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Hearing Lyuyou's words, Tang Xia was shocked in her mind. If this soup was sent by Chu Tiankuo deliberately, why did he treat her like this...

Thinking of this, Tang Xia's heart turned cold. She lowered her head and could not help laughing. If she was right, their affection might reach the ending.

Looking at Tang Xia's sadness, Lyuyou also felt upset. She walked behind her and persuaded her at a low voice. "Your Grace, don't think too much. What if the emperor makes something wrong?"

Tang Xia pursed her lips and looked at herself in the mirror. She asked, "Do you think he really could make such a mistake?"

Lyuyou opened her mouth but did not know what she should say. As Tang Xia said, Chu Tiankuo could never make such a mistake.

After a long while, Tang Xia suddenly stood up and said in a cold voice, "If the emperor comes over here, you could tell him I'm not feeling good and ask him to go somewhere else."

Hearing this, Lyuyou planned to persuade her not to be mad at the emperor, but she heard Tang Xia's laughter. She said, "However, if he treats me like that, he probably will not come."

As she said, she went straight to her palace and said nothing.

Lyuyou stood behind her. Looking at Tang Xia's back, Lyuyou felt she was much peakier than before.

She could not help blaming herself in her mind. If she did not say those words, Tang Xia would not be so upset like this.

Lyuyou also thought the emperor would not come here after that issue.

However, what she had not expected was that the emperor came here suddenly after two hours.

"Your Majesty." Lyuyou made a bow to the emperor with dignity.

Chu Tiankuo naturally saw her change, but he had no time to explain to a maid. After a look, he asked, "Where is Tang Xia?"

Lyuyou showed out a piece of unnaturalness and anger, but she still answered at a low voice, "Your Majesty, the Lady said she was not feeling good and got to sleep first. She also said if you came here, please go for another palace."

Chu Tiankuo did not understand Lyuyou's tone, but asked, "What did you say? She still doesn't feel good?"

When he finished, Chu Tiankuo planned to step inside. However, Lyuyou had already made Tang Xia unhappy, so she could not disobey Tang Xia's order.

Although she was afraid, Lyuyou still stood in front of Chu Tiankuo and said, "Your Majesty, my Lady said she felt uncomfortable, so please move to another palace."

For this time, Chu Tiankuo finally realized Lyuyou's tone. He stood in the same place and looked at her with a sneer. He said, "What? Now even a maid dares to shout at me?"

Chu Tiankuo's tone became more and more gloomy, which scared Lyuyou to be pale. However, she still firmly stood in front of Chu Tiankuo and said, "I dare not shout at you, Your Majesty. But I serve for my Lady, so I naturally need to follow her orders."

Chu Tiankuo said nothing but stood in the same place, looking at Lyuyou coldly. n.o.body knew how long it took.

Chu Tiankuo sneered and turned around, saying, "Go back to my palace."

Then, he left with his servants.

Lyuyou did not take a deep breath until Chu Tiankuo disappeared in Lyuyou's eyes. Now, her face turned paler. n.o.body knew how difficult for her to look at the emperor directly.

She wiped the cold sweat on her forehead, and then went back to the palace.

What Lyuyou did not know was that someone hiding in the darkness quietly left after she stepped into the palace.

"You mean Tang Xia drove the emperor out?" Lengmei looked at the person in front of her and asked.

"Yes, the emperor did not enter Tang Xia's palace," one stood in front of Lengmei and said with her head lowering down.

If you looked carefully, you would find that this person was the one who just left Tang Xia's palace.

Lengmei paused for a moment, and then suddenly stood up, saying, "Let's go. I am going to the Imperial Study."

In the Imperial Study.

Chu Tiankuo did not go anywhere else after coming back from Tang Xia's palace, but went back to Imperial Study to review the memorials. However, Tang Xia's shadow had always been hanging over his mind.

Right at this moment, a person suddenly came to report, "Your Majesty, Lady Lengmei had come."

Hearing this, Chu Tiankuo frowned and said, "Why did she come here?"

Even so, Chu Tiankuo still let her in.

Lengmei wore a bright yellow dress, setting her to look prettier.

She stepped to Chu Tiankuo and made a bow with a smile. She said at a low voice, "Greetings, Your Majesty."

"Hmm..." Chu Tiankuo had been looking down at the memorials and just slightly answered her. He did not raise his head to look at her.

Lengmei bit her lips and felt annoyed for Chu Tiankuo's indifferent att.i.tude.

However, she still pretended to be very weak and said, "Your Majesty, I did not feel good recently and I don't know why"

Upon hearing this, Chu Tiankuo finally raised his head and looked at her still without expression.

Then he lowered his head and continued to review the memorials. Then, he said casually, "If you are not feeling good, you should not go anywhere, but stay at your palace to take a rest."

"Your Majesty, so tonight..." Lengmei stroke while the iron was hot.

However, for this time, Chu Tiankuo just looked down at his memorials and said nothing.

Lengmei did not care about this, because her purpose had been reached. She made a bow and said, "I don't want to bother you anymore, Your Majesty. I ask for leave."

Chu Tiankuo did not raise his head and permitted her to leave.

Lengmei turned around and left with a happy expression on her face.

"Your Grace, what about now..." Lengmei's maid beside her asked.

Lengmei looked at the sky that was still dark and smiled proudly. She said, "Let's go. I'm going to visit our queen."

The maid beside her naturally knew what she meant and said with a smile, "Yes, Your Grace."

When Lengmei and her maids reached Tang Xia's palace, the latter had already slept, only Lyuyou still guarding in the yard.

Seeing Lengmei coming in, Lyuyou licked her mouth and reluctantly made a bow to her. "Greetings, Your Grace."

"Get up. Where is my sister? I come to visit her," Lengmei said and looked inside.

"Your Grace," Lyuyou obstructed Lengmei's view and said, "the queen has already slept. Please come back to your palace."

However, since Lengmei did not reach her purpose, how could she leave?

Then she shouted at a loud voice, "It doesn't reach to the night. How could our queen sleep so early? Are you hateful for me, my sister? Are you saying this because you don't want to see me?"

Lyuyou had not expected that Lengmei would suddenly raise her voice and tried to stop her immediately. "Your Grace, our queen has already slept indeed. If you want to visit her, you can come tomorrow."

Lying on the bed, Tang Xia naturally heard the noise outside. She frowned. She could not have a rest with such a loud noise outside.

Finally, Tang Xia got up and heard Lengmei's voice outside. She could not help sneering and shouted, "Lyuyou, since she comes to visit me, let her in."

Hearing Tang Xia's voice, Lyuyou who was still trying to stop Lengmei frowned, but had to let her in.

However, Lengmei looked at Lyuyou arrogantly and walked inside.

Looking at Tang Xia who was still lying on the bed and seemed to be very weak, Lengmei could not help laughing in her mind. However, she still pretended to be careful for her and said, "Sister, your body condition becomes worse and worse. You have to have a good rest."

Tang Xia sneered and said, "Thank you so much for your care, my sister. I know clearly about my body."

Lengmei did not care about Tang Xia's tone and just said, "Ah, I don't feel good these days. I just visited our emperor and he asked me to have a good rest. He still prepared me some more soup."

Hearing this, Tang Xia's hands in the quilt tightened and said with a smile, "You also should take care of your body, my sister. Since you have visited me and seen my condition, you can go back now."

Since Lengmei had reached her purpose for this time, she had no reason to stay. Then, she stood up and said, "Since it's so, I'd like to go. You should have a good rest, my sister."

As she said, Lengmei turned around and left.

After Lengmei left, all her words left in Tang Xia's mind and she felt even more upset.

Then she could not help opening the bullet screen and found everyone was saying, "The supporting actress Lengmei is just out of her mind. You don't have to care about her words."

"Don't be upset, Tang Xia. The emperor still loves you."

"Take it easy. The hero is always out of routine. He must love you most in the end."

Seeing the words of netizens, Tang Xia's mood got better. She took a deep breath and decided not to care about Lengmei's words.

Later, she remembered Chu Tiankuo's goodness to her. For a long time, he had always been very good to her.

Thinking of this, Tang Xia felt better and even her body was not that uncomfortable.

Since it was so, it meant that Chu Tiankuo still had some favor to her.


Thinking of this, she suddenly stood up from the bed and said to Anran beside her, "Anran, I have decided. I will try my best to conquer the emperor."

Anran who was standing beside her was shocked for Tang Xia's sudden ambitious words. She looked at her and asked, "You mean..."

"Ah, n.o.body knew the ending. Who knows Chu Tiankuo's lover would be." Tang Xia smiled with pride.

Therefore, you are not angry with the emperor, Your Grace?" Anran asked with a smile.

Tang Xia turned back and looked at her. She asked, "Why should I be angry with him? It could not let me eat more. Since it's so, I'd better find ways to conquer him."

Hearing Tang Xia's words, Anran was even happier. She looked at Tang Xia and asked, "What are you preparing to do, Your Grace?"

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