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Chapter 237

A’s.h.i.+yi explained his thoughts one by one that although Su Jing could understand him, his IQ was limited after all, and his speaking order was not very clear . Su Jing could only roughly understand it . He was beaten and anesthetized . After waking up, he went to a strange room . Some people surrounded him and gave him an injection and drew his blood . After several days, he finally found an opportunity to take advantage of an opportunity where those people thought that he was completely anesthetized, he secretly got out of bed and released many other dogs inside, which caused great confusion and took the opportunity to escape .

“Those people really caught A’s.h.i.+yi to do the experiment . ” Su Jing said with a calm face .

“I still have a friend there, the situation was confusing and I didn’t have time to save it . ” A’s.h.i.+yi cried .

“What friend?” Su Jing asked, A’s.h.i.+yi was caught in the lab and actually made friends?

“It’s called Little Hei, He lived in this yard for a while . ”

“I see” Su Jing nodded . The Stray Cats and Dogs sent from perfect Pet Paradise were raised by Su Jing and he used Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet . It was the same batch of dogs who fought with Su Jing many times and he didn’t sell any of them except one to Qin Xulan .   But then, instead of using Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet, he just raised them and sent them back to be sold, he didn’t use the Ten Thousand Beast Tablet so he won’t get too attached to the pets . He thinks that Little Hei, who he didn’t remember, was one of them .

“Do you remember how to go back to that place?” Su Jing asked .


“I Remember,” A’s.h.i.+yi called .

“Well, after twelve o’clock, take me there . I will avenge you and save your friend by the way . ” Su Jing’s words made A’s.h.i.+yi excitedly cry . In fact, without A’s.h.i.+yi’s words, Su Jing would not do this and would have remained indifferent .

After waiting for more than an hour, it was twelve o’clock . Su Jing puts the Golden Eagle out of the spirit beast bag . The Golden Eagle will go out during the day and sleep in the spirit beast bag at night . Of course, Su Jing will carry it in the spirit beast bag when necessary . Su Jing puts A’s.h.i.+yi into the spirit beast bag and jumps to the back of Golden Eagle . Golden Eagle soared three thousand meters high in the sky . In such a night, no one could see it at all .

Downtown, in a luxury villa, a square face middle-aged man in a nightgown is browsing a large stack of data, which is all about ball python reproduction and genetic variation . In the photo, a very beautiful and flexible ball python was named “ball python No . 1” .

This square face middle-aged man, who spent 800,000 yuan to buy Su Jing’s little ball python at the pet auction, was rated as a man of some arrogance by Tang Hao . Tang Hao said at that time that this man paid a high price for this ball python, not for the appreciation of its beauty, but for breeding and as it can be seen from these materials . I’m afraid Tang Hao is right .

“Why can’t this ball python breed on my hands?” The Square face middle-aged man frowned, still remembering clearly what his lab nurturing experts had said . “This ball python is the most perfect variation that I have ever seen . I’m not only talking about the taste, but also the gene . In the general variation of ball python, All of them have gene defects, such as spider ball python, which is often called by climbing friends, which has head spiral obstacle and it manifested as head tremor which prevents head neck spiral movement and inaccurate predation and positioning; for example, caramel white ball python, which has defects of bone kink; for example, white gold and b.u.t.ter, which has defects of eye protrusion or no eyes . However, the mutation ball python, not only does not have any genetic defects, its genes are far superior to the ordinary ball python, it is a miracle . “

“Normally, if the mutation is a dominant gene, then you can get the mutation individual by breeding with an ordinary ball python . If it’s an invisible gene, then it’s likely that the offspring will be all ordinary ball python when it’s propagated with an ordinary ball python . However, if these offspring reproduce again, there will be a quarter of the probability that the mutation will reappear . But this ball python is different, no matter how you try, you can’t produce a second one . It’s quite strange . “

The Square face middle-aged man knows that the experts in his laboratory are of a high level . He thought that it would be easy to breed a batch of a ball python, but none of them could .

“I heard that later Perfect Pet Paradise sold this kind of ball python . Although the number was not large, it should be able to breed . How did Su Jing do it?” The Square face middle-aged man said while taking out another stack of materials out of the drawer . If Su Jing saw these materials, he would be surprised as they were all his information, including his pet sales, fish sales, aphrodisiac sales and other information, which were extremely detailed .

At this time, a middle-aged woman dressed as a secretary walked in quickly and looked nervous .

“What’s wrong?” The square face middle-aged man asked .

“Divine Dog one escaped . ” The female secretary lowered her head while she said this .

“What? What a bunch of idiots . They can’t work on anything . They can’t even prevent a dog from escaping . ” The Square face middle-aged man frowned and said, “When did it escape? How did it got away? “

“At about four o’clock in the afternoon, according to their report, Divine dog one was injected with anesthetics, which should have been in a coma for more than half an hour . Unexpectedly, he woke up in about ten minutes, secretly opened the door, quietly released a lot of dogs, and then led dog, as if organized, to start a riot . Finally, he led a group of dogs, and took the chance to escape . ”

“Then why tell me now?”

“I just received the news . They didn’t dare to report directly . They worried that they wouldn’t be able to stay at this job . They went out to look for it in the first time . They also drove on the way back to Qin Xulan’s house . Until now, they found some clues . Now Basically, the dogs escaped from the city and entered a forest in the suburbs . It was not certain whether the Divine Dog was in it . ”

“Send A’Jun to search immediately, be sure to bring all the dogs back . None of them can be missed, especially the divine dog one . ”

“Yes, I have sent A’Jun to search . ” With that, the Secretary faltered for a moment and then stopped .

“What else?” The square face middle-aged man looked up and swept his gaze towards the female secretary .

“I don’t know if I should say something . ” Said the secretary .

“To be frank, you’ll learn to be vague at any time . ”

“I just found some information . Not long ago, Lu Xiongtao, the boss of an R&D company, tried to encroach on Su Jing’s industry under the command of Song Junhao . As a result, within a few days, the company closed down and people were in prison . After the incident, Song Junhao stayed out as if he had never been involved . “

“Don’t compare me with those little characters who are full of tricks . Song Junhao came to me to make use of me, but I’m also making use of him, we are just making use of each other . Even if one person receives half of the profit, the profit from Su Jing will be enough for both of us . I work with the Song family . Even if it’s the w.a.n.g family in the capital, it can’t take us for granted . What’s more, we haven’t directly touched Su Jing . “

“I also found some inaccurate information . The main reason why Lu Xiongtao was bought down may not come from the w.a.n.g Family . ”

“Not w.a.n.g Family three, who else?” The Square face middle-aged man raised his eyebrows . At that time, the collapse of Nan’ao R & D company shocked the industry . Although it was not a big company, it collapsed like an ant in three or two days . Few people could do it . This thundering method made many companies fear it .

“I don’t know, I only found out that w.a.n.g Family’s Third Young Master was preparing to use some of his relations.h.i.+ps, but then suddenly changed his mind and directly contacted the police and the Trade and Industry Bureau . Obviously, he suddenly got strong evidence . It seems that there are still people who are secretly helping . him” The secretary speculated .

“It’s just your speculation . Don’t be suspicious . Su Jing is the treasure mountain . I’ll dig it . If there’s nothing wrong, you can go down . Let me know the news from A’Jun as soon as possible . “

“Yes . ” Although the female secretary was worried, she did not dare to say anything more and immediately retired . (to be continued ~^~)

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