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Chapter 737 (Water and Fire Are Incompatible)

This time, Kai Yun didn't stop Cang Konghong. Some things can only be relieved when spoken out, as keeping them bottled up can lead to trouble.

Moreover, looking at Yue Hua's expression... sigh... If only they had known what would happen today.

Yue Hua, wearing a white wedding veil, looked at Cang Konghong in the distance. As a friend, Yue Hua was worried about Cang Konghong at this moment. However, she was now Lie Gu's wife.

So Yue Hua didn't want to see Cang Konghong suffer like this because of her.

In terms of time, it was a difference of ten thousand years and one year!

It was a terrifying gap.

But when the person destined by fate appears, time becomes irrelevant.

The entire venue fell silent, listening to the words of this infatuated man.

Ye Hua breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand, enveloping Cang Konghong in a cold mist, slightly alleviating his pain.

As a leader, one must have dignity and humanity! Only then can subordinates be convinced!

Cang Konghong also felt the slight chill on his body and was grateful to His Honor for allowing him to finish speaking.

"I... am very insecure... because I... am ugly... and speak... slowly... whenever people... see me... they show... fear... Yue Hua... you are the... first girl... who spoke... to me... without... looking down... on me. I... I..." Cang Konghong's voice began to tremble violently as he spoke more fluently. As a result, the flames of his inner fire burned more fiercely, as if they would consume him.

Ye Hua didn't want Cang Konghong to be overwhelmed by the backlash. After all, he was a human form of Flame of Anomaly, worthy of study...

So Ye Hua directly took out Mu w.a.n.g Armour from his ring and condensed it onto Cang Konghong's body. This armour could withstand Flame of Anomaly to some extent, but it couldn't hold up for too long. At least it would allow him to finish speaking.

Although Cang Konghong spoke intermittently, the meaning behind his words was conveyed.

For a man as ugly as him, with speaking difficulties and feelings of inferiority, it was normal to feel insecure. Having a girl who would initiate a conversation with him was an act of mercy. In such a situation, how could Cang Konghong not like Yue Hua?

Looking at Xun Fang, she was deeply moved. She felt that Cang Konghong was truly pitiful.

The only girl who spoke to him would become someone else's wife today. Who would speak to him from now on?

The people present suddenly felt that Yue Hua, who was on stage, was a terrible woman. How could she reject such a good man?

This was the first time Yue Hua had heard these words and was very surprised... She didn't expect to hold such a place in Cang Konghong's heart.

Some misunderstandings acc.u.mulated over time, exacerbated by Cang Konghong's hesitation over the past ten thousand years.

If he had pursued her for ten thousand years, it would have killed any girl.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi initially thought that Cang Konghong was here to cause trouble, but they don't think so now.

He was a very foolish man, foolish to the point that it was hard to witness.

Lie Gu was also shocked by the man before him. If this had happened before, Yue Hua would have been his wife.

Thank goodness...

Thank goodness it didn't happen in the past but today.

"Cang Konghong, you are a brave man. I admire you!" Lie Gu said. "But Yue Hua is now my wife, and I will treat her well in this lifetime. No other man can interfere!"

Even the people standing below the stage, including Bai Gu, felt dejected. If Cang Konghong had said these things earlier, he would have already had children with Yue Hua.

Wearing the Mu w.a.n.g Armour, Cang Konghong felt much better. However, it could be seen that the bright white armour had some reddish signs, indicating that Flame of Anomaly was eroding the cold aura emitted by the armour.

After all, the Mu w.a.n.g Armour was an ancient divine artifact collected by Ye Hua. It could withstand the Flame of Anomaly for at least a minute.

Cang Konghong's small eyes glowed with determination.

"Yue Hua, if one day you think of someone who loved you, I will definitely be among them! If one day I no longer love you, it will be because I'm dead."

This was the most complete and sincere sentence Cang Konghong had ever spoken in his life. Even if Yue Hua got married today, Cang Konghong would still love her. His heart would never change, unless he died.


The Mu w.a.n.g Armour suddenly made a loud noise, and cracks appeared on its surface. The entire suit of armour burst apart, and Cang Konghong's body was instantly enveloped in the golden Flame of Anomaly.

A horrifying scream of pain erupted from Cang Konghong's throat as the Flame of Anomaly shot up into the sky, forming a golden pillar of fire. The scene was magnificent, but everyone's hearts were heavy.

Many girls couldn't help but sob, and even Zi Shan leaned against Yi Hong's embrace, crying, as Cang Konghong's situation reminded her of her own experiences with Yi Hong—love and life and death endured together.

Regarding Cang Konghong's words just now, they were truly touching and heartfelt. Although he may seem foolish, it's a manifestation of his obsession with someone he likes.

Therefore, obsession is truly frightening. It can fulfil a person, but it can also destroy them in an instant.

Ye Hua watched the Flame of Anomaly rising into the sky, his brows furrowing. This couldn't go on!

Just as Ye Hua was thinking about how to resolve the situation, Yue Hua suddenly extended her delicate hand, and a column of water surged towards Cang Konghong!

This scene was astonis.h.i.+ng.

This man was fire!

And that woman was water!

Fire and water.

They were destined not to be together.

Water was Yue Hua's life essence, and resisting the Flame of Anomaly would harm her.

However, it seemed that only this way could reduce the Flame of Anomaly and save Cang Konghong's life.

"Yue Hua!" Lie Gu exclaimed when he saw that Yue Hua was feeling unwell.

Yue Hua looked at Lie Gu and spoke softly, "Lie Gu, Cang Konghong is like this because of me. Can you understand why I'm doing this?"

Regardless, both Cang Konghong and Yue Hua were part of the Five Banners. Even if they weren't a couple, they were comrades and friends. How could Yue Hua stand by and watch Cang Konghong being consumed by Flame of Anomaly?

Lie Gu let out a heavy sigh. "Yes, I understand."

"Yue Hua, thank you for understanding me."

"Yue Hua, you are my wife now. There's no need to be so polite."

"Yes, I won't be polite to you in the future." Yue Hua smiled softly and then solemnly suppressed the terrifying Flame of Anomaly.

As leaders, Ye Hua and Kai Yun certainly wouldn't sit idly by. With their combined efforts, they finally managed to suppress the Flame of Anomaly within Cang Konghong's body.

However, his st.u.r.dy body seemed on the verge of splitting apart, connected by strands of subtle spiritual energy while still burning inside.

"Your Honor, please allow me to take him back for treatment!" Kai Yun quickly requested.

Ye Hua waved his hand, indicating that the other members of Nanwu Banner could go back.

Kung Sha and Luo Hu carried Cang Konghong and disappeared from the wedding venue.

At this moment, Yue Hua felt a bit weak and leaned against Lie Gu's embrace.

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