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Chapter 732 (Wedding March)

Everyone felt that Cang Konghong didn't want to witness this scene, so he hid in his room and cried, or perhaps he couldn't face reality and chose to escape.

Qing Ya chuckled lightly, "Kidnapping the bride is not that easy!"

"Yeah, yeah, is my Yue Hua so easy to marry?" Kai Yun smirked. It seemed like the bride's side was up to something!

With Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi backing them, the bride's side was also pumped up. Today, Lie Gu wanted to bring his wife home, so he had to pay a hefty price.

At this moment, Qing Ya chuckled and immediately pinched her fingers, "Supreme Grand Ceremony!"

Ye Hua taught Qing Ya this move, and now she was using it to play a trick on her husband. It was a blatant retaliation for not giving her a wedding. If he didn't appease her, it would be terrible.

An invisible barrier enveloped the bride's room. To make the barrier even stronger, Qing Ya smiled and said, "Let's add some items."

When the other beauties heard their esteemed wife's words, they added divine items with all their might, making the barrier reach its peak hardness.

At this moment, Ye Hua appeared with a lively entourage. The Husky ran ahead, excitedly sticking out its tongue, as if it were getting married itself.


The Husky felt its dog head hit something and instantly became dizzy. Its limbs were unstable, as if it were drunk.

Seeing the Husky's state, Ye Hua raised his fist and said, "It's a trap!"

The subordinates immediately hit the brakes.

Lie Gu, with a puzzled expression, reached out and touched the barrier. His mouth twitched, "Do you have to be this ruthless?"

Gorefiend held a camera and filmed the whole scene. Such a joyous moment had to be recorded from start to finish. They could look back on it after hundreds... no, thousands... no, tens of thousands of years. It would be quite heartwarming.

This was what an active team felt like—a sense of home.

Ye Hua reached out and touched it, silently cursing his wives for causing trouble. But of course, a wedding had to be lively!

He took out a megaphone and shouted, "Listen, women inside! You've been surrounded! Hand over the bride to me!"

Lie Gu felt confident with Your Honor backing him. Who would dare defy Your Honor's words!

However, Donghuang Baizhi shouted, "Ye Hua, you said today there would be no distinction between superiors and subordinates."

'Was there? Did I say that?'

Ye Hua looked at his male subordinates, and they shook their heads.

"When did I say that! Open the barrier quickly and don't give me a chance to lose my temper!!!" Ye Hua shouted through the megaphone, quite comically.

"If you dare, come in and s.n.a.t.c.h her!" Qing Ya also refused to back down.

Ye Hua laughed. These two jealous wives were really something.

"Lie Gu, go!" Ye Hua said in a deep voice.


The Husky sat on the side, feeling that Your Honor's tone was strange, as if he was calling for himself.

Lie Gu walked to the side of the barrier and stood in a horse stance, clenching his fists.

"Lie Gu is about to attack," Zi Shan exclaimed.

Li Hun raised her hand, "Don't worry, with the barrier created by Madam and the spiritual energy we infused, it won't be easy to break through."

"Hmph, if you want to marry Yue Hua, you'll have to overcome countless difficulties." Kai Yun snorted. As a family member, she couldn't bear to part with Yue Hua on a day like this.

Although she would soon see her, she couldn't help but feel that Yue Hua was no longer hers. She regretted introducing Yue Hua in the first place. She thought Yue Hua wouldn't be interested in Lie Gu, but she didn't expect Lie Gu to persist like this. For a dragon, it was hard to believe. Kai Yun had thought at the time that if Lie Gu didn't succeed in a month, he would lose patience, but unexpectedly, he pursued for a year and completely won over Yue Hua's heart. It was truly inexplicable.

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Are you still a dragon? You're more like a dog.

But Lie Gu had developed patience during his years as a dog. Based on his previous character, if he didn't see results within a week, he would say goodbye.


The entire Nanwu Banner shook violently.

Lie Gu outside delivered a powerful punch to the barrier, causing even the ground beneath his feet to crack.

But the barrier caused Nanwu Banner to shake as well.

Inside, Kai Yun immediately shouted, "Lie Gu, if you break my Nanwu Banner again, don't even think about marrying Yue Hua today!!!"

Yue Hua, sitting on the bed, called out softly, "Banner Master~"

It's quite clear that Lie Gu is being put through a tough time.

This made Kai Yun even more frustrated. She hadn't even married into the family yet, and she was already siding with the man.

All the women present had their own men and understood the bride's feelings. At a time like this, they didn't want any interference. They had been eagerly waiting for this day.

If it were them, they would feel the same and couldn't wait to get married.

Lie Gu outside was getting anxious and could only seek help from Your Honor.

"How do you want us to open the door?" Ye Hua didn't waste any more time. They couldn't delay the auspicious hour.

"Let's start with a red envelope rain," the girls inside said with laughter.

Lie Gu didn't hesitate and took out his phone to send out red envelopes in the group chat. The women inside also fought to grab them.

Ye Hua silently took out his phone and randomly sent a few, enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Then, Qing Ya shouted loudly, "Ye Hua! You can't s.n.a.t.c.h them! Send them out quickly!"

Lie Gu looked at His Majesty with resentment.

Seeing Lie Gu's gaze, Ye Hua helplessly thought, What's the big deal about s.n.a.t.c.hing a few red envelopes? These women are so petty.

What's wrong with him s.n.a.t.c.hing a few too!

Helpless, Ye Hua sent out a few more red envelopes, ending up at a loss...

'If only I knew, I wouldn't have bothered.'

Under several rounds of continuous red envelope rain, Qing Ya finally removed the barrier.

Ye Hua waved his hand and shouted, "Kidnap!"

A group of men immediately rushed into the room, cras.h.i.+ng through the door. It was a scene of G.o.ds battling G.o.ds.

This wasn't something that the girls could resist. They instantly reached the bride's side.

Qing Ya angrily said, "How did you manage to get in so quickly? The red envelope rain hasn't even been enough yet."

The women were also helpless. These men were too ruthless.

Ye Hua looked at his female subordinates and coldly snorted, "What! Do you want to block my path too!"

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi snorted, as they were the only ones who dared to disrespect Ye Hua.

Now it was Lie Gu's turn to speak. Looking at his four wives on the bed, Lie Gu's heart surged with emotions. He had finally obtained his wives.

"Read what's written on it. They were all written by your wives," Donghuang Baizhi took out a piece of paper covered in densely written words.

Lie Gu received it, feeling that there were too many rules.

As Lie Gu prepared to take the oath, Ye Hua calmly said, "Why are you standing? Kneel."

Lie Gu looked at Your Honor in confusion.

'Which side are you really on, Your Honor? Could you be a spy?'

"That's right, Your Honor has spoken. Kneel and read it quickly," Kai Yun also thought the same but was too embarra.s.sed to say it. Since Ye Hua had spoken, she immediately followed suit.

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