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Tang Xia picked up her ears.

"If you beg me, I will help you."

"It's too degrading. The love I beg for will not last long." Tang Xia refused.

"Last long?" Chu Tiankuo showed out a piece of irony in his eyes. "The two words are too ridiculous."

He regained his coldness and arrogance.

"Don't worry. Whether it lasts long or not, I have no interest in you. Washboard is always a washboard."

Chu Tiankuo walked away, leaving Tang Xia alone holding her teeth tightly.

Chu Tiankuo, you were a frustrating elfin!

Chu Tiankuo opened a bottle of wine, pouring the wine into a delicate goblet. He stood by the windowsill, looking down the night scene of the whole city like a king.

Bright neo lights lit up the whole night sky, as fascinated as a dream. Chu Tiankuo took a deep sip and a drop of wine slipped out of his mouth. He looked over the lamps and candles of myriad families, broken star lights s.h.i.+ning in his eyes.


The bathroom door behind Chu Tiankuo opened. Tang Xia stepped out primly, wearing a large white s.h.i.+rt. The lenient hem of the s.h.i.+rt just covered her bottom, revealing her 30-inch long legs. This scene was really tempting.

Chu Tiankuo turned his head and looked at Tang Xia with darkness in his eyes.

"Ah, I, eh... the water lap in my room was broken, so I have to use yours. I'm sorry." Tang Xia explained haltingly, and an embarra.s.sing expression showed up on her face. "And this s.h.i.+rt, I, I forgot to get my cloth, so I borrow yours."

Looking at Tang Xia's disappointing appearance, travelers started to make comments on the bullet screen again...

[Visitor] Love Story: My anchor, can you behave more natural? Tempting a man needs to be self-confident!

[Visitor] Kaneko Miho: Yeah, anchor, you see we try our best to find you a good idea. If you screw it out again, it's unconscionable.

[Visitor] Little Glutinous Rice: Anchor, fighting, fighting!

[Visitor] Mr. Wenren: Wow, charming legs, charming legs... I am bleeding to death.

[Visitor] Mad Zhang: The upstair comments are really frantic! I will report to the platform. (Goodbye with the manual operation)

Since the broadcasting time had pa.s.sed a half and there was no more progress, audiences in the broadcast room were all worried. They came up with a strategy to seduce Chu Tiankuo, while Tang Xia was the one to carry it out.

She found a broken reason to get into Chu Tiankuo's bathroom and seized a chance to put on his s.h.i.+rt. Now, her face was burning like a cloud on fire.

What a shame!

Chu Tiankuo looked at her for a while, wearing a slight smile. "Already could not wait and start to take action?"

He stepped towards Tang Xia.

"Color is rising on your face." Chu Tiankuo incredibly lifted Tang Xia's chin with his finger, checking her face carefully. A warm sense of touch spread from his finger.

"However, my foot-was.h.i.+ng maid," Chu Tiankuo said as he loosened his hand. "Even if you wear nothing in front of me, you are still a washboard in my eyes. Give it up, I have no interest in you."

Under his continuous irony, Tang Xia broke out finally. She straightened her back and shouted angrily, "You are an arrogant and vicious man. What's the problem with your eyes? What is to be called a washboard? My breast is 32 C! Do you know what is 32 C?"

"Ah," Chu Tiankuo said with irony on his face, "despite that your figure is horrible to see, I'd like to take you to a playful place for your hard working on brus.h.i.+ng toilets."

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