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Senior Colonel Mi's eyes lit up in antic.i.p.ation when he received Ling Xiao's order. He turned around and said to Ling Lan, "Ling Lan, the two virtual missions are over. The third mission will be held in the real world."

Ling Lan told him her guess, "Since I have been tested for my solo abilities as well as my leaders.h.i.+p, the third mission probably has nothing to do with a mecha. Theory is too boring so it will not be tested. That means that only physical skills is left."

Senior Colonel Mi nodded. "You're right."

This young man was a strong and intelligent mecha operator and his physical skills reached the domain realm too. He was born to be a captain. The more Senior Colonel Mi looked at Ling Lan, the more he liked him. He wanted to get Ling Lan into his special forces.

Unfortunately, he needed to make sure that Ling Lan's entire team was strong before he could let them into the special forces. Senior Colonel Mi controlled his urge and decided to give Ling Lan two more years. If Ling Lan's team managed to hit the criteria of the special forces, he would invite him in. For the sake of Ling Lan, he was willing to lower his expectation for his team members. They only had to pa.s.s. They didn't need to excel.

Ling Lan heaved a sigh of relief when he heard what Senior Colonel Mi said. She was confident in her physical skills.

"I wonder who my opponent will be this time?" Ling Lan looked at Senior Colonel Mi and wanted to get an answer from his expression. She saw the smile and antic.i.p.ation in his eyes. Her heart stopped. "Don't tell me that my opponent is you."

"You are right. However, there is no reward for guessing correctly." Senior Colonel Mi teased her unexpectedly. He rarely teased anyone.

Domineering Blade and his other team members got excited the moment they heard that their commander was going to fight. They hurriedly asked, "Commander, can we watch the match?"

It was a rare opportunity to watch their commander in action. They were all in the Qi-Jin realm. It was an honor for them to watch a battle of such high caliber. They did not want to miss this opportunity.

Senior Colonel Mi hesitated for a moment. He looked at Ling Lan. After all, this was concerning about Ling Lan's secret.

Ling Lan nodded nonchalantly. In her second mission, she had already revealed her true strength. She didn't mind revealing more to them. She trusted Senior Colonel Mi since he was sent by her father. Even if things got out of hand, her father would help her solve it. This was the advantage of having a father who was a Regiment Commander. She could do things without any worry.

Senior Colonel Mi felt grateful. A fight between two domain realm warriors would benefit Domineering Blade and the other four people greatly.

However, in order to protect Ling Lan, Senior Colonel Mi reminded the five people. "Only the five of you are allowed to view the match. Do not call anyone else."

The five people were disappointed. They were planning to ask their comrades to come.

"Don't be greedy. You all are lucky enough to get this opportunity." Senior Colonel Mi couldn't help but smile when he saw their expressions.

They were indeed lucky. Out of more than 300 people, Ling Lan chose them. They were powerful but not irreplaceable. Through the match today, they managed to gain many insights.

Senior Colonel Mi believed that if they befriend Ling Lan now, they might be able to gain even more benefits in the future. Ling Lan was Ling Xiao's only child. He would definitely be Ling Xiao's successor. If the five of them took care of their relations.h.i.+p with Ling Lan carefully, they might be able to even benefit their next generation.

Everyone left the virtual world and came to the training dojo of the special forces.

Ling Lan looked at the excited Senior Colonel Mi and felt frustrated at her father. He loved to give her powerful opponents, whether it was in the virtual world or in the real world.

Ling Lan had reached the domain realm but she felt pressure and a sense of danger from Senior Colonel Mi. She knew that he had reached the domain realm too and was even slightly stronger than her. If she had a choice, she didn't want to fight with Senior Colonel Mi. It would be a hard battle.

However, Ling Lan would not back out. Since it had been decided, she would do her best. This was her fighting principle——no fear, no retreating, no bullying.

Ling Lan was surprised when she saw the training dojo. She expected it to be like a battle stadium with an arena and all kinds of high tech gadgets protecting the area. However, it was just a vast stadium with high walls surrounding it.

There was a dilapidated door leading to the training dojo. The door was rusty. It was so old it might break if someone kicked it.

Ling Lan recalled the broken warehouse where the login pods were. The headquarters of the 23rd Division was shabby. It was like an abandoned military base.

Senior Colonel Mi smiled when he noticed the puzzled expression on Ling Lan's face. "You saw through it?"

"Yes. It looks old but I believe that only people who have reached the domain realm would be able to destroy this door." Ling Lan touched the door and understood what was going on.

"Ever since the First Men's Military Academy was attacked by our enemy, all the military bases strengthened its defense system. Some hid their bases while others built protective covers over them. We decided to make it looked dilapidated so that even if the enemies see it through their satellites, it would just seem like a normal old military base," said Senior Colonel Mi.

"Creating an illusion for our enemies." Ling Lan understood him.

"Yes." Senior Colonel Mi sighed. "We have too many enemies. We need to make the necessary precautions. Don't look down on this place. This military base is not as simple as it looks."

Ling Lan nodded. Little Four said that all signals were blocked here. Only a certain signal could be used in this base. This was to prevent hackers from hacking into their systems and exposing the location of the base.

They walked into the training dojo with the door closing behind them. No one else could enter the dojo now. Senior Colonel Mi told Ling Lan that the walls were protected by electricity. If anyone tried to climb over the walls… they would die from electrocution. Even if they didn't, they would still be heavily injured.

There was no protective equipment in the training dojo. Senior Colonel Mi told Domineering Blade and the other four people, "Stay further away. If you all cannot handle it, leave the dojo. Do not push yourself."

The five people looked at each other. They had reached the highest-tier of Qi-Jin realm. As long as the commander didn't use his domain realm power, they would be able to handle it.

They thought that Ling Lan was around the same level as them. Hence, if their commander wanted to a.s.sess Ling Lan, he would not use his domain realm power. If he did, he would immediately knock Ling Lan out.

They never expected it to be a domain realm battle. When they realized this, they almost died from the energy created in the battle.

Ling Lan walked into the dojo. She stepped on the hard floor and said calmly, "This place is good. It feels like the real battlefield."

There were all kinds of protective s.h.i.+elds around an arena. The effects of each move were simulated by technology. That made it seemed fake. Ling Lan was not used to it. She was satisfied that Senior Colonel Mi brought her to this place.

"Seems like you feel the same way as I do. The arena feels fake. I cannot fight to my heart's content there." Senior Colonel Mi admired Ling Lan even more now.

Physical skills were not meant to be simulated. It was meant to be used in a real battle. It could kill you. The power of physical skills were enormous. It was not something that could be simulated by technology.

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