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Chapter 502 (Scolding without talking(5))

'Wrong! This is no longer a man dressed as a woman! This is clearly the method used to become a woman!'

'These two perverts!'

'It must be my big brother's idea! My Yi Hong would definitely not do this. He must be regretting his words and then, under the instigation of my brother, he used this method to reduce stress.'

'It's not right! The two of them will not turn into women to decompress. To decompress, they would be making a big sword or something.'

'It must be their mission!'

'Could it be that the two of them became like this for a mission? Then they happened to see me coming, and couldn't help but come over to make trouble.'

'That should be it!'

'And this b.a.s.t.a.r.d said that he wanted to divorce me. Shameless, stinking man!'

Feng Di was already very annoying, and if there were not too many people here, he would definitely slap these two women away!

"If you two do this again, I won't be polite!" Feng Di said the final warning, get out of here quickly. He didn't know what was going on with the information. They even said that they had the pure blood!

Just when Lu Hong was about to speak, Zi Shan stood up suddenly: "Little brother, it's too noisy here, let's change to another place."

Lu Hong and Yi Hong's hearts sank. Yi Hong, in particular, felt like his heart was going to break. His wife wanted to have a room with this man...

Feng Di was overjoyed, and he hurriedly pushed the two women away, and said with a smile, "I know a quiet place where we can sit and chat."

Qing Yutong smiled, "That would be the best. Let's go."

"Ladies first." Feng Di showed a handsome smile. He didn't expect these three women to be so easy to bait, he is worthy of being King Yan. [A handsome guy from Chinese anime, Yan w.a.n.g.] {}

The three girls stood up with confident smiles, while the two "sisters" looked confused. What's going on?

Lu Hong hurriedly dragged Feng Di back, and said with a coquettish smile, "Brother, take us too."

"Get out!"

These women are not on the same level.

A young man in a suit came to Feng Di and whispered, "Brother, can you give them to us to play with?"

The young man knew that they would not get their hands on these high-quality beauties, but these two women were still okay. Although their temperament is lackl.u.s.ter, their faces and figures are still good. They're just a little irritating.

Feng Di thought about it for a while: "Clean up afterward!"


"Come with me!" The boy in the suit said to the green and red "sisters".

Lu Hong and Yi Hong were overjoyed, as long as they could follow openly and honestly, so as not to make Your Honor's sister-in-law and Zi Shan suffer.

The men in the nightclub saw the five beautiful young ladies leaving with the three men, and felt a pang of regret. These cabbages will be eaten by these pigs!

Feng Di drove a Land Rover with Qing Yutong and the other two to go first, and the two subordinates took the green and red "sisters" by taxi.

Yi Hong seemed very restless along the way. His Zi Shan was willing to share a room with someone else.

Lu Hong patted the back of his younger brother's hand to express his support. It is indeed painful to be green, but once you have experienced it, you will get used to it.

And Lu Hong also sighed, he didn't expect that both brothers would be green. 'This is the true meaning of life. My little brother could be dyed green in the future, which will always remind him to be vigilant of women because they will put a colored hat on you when you are not paying attention.'

This is also the reason why Lu Hong was reluctant to accept the vampire sisters for a long time. Race issues did account for a small proportion, but being green accounted for a large proportion. He did not believe in women for a while.

Everyone went to the gym.

"Little brother, where are we going?" Qing Yutong asked curiously, while Brittany and Zi Shan were about to kill them. Except for Your Honor, men in this world don't have any good things, but are filled with lies!

In fact, Your Honor is also a liar.

Feng Di smiled mysteriously: "Taking you to a good place."

At this time, the green and red "sisters" also got out of the taxi. Yi Hong felt relieved when he saw that his wife was still there.

They didn't go directly to the room.

Several people went upstairs together, it was already 11 p.m., and the gym was closed long ago. When everyone came to the gym, they were very puzzled.

"Little brother, did you bring us to the gym?" Qing Yutong asked curiously, it was really weird. Other people would take them to drink and get drunk, but this is the first time someone took her to a gym.

Feng Di turned on all the lights, and said with a slight smile, "Would you like to try it? The machines here are all by international standards."

Feng Tian should be practicing at this time, so he did not disturb him.

Brittany said in a deep voice: "Anyway, it's boring, so let's try them."

In fact, the three women all knew that Feng Di had some strength, so they wanted to see what kind of tricks he had. Maybe they see something interesting.

Lu Hong and Yi Hong feel the same way, this gym is a bit weird.

Lu Hong felt that the tube on his chest was a little strange, so he quietly reached into his chest, and took out the tube to have a look.

The pure blood was boiling.

'Based on my experience of watching Hong Kong movies for many years, there must be something calling for the pure blood.'

Suddenly, the pure blood in the tube calmed down again, which made Lu Hong a little puzzled.

Lu Hong immediately sent a voice transmission to his younger brother.

"I found it!"

Yi Hong looked at Zi Shan's back in a daze but didn't notice his elder brother's call.

"Yi Hong!"

"Ah! What's wrong, big brother?" Yi Hong quickly replied.

"We found the right place. If my gut feeling is good, this is the den of those people!"

"Ah! Isn't that dangerous for Zi Shan?"

Lu Hong wished to hit his younger brother on the head, 'your wife is so powerful, yet you are so worried.'

Yi Hong also realized that he was worrying too much, and asked: "Then what should we do now?"

"Our task is to deliver the goods to the door. Now that we know it, it will be easy to handle. We will send it directly by courier another day."

"But Zi Shan and the others are also here. If it is really that group, they will not be scared away. Come on, it's not the time for us to let down our guard!"

What Yi Hong said made Lu Hong's face darken. The task was originally almost completed but became pestiferous because of their arrival! What to do?

"Yi Hong, it's up to you now!" Lu Hong said in a deep voice.

"What do you mean?"

"Let Zi Shan cooperate with us." Lu Hong already had a script in his mind.

Yi Hong stopped talking for a while, he and his wife got into a fight, and they still haven't talked. It's only been a few days, but is he going to beg his wife?

Wouldn't Zi Shan look down on him even more?

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