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Su Jing wrote very quickly. After the first word came out, everyone eyes s.h.i.+ned.

Su Jing did not pause at all. He wrote a pair of couplets quickly.

Upper couplet: fortune coexists with heaven and earth; lower couplet: longevity of sun and moon are glorious. The style is elegant and, just like a silent poem, an invisible dance, a pictureless picture, and silent music. People can't help but indulge in it and can't extricate themselves.

"Good!" He Ruixiang looked at the words on the couplet, and his eyes shone with surprise.

"It's really good." Shen Hong couldn't help but marvel. As an Appraiser, although he is not best at calligraphy, he knows a lot about it. He feels that Su Jing's handwriting is not inferior to contemporary calligraphy.

"When did this little rabbit practice?" Su Zhenyue was also shocked and proud. If it hadn't come from his son, he could not help exaggerating. He has to admit that his son's handwriting has surpa.s.sed himself and surpa.s.sed him by a lot.

Everyone around, couldn't help but look at Su Jing a few times, thinking about how did this young man write such characters with a brush. This young man is very young, and it is really rare for someone so young to practice and have such a good brush writing. Yang Wei, Peng Ming, He Jingdong, etc., who are ready to watch a good comedic show, are somewhat stunned.

"The boy is really good, this writing is not much worse than Old He." An old man said.

"Old Fang, you may be a little out of sight. Look carefully, this handwriting is not much worse than me, but has surpa.s.sed me." He Ruixiang said that and this was a very high appraisal coming from him leaving the audience stunned.

This handwriting is very good. Everyone admits that it is very good if you have basic aesthetics, even if you don't understand it well. However, it's too exaggerated to say that he He Ruixiang. He Ruixiang is a master of calligraphy who has been immersed in calligraphy for decades. Su Jing is only a young man of twenty-three or four years old.

"Oh?" The old man glimpsed a little and walked up to take a closer look. The more he looked, the brighter his face became and the more shocked he was. He looked up at Su Jing and exclaimed, "My fault, This handwriting has reached the realm of artistic conception."

Artistic conception can be said to be the highest realm of calligraphy. It is the overall aesthetic intention and atmosphere of calligraphy works. It is the soul of the art of calligraphy. If there is an artistic conception, it becomes a n.o.ble character; if there is no artistic conception, it becomes a slave book.

Few contemporary calligraphers really integrate artistic conception into calligraphy. Some so-called artistic conception is just learning the fonts of their predecessors. They just follow the example of their predecessors and have no spiritual connotation of their own.

And this handwriting is a school of its own, the more you look at it, the more you can't help being immersed in it, and the sense of chic and elegant pours on your face. As if you could see an elegant scholar in white standing on the top of Mount Tai dancing with a sword.

"Young man, where did you learn this brush character? Who is your teacher?" The old man could not help asking.

"I have copied a lot of calligraphy characters, including Teacher He's, so Teacher He and many calligraphers are my teachers." Su Jing saw everyone looking at him like they were looking at a monster and he thought that he might have overdone it a little.

"Good boy, continue to practice in the future and do not slack, In the future, you will become someone great." He Ruixiang smiled and praised him without concealment. When the brush strokes were dry, he carefully collected the couplets, fearing they would be damaged. As everyone could see, today's most popular gift for He Ruixiang is probably this couplet.

The gift-giving session continued, and the gifts that were carefully prepared were delivered without any fanfare.

Su Jing, Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others retreated to the periphery. They were still shocked: "A'Jing, tell us honestly, how long have you been learning calligraphy?"

"Four-five years." Su Jing thought about it and said, it would be hard and difficult to believe if he said that he has been practicing for less then a month. He didn't have much pride in his heart, because he knew most of the credit goes to the words on Immortal World waste paper. Not his own.

"You are a genius." Peng Ming and others were really convinced that they gave their thumbs up while Yang Wei gave Su Jing a slight stare. If Su Jing hadn't stolen the limelight, her gift might have been Teacher He's favorite gift today.

Su Jing chatted with Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others, and people came to him to give him their business cards. Most of them wanted to buy the root and a few sought his calligraphy words. Now Su Jing estimates that he can really sell calligraphy words for a living.

At the end of the gift-giving session, Shen Hong took out ten antiques and put them on the table for everyone to see.

These ten antiques, including bronze, porcelain, calligraphy, and painting, look extraordinary one by one. This allows all the guests to look left and right with great interest, amateurs to watch the lively, professional doorway.

"Guess what's real here." Shen Hong smiled and said to him, "Old He, why don't you guess first?"

"There are too many, I don't know how to do it, let everyone else guess."  He Ruixiang shook his head and he did not pretend to understand, he only knows about painting and calligraphy and he can see that the painting is fake, other antiques are unknown to him.

"Hey, let's guess," Shen Hong said.

"Is there a prize for the right guess?" one young man asked.

"I will tell you the truth, here are ten items, nine false and one true, each of them will be sold for 100,000, of which the real items value is at least 300,000, that is to say, if you buy the true antique then you will earn at least 200,000." Shen Hong smiled.

All of them were shocked. These ten items looked like antiques. Nine of them were fake. Moreover, most people are reluctant to buy fake goods. Shen Hong is outspoken, which has won many people's favor.

However, Su Jing is grinning and swearing at the old fox. As a Myriad Treasures Auction House Appraiser, if he doesn't say that he has a fake, it will affect his reputation. But when he says that nine items are false and one truth, it is not necessarily generous. Instead, he sets up a trap for people. This is to tell you that there must be one genuine item in it, and the price is one-third of the real value. Although the probability of picking one out of ten is a little low, many people count themselves lucky or are blindly confident in them and they feel that they can pick out the genuine item and earn 200,000 yuan directly.

This aroused everyone's interest and they went forward and observe the items carefully and talked about them with each other.

"I think that the bronze tripod must be genuine. Look at the rust on it, it looks very old."

"I think that porcelain bowl is genuine. It should be used by the Qing Dynasty Royal family."

"You can have fun, but don't be too greedy." He Ruixiang reminded them, they wanted to make a lot of money and out of the fear that someone would be greedy and would buy a fake item that he could not really afford. Hearing He Ruixiang, people can not help but weigh whether they can afford to lose the money or not, and some of them gave up on buying the items, but those businessmen are totally unaffected. Obviously, losing 100,000 yuan is nothing to them.

Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others are also pointing at ten items while discussing them, while Su Jing releases his spiritual force, sweeping through them one by one. Spiritual force is like an invisible hand, even if there is a slight gap, it can penetrate it, so he can see many details that can not be seen by the naked eyes.

Of course, Su Jing is just curious to explore and does not intend to buy them, after all, even if he looks at the details, he lacks expertise in this area and it is not easy to determine the true item from the false items and Su Jing's history with valuable items is very poor and his knowledge on antiques is almost zero, He does not want to feel a big grievance.

Su Jing controls his spiritual force and first probes the first bronze tripod on the left.

This tripod is about ten centimeters high, with copper rust stains on it. It looks old and well preserved. But when his spiritual force sweeps to the bottom and drills along with the copper rust, it detects a crack and drills along the crack. His spiritual force finds that the crack runs through the root of one foot and the foot is broken again. The bond is just covered up by copper rust. Even if Su Jing did not understand it, he guessed that the bronze tripod had been repaired, maybe even faked, and he did not pay any attention to it.

Su Jing continues to probe the next one, Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy. This Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy is different from the ordinary G.o.ddess of mercy. It is not standing or holding a bottle, but lying on its side with a pile of books beside it. It looks like the decoration of an ancient private school. Su Jing used his Spiritual Force to probe it carefully and found that Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy was in good condition, with no trace of fracture anywhere, but he doesn't know whether it was a genuine item or not.

Su Jing's exploration of the third piece, can not help but be immediately stunned, this is a landscape painting signed by Wu Daozi, in Su Jing's non-professional perspective, the painting is very good, but the paper is not very ancient. But what Su Jing cares about is not here, his spiritual force penetrates along the edge and finds that there is a layer in the painting. Judging from the uneven traces inside, it should be a painting brush strokes, but his spiritual force detection is not so intuitive, he can probably feel that it is also a landscape painting. He doesn't know if it's real or not.

Su Jing went on to explore the remaining seven pieces and found many defects that he could not see with the naked eye, but as he expected, most of them were hard for him to tell where they were real items or not. The key was his lack of expertise. After all, many genuine products have various defects. He can't deny an antique because of one defect, while some of them without defects may be antique crafts. In order to distinguish authenticity from falsity, besides a keen eye, he needs a huge amount of professional knowledge as backing. Antique appreciation is not something that everyone can play around with.

"Or shall we buy one in a partners.h.i.+p?" A cla.s.smate said.

"One-tenth of the probability, what's the difference between this and real gambling?" Peng Ming shook his head.

"You have to believe my eyes. I think that porcelain bowl is very good. Look at it, It is thin like a paper and bright like a mirror. It should be Jingdezhen porcelain. Look at the model on the base, it should be official kiln. If it is genuine, we can earn 200,000 yuan in one go."

"Look carefully at the edge of the base." Su Jing laughed and said that as he had just detected the bowl. The whole base was glued together, and it felt that it was not the same thing at all. That is to say, it didn't make sense to look at the model on the base. Even if the base was real, the bowl was false, but the gluing method was brilliant. Most people couldn't see it. It was probably due to some reasons, maybe it is Intentionally fraudulent.

"There's nothing wrong with the edge of the base." His cla.s.smates still can't see it.

"Look here, and here, if I guess right, the base is glued together." Su Jing pointed to the tiny marks on both sides.

"What?" Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others looked closely, and the marks on both sides were not obvious at first. Looking separately, they might think that they were just a crack. This kind of minor damage was within the scope of acceptance, but it was really like the whole base was glued together.

"It seems like I don't want to join in the fun after all." The cla.s.smate gave up.

Shen Hong on the side couldn't help but look at Su Jing, thinking that this guy is really careful. This bowl was counterfeited very skillfully by machine technology. He had seen it for a long time before he could see the clues. He didn't expect Su Jing to see the problem at a glance.

Su Jing and others did not buy, and eventually, several businessmen began to buy one, two, a total of five, including porcelain bowls, Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy, blue and white cans, Laozi wood carvings, mandarin duck drops.

"Mr. Shen, tell me which one is genuine." Several businessmen can't wait.

"Are you sure you want to reveal it on the spot?" Shen Hong asked.

"Of course, let's talk about these." Several businessmen said.

"Well, I will tell you clearly." Shen Hong nodded, and Su Jing and others could not help but raise their ears. Shen Hong pointed to the ceramic bowl and said, "This ceramic bowl, the base is genuine, but only the base, the bowl body is a modern imitation and then glued together."

Undoubtedly, this bowl is worthless, which makes the businessman who bought the porcelain bowl depressed. Peng Ming, Yang Wei, and others looked at Su Jing and thought that Su Jing was right.

"This Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy is indeed Hetian jade, and the image is quite vivid. Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy appeared in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Ming Dynasty was relatively rare and the Qing Dynasty was relatively large. However, the audiovisual images we saw were basically standing like this. There was no lateral reclining like this. In addition, there was a pile of books beside the Jade of the G.o.ddess, which had not been seen. Moreover, this Jade of the G.o.ddess is for closing purpose, and there is no closing purpose in the Qing Dynasty. In conclusion, this work is not a work of Ming and Qing Dynasty, but a modern antique handicraft." Shen Hong said so that everyone could hear clearly. Shen Hong introduced Laozi's wood carvings and mandarin ducks and inkstone drops, which were not genuine, which made many people happy that they had not bought them.

"Look at this blue-and-white jar, it is very straight up straight down, the mouth is closed, the bottom is closed, the top is jewelry b.u.t.ton, this is the official example of the Yongxuan period, the Yongxuan period official kiln has this cla.s.sic style which later spread to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has never changed, and it is clearly recorded in the Qianlong Qing file. Therefore, this is a standard Qianlong blue and white brocade cans," Shen Hong said.

"That is to say, this one is genuine?" The middle-aged man who bought the blue and white jar was surprised to say the least, although it was him who bought Jade of the G.o.ddess of Mercy, it cost 200,000 yuan to buy two pieces, but the real one is worth 300,000 yuan, so it is equal to him making 100,000 yuan.

"Yes, congratulations." Shen Hong nodded and smiled. Although the real product was bought, he made nearly 200,000 yuan by selling five pieces.

"But why is there no money under the jar?" Another man did not understand.

"This kind of pot will never be declared unloaded, and the emperors of later generations will learn to declare it unloaded. This feature is in line with the records of the archives." Shen Hong explained and many of them suddenly understood. The event finished with a few happy and several sad people, but even though they lost money on the fake purchases, they have enough financial resources that this loss will not affect them much.

"Old Mister Shen, you have nine fake things, this blue and white jar is the real thing, which means that the remaining five are fake." Su Jing pointed to the remaining five items.

"You can say that." Shen Hong nodded.

"What's the price of this painting? Can you sell it to me?" Su Jing asked and Shen Hong, He Ruixiang, Su Zhenyue, Peng Ming and others were surprised, why would you want to buy it after knowing that it is fake?

"You want to buy this painting?" Shen Hong glanced at Su Jing with a puzzled look.

"Yes, I want to learn some painting by copying." Su Jing said and He Ruixiang, Su Zhenyue, Peng Ming and others suddenly realize that this painting may be a fake, but it also has a certain level of craft that is enough for beginners to copy and learn from it.

"Although this is not an original but after all, there is a certain skill in it so it is not worthless. I'll give it to you for 1000 yuan." Shen Hong said.

"Done." Su Jing said. The reason why he wants to buy it is that there is something to this painting. He wants to explore the truth. Maybe there are some authentic works in it? Su Jing can't afford to spend 100,000 yuan on something he's not sure about, but a thousand yuan is still affordable.

After Su Jing bought the painting, he didn't peel it at the scene. If it was a worthless painting, it would be a disgrace to peel it. If it was a genuine painting, the peeling might alert Shen Hong. In short, whether it is true or not, it is not suitable for peeling now, he will wait until he gets back home and then slowly unravel it.

There are people in the place and so on. They don't care about it. Why would they care about the counterfeit products worth 1,000 yuan?

The birthday banquet is still going on. The guests are enjoying the birthday noodles and playing some small games.

At the end of the birthday banquet, Su Jing pulled He Jingdong to the corner and said, "Big Brother He, there is something I want to ask you for help."

"What's the matter?" He Jingdong asked curiously as although their two families had a good relations.h.i.+p, This is the first time that Su Jing had asked him for help.

"I want to build a building and want to ask for your design." Su Jing said bluntly.

"Building a building? What is it for?" He Jingdong looked puzzled.

"For living." Su Jing said.

"…" He Jingdong's eyebrows jumped when he heard that a building is going to be used as a house. That's too wasteful. Even if he had money, did he have to waste it like this? He suggested, "Isn't it better to live in a villa by yourself?"

"I want the building." Su Jing smiled.

"Well, first of all, what's the area and what's your requirement?" He Jingdong asked.

"The area is about six or seven hundred square meters. The first layer of requirement is very simple. It needs to be completely empty. Then how high can you build this layer? Can you build it to be more than ten meters in height? The second layer will be a storage room with a height of about six meters. In the third layer, I want to grow plants inside so it would need excellent lighting and one side of it needs to be transparent in a way that outsiders can not see inside and its height needs to be about six meters. The fourth floor is the place to live in. It's enough to build a villa style with a roof swimming pool." Su Jing said.

The purpose of this four-story building is very clear. The first layer is will naturally be used to directly accept the s.p.a.ce-time garbage. If anymore more garbage came from the wormhole, the backyard will not be able to contain it at all. Once it spills over, it will be troublesome if its seen, and in case someone sees it from above, it will be easy to expose stuffing. The second layer is used for the temporary storage of some collections and some valuable garbage. It is a transit station and a storage room. The third layer is used to grow the man-eating vine, willow and other plants that are not suitable to be seen by human beings. The fourth floor, of course, is where he will live.

"…" Listening to Su Jing's words, He Jingdong was petrified on the spot. If Su Jing hadn't said it so seriously, he would have seen this as a joke. Even billionaires with a.s.sets would not have been luxurious to this extent. This is too exaggerated.

"Why, can't we build it?" Su Jing asked.

"Now it's not a question of whether you can build it or not, but that do you have to build it like this? Did you ask your parents?" He Jingdong asked.

"I am in charge of this, why would I ask my parents?" Su Jing said quickly, if his parents knew about it, they would definitely disagree. After all, this building will cost much more than their entire family's worth, so he planned to make it first before telling them.

"Do you know how much it will costs?" He Jingdong asked.

"I don't know. How much would it take?" Su Jing shook his head.

"According to your request, at least 10 million yuan, if you want better decoration, then it will cost even more." He Jingdong wanted to frighten Su Jing and let him back out.

"That's all right." Su Jing breathed a sigh of relief, 10 million yuan in the scope of acceptance, as for decoration, he will save money for decoration later and then do it again.

"Huh?" He Jingdong's eyes widened. It seems that Su Jing is more powerful than he imagined. He Jingdong rubbed his eyebrows. He thought that this is really a young man's world. He hesitated for a moment and said, "I can help you design, but then if your parents asked later, don't use me as a s.h.i.+eld, and you have to think clearly about the financial aspect." If you can't afford it, don't blame me if you go bankrupt later."

"Of course." Su Jing nodded.

"Is there a land map?" He Jingdong asked.

"I drew a simple picture." Su Jing took out a drawing that simply depicted the shape of the ground, the length, and width of the building, the location of the building and the approximate area.

"Let me first draw a simple outline of the shape, you see whether you like it or not." He Jingdong took out a stack of ma.n.u.script paper and a pen and began to draw freely on it. After destroying several pieces of ma.n.u.script paper in succession, the prototype of a building came out.

"How is it?" He Jingdong asked with considerable complacency.

"I like it." Su Jing looked at the drawing and liked it more and more. The whole building shrank from low to high-rise, like a mountain in the sky, full of fas.h.i.+on sense and design sense.

"This is just a prototype and it has to be modified according to the a.n.a.lysis of the force acting on the building in the future. There are many details to consider, but since you like it, that will be the general shape. Tomorrow I will take a friend to your site to investigate geology and topography, then calculate the approximate cost, and then discuss the details." After He Jingdong completed the design, he became very interested.

"Do you still know the construction team?" Su Jing asked.

"Of course, if you really want to build, I will introduce you to a very good construction team." He Jingdong nodded.

"That's good." Su Jing was thrilled to think that he would own a building and asked, "By the way, how long will it take to build it at the fastest speed?" Although at present, the garbage is dumped at three or four o'clock in the morning, which is definitely not construction time, but he is not sure that he can clean it up before dawn, so it will be very troublesome if the garbage is dumped in the construction process, so he hoped to spend the shortest time possible to complete the construction.

"If you want to be quick, there is a new technology, similar to Lego building blocks, using sustainable building modular materials, 95% of the work is done in the factory and when the process of building starts, it's like 'stacking woods' and it can be completed in one month." He Jingdong said.

"Stacked wood? Is that even safe?" Su Jing squinted, one month is faster than he imagined but he has an insecure feeling just listening to the building process.

"Hha, this is a new technology. The main body of this building is a modular steel structure. Although the construction process is like stacking woods, there is no problem in safety. As long as the design is reasonable, it can resist an M9 earthquake." He Jingdong laughed.

"That's good, just use this." Su Jing excited.

"Don't worry, let's talk about it after the field trip." He Jingdong smiled and looked at Su Jing's earnest manner. He knew that he should have received a big compensation on this order. Since he promised Su Jing, he would try his best, but he didn't intend to make any money out of it. After all, their two families are close and Su Jing was just like his brother.

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