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Around and on the first floor of the remote second floor, surrounded by police dogs and five extremely large dogs, the drug dealer and the hostage are in a room and Old Yao is negotiating with the drug dealers which seems to be progressing well, at least it temporarily stabilizing the impulsive dealer and the dangerous situation. At the same time, Su Jing has basically understood the situation through the golden eagle's visual aerial view.

“It seems that the drug dens have been found and the situation has been basically controlled. There is no need for the dogs to come out. I'd better not go down.” After Su Jing understood the situation, he decided not to fight. He left everything to the police.
However, Su Jing was still worried and he did not leave immediately and observed the situation quietly from a high alt.i.tude. If he listened carefully, he could barely hear some of Old Yao's negotiations with drug dealers and found that things were far from simple. The appeased drug dealers sometimes suddenly became irritable and the situation was very unstable. It is no wonder that the situation was like this as these drug dealers know that once they are caught, they will be punished severely. The crime of making and selling drugs is very serious, so they are not willing to get arrested even if they are faced with the threat of being killed. Moreover, they are drug users and their emotions are easily irritable. It is undoubtedly difficult for the Police to negotiate with them. After negotiating for nearly an hour, there was no progress and everything returned to its original point.

Su Jing also noticed that Shao Le and another sniper had been lying in the vicinity at the sniper spot, but unfortunately this group of drug dealers apparently also had a certain anti-reconnaissance and anti-sniper consciousness and they have closed the doors and windows tightly.

“Let's see what's going on inside.” Su Jing took out the Spirit Beast bag and released an insect flying champion—the dragonfly, and not an ordinary dragonfly, but the most exquisite insect in the dragonfly species—the Emperor Dragonfly, this is one of the animals that Su Jing had selected carefully.

Like a falcon, Emperor Dragonfly spends most of its time hovering over water or swamps in search of food. It looks fierce. Therefore, some people also call them “falcon-dragonflies”, and it has many advantages in reconnaissance.

The first advantage is, of course, the flying ability. The flying ability of the dragonfly is well known and the Emperor Dragonfly is a flight acrobat among dragonflies. Needless to say, its speed is very fast. They are able to spread their wings more than ten times over their bodies in a second and it almost looks like it is teleporting to the naked eyes, they can fly in any direction, front, back, right or left, sometimes they can fly like a jet plane, sometimes like a helicopter. Emperor Dragonfly's amazing aerial skills are accomplished by its complex body structure, and there is an axial structure at the connection between the wings and the body. In flight, it's body can rotate freely and each of its wings can rotate independently, it can fly with high precision like a fighter jet plane and it can hover in the air like a helicopter. It can do an eight-figure movement in the air to get the maximum lifting force during the downward and upward flapping. With these flying capabilities, people will only be able to shoot it if they are really really lucky.

The second advantage is its visual ability. Dragonflies are the insects with the most eyes in the world, with three monocular eyes. Their eyes are made up of 30,000 visual units called facets, each of which contains a lens and a series of light-sensitive cells. Their eyes are large and bulging, occupying most of its head. They have excellent vision. They can look up, down, forward, and back without turning their heads. In addition, their compound eyes can also measure speed. When the object moves in front of the compound eye, each “facets or small eye” produces a reaction in turn, which can be processed to determine the moving speed of the targeted object. This is one of the main reasons why they are so good at catching insects.

It can be said that doing investigation with an Emperor Dragonfly is really good and it is much better than the Invisible Lizard in many cases.

Su Jing released his spiritual force into the dragonfly's brain to achieve the same spiritual force tone with it and completely controls the dragonfly. Then he makes the Emperor Dragonfly carry a small finger-sized bag and flew down into the room. He saw five people in the room, four young people and a woman. One of them grabs the middle-aged woman's neck and uses a kitchen knife to reach the middle-aged woman's neck. This young man was Lin Xiaofei. The middle-aged woman's face was full of tears and she could not help but cry.

“d.a.m.n it, don't cry, it's getting on my nerves.” One of the young men came up and slapped the middle-aged woman in the face. Lin Xiaofei frowns slightly, but says nothing.

“What's the use of beating her? Think about how we're going to get out.” Said the young man, who sat on a chair with a bag in his left hand and a cigarette in his right.

“It's full of policemen outside. How can we escape? We're dead.” The young man squatting peeking out the window was crying in panic.

“f.u.c.k, don't talk to these cops. They are stalling us. The more they talk, the worse it is for us. If we don't give them a reminder, they will think that we are nothing. Xiaofei, chop of your mother's two fingers.” The smoking guy suddenly stood up.

“This …” Lin Xiaofei hesitated.

“Why are you hesitating, if we get caught, we don't know how long we will be in jail but we will definitely waste a lot of our youth in it.” The smoking guy said.

“I'll hold her, you do it.” Lin Xiaofei showed viciousness.

“Xiaofei don't, I'm your mother.” The middle-aged woman's face was pale and she began to cry. She was frightened and sad. She was afraid and she would have never thought that she could bear such a beast that is willing to chop down her mother's fingers. However, Lin Xiaofei doesn't care about her cry at all. Several people put her hand on the table, and the young man who was smoking threw away the cigarette and took the kitchen knife and prepared to chop off her fingers.

“Savages.” Su Jing couldn't stand it. He controlled the Emperor Dragonfly which was carrying a finger-sized bag and flew over several people, and then tore the bag apart, dropping a few black ants with great precision on them with two ants on three-person. Among them were Lin Xiaofei with a knife and two young men who were smoking. Trained by Su Jing, the ants were incredibly ferocious and they launched stingers immediately after falling. The next moment, there were four screams and two kitchen knives fell to the ground.

Common ants are not terrible, but these are the bullet ants. It is one of the largest ant species in the world. These one-inch-long insects are named after their stingers, and the pain caused by them is like being shot by a bullet.

“If you let bullet ant bite you, you will not die, but you will never forget it.” People who have been bitten by bullet ant describe it as the most painful bite. In the Schmidt bite pain index, bullet ant is described as “a wave of burning, twitching and non-forgetting pain that can last for 24 hours without weakening.” Like their ancestors, bullet ant bites are the most painful of all insects. If someone is bitten, then they must endure severe pain for 24 hours.

Hearing the screams, w.a.n.g Xiao, Zhao Ming, and the long-legged policewoman and other people faces changed. They smashed through the door and rushed in, but when they saw the situation inside, they couldn't help but stunned. (To be continued ~ ^ ~)

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