‘If he keeps poking around, I’ll just destroy him.’

Those who value their reputation could lose their strength once their reputation was destroyed. Oh Joo Kyung probably didn’t understand, but she followed along anyway. There wasn’t so much trust between them that they could discuss all the details.

“Has Angola been notified?”

“Yes. They’re saddened. They said they’ll pick up the body soon.”

Angola was notified of Masquesa’s death. They asked who did it, and he told them that it was J-Law.

“Who do you think will win?”

“Issac has the best strategy. J-Law has always been alone.”

“You’re right.”

Issac, who dominated the executive committee of Angola, was capable of mobilizing thousands of And one elite was capable of eliminating an entire division without making a sound.

“But you’re still giving J-Law more points.”

“I am.”

“Why is that?”

Ahn Soo Ho just smiled.

As an who preached about justice, he had a lot of enemies. Ahn Soo Ho had very little enemies compared to J-Law. That was because he didn’t stress the value of justice upon others. It was possible to control punks who were obsessed with money and women, but those who were obsessed with their beliefs couldn’t be controlled.

So the reason why he’s still alive was because of…

‘Sharp shooter.’

He was an amazing sharp shooter who could even aim at a flying missile.

‘Alpha organism.’

Anna-Anne thought of talented beings as those who transcend human beings, but Ahn Soo Ho thought differently.

‘They’re just…monsters.’

If he didn’t have power, he would have just been one of the countless maniacs.

‘Will your justice make a miracle come true, J?’

When he fought 5000 vs. 1, no one rooted for him except for himself. That was how he came to establish himself as a middleman. The rich people made bets, and he blew all of their minds.

“Bet 10 million dollars in J-Law’s outcome.”

“That’s all that’s left in your account.”

If he wins, that was good, and if he doesn’t, he would just have to close down the black market account.

“What an entertaining battle.”

< Protect – Episode 60 – Asia Tour [2] > The end.

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