When You're Overpowered But You Just Want A Normal Life 1 A Thousand Years!

When You're Overpowered But You Just Want A Normal Life -

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"Ah! It's already been a thousand years since I awakened but I didn't expect that humanity would develop this fast!" John said smiling as he opened the window on his bedroom.

John might not be that handsome of a man but his looks would grow on women if they stare at him for too long and even though his real age is already over three billion, he still looks like a young man around mid twenties.

Not only that, he's also going to be attending as a Senior Year student at Northern State University of Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

But he has one deep secret that a few only knows. He's actually a G.o.d and not just any ordinary G.o.d out there but an OverG.o.d!

When Earth was the only living planet in the entire universe, his parents who were once indigenous residents of Earth became Supreme Beings and created at what now humans called Universe!

They created the many millions of millions of stars and planets and enormous clouds of gas separated by a gigantic empty s.p.a.ce which is now called the "Universe" and John was their only precious child who only wanted to live an ordinary life on Earth...and he's also the owner of this very planet!

*Knock* Knock*

"My Lord, breakfast is ready" a soft voice of a woman rang at the other side of his bedroom door.

"Alright, I'll be there in a minute!" John said and then started tidying himself.


On top of the tallest mountain in the Ilocos Province, there lies a huge mansion on top of it.

The mansion was around one hundred thousand square foot and it looks like the mansion from Bel-air, California called "The One", a fitting name for the Ruler of this world!

But that's not all, it also has a huge underground parking lot below it. Full of Luxury cars, Sport Cars, Super cars to Hyper cars and even motorcycles from Harley to Ducati's.

There were at least a hundred of them parked there and if someone was to into this place, they would probably think that this was a museum of the most expensive land vehicles in the world!


After breakfast and having packed all of his things, John and his personal maid, Mia headed towards the elevator that leads towards the Underground Parking of the mansion.


The elevator opened then Ace and Mia stepped out of it.

John turned towards Mia and said with a smile on his face, "Well, it seems we're gonna see each a year again later so you can go back to my parents place for the time being"

"Yes, my lord. Then I will the activate the Maid Puppets so that your place would still be nice and clean even when I'm not here" Mia slight bowed her head and said it with a respectful tone.

But what she didn't notice was John staring dumbfounded at that huge and fair white valley in front of him and then he shook his head and immediately looked away.

Mia then looked up and what she saw was the blus.h.i.+ng look of her lord. She tilted her head confused, not really getting at what happened just now.

After all, who could blame John for acting like that. Mia is after all a very beautiful woman and her beauty is top notch that even Victoria's Secret Angels doesn't even come close to her beauty.

Mia has a inverted triangle shape of face, has a fair and white skin along with a long silky black hair that reaches her back and she has this perfect curvy shape body and she has this huge G-cup size chest that can't even almost fit in her maid outfit and it's almost bursting out of it.

"Alright then I'm going!" John immediately said as he hastily walks towards a Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP motorcycle.

He immediately donned his helmet and jumped onto the bike.

*Broom!* Broom!* Broom!*

Then John pulled down the motorcycle's throttle as it headed towards the slowly opening garage entrance and when it was fully opened, John pa.s.sed through it as he drove through a circular tunnel with lights on both side of its ceilings. The tunnel was built in circle as it circled through inside the mountain.

And then a minute later at the base of the mountain.

A part of the mountain below it issued a rumbling sound as a patch on the ground parted away, revealing a dimly lit tunnel inside and then there was the rumbling sound of an engine with lights ahead, slowly getting nearer.

*Broom* Brooom~!*

A shadow pa.s.sed through the tunnel as it flew a bit in mid-air before landing on the ground.


Then John sped through the rocky mountain road heading towards the main road like a galloping warhorse!


Back inside his mansion, Mia already prepared everything before her departure with five maid puppets on standby inside.

Mia then went down towards the underground parking and headed towards a corner where she stood there and pressed something on the wall and the wall in front of her rumbled rumbled revealing a bedroom size room with some kind of a magical circle carve on the floor.

Mia stood in front of the magic circle and not even a few seconds later, the magic circle started to lit up and then Mia also got covered in the light and disappeared from the mansion.


"Woohoo! This life is the best baby!" John yelled in excitement as he let go of the handlebars and raised his arms towards the sky and the awesome thing is that his motorcycle is driving on its own that it would even make a turn by itself on road curves.

"School life and women, here I come!"


Half an hour later, John finally arrived near his University.

John then slowly sped fast the towering gates of his University, the gate was so wide that it could five buses pa.s.sing at the same time and the gate along with two supporting pillar was made in a Victorian Style, showing how rich the school is!

And John pa.s.s through the gate, he was met with a huge fountain with multiple open walkways leading to different direction of the University and beyond the fountain was a huge park with different trees and floras planted around with students sitting on ground just relaxing or reading a book, there are also others dancing, students giving away pamphlets and many more students doing their own thing.

"Wow, this place is amazing" John said while looking around after parking his bike on the designated parking lot of the school.

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