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Tang Xia frowned her eyebrows and looked at Yi Jiazi calmly, "What do you want me for?" Then she fixed her eyes on Yi Jiazi's eyes, "Where is Chu Tiankuo?"

Yi Jiazi closed her lips and wore a trace of scorn in her eyes, "You are so worried about Guard Chu, sister."

Tang Xia froze for a moment, "Are you fooling me?"

"I dare not to fool you, sister. It's just the incorrectly relayed rumors from those slaves." Yi Jiazi said with shrewdness flickering in her eyes and the golden hairpin into her hair s.h.i.+ning in the dark.

"Yi Jiazi, I have no interest in playing your game. If you are making trouble for me, I advise you to stop." Tang Xia said squinting down at Yi Jiazi. Like ink spilling into the horizon, the color of the night darkened as the slight floral fragrance of lotus lingered in the air.

"You must be joking, sister." Yi Jiazi frowned her eyebrows slightly, then wore an indistinct smile on her mouth, "You are so carefree now. I just wonder if you can stay calm as well after murdering someone, Sister Yue Ji."

Yi Jiazi's smile was so strange that Tang Xia raised her eyebrows quite high.

"What is wrong with you?"

Tang Xia fixed her peach blossom eyes on Yi Jiazi with lights flickering in her eyes as her long dress swayed with the wind which highlighted her dominance.

"What is wrong with me? Hm." Yi Jiazi sneered with her eyes full of gloominess, "Yue Ji, do not try to have the last word. You have hurt me like this, how shameless you are to mount the high horse in front of me now."

Yi Jiazi unfolded her facade totally in front of Tang Xia as if her hatred was ignited and Tang Xia froze at the sight of the coldness in Yi Jiazi's eyes.

"When did I hurt you? It was you who went for the wool and came home shorn. How shameless you are to blame it on me."

Tang Xia wore a trace of anger in her eyes, not knowing what Yi Jiazi was going to do, "If you called me just to listen to your complaints, I have no time for that."

Tang Xia frowned her eyebrows in disgust as her long dress swayed with the wind. As she was sure that Chu Tiankuo was not here, there was no need for her to stay.

As a hint of darkness flickered in Yi Jiazi's gloomy eyes, she wore a strange smile on her mouth then raised her voice suddenly.

"Sister Yue Ji, why bother embarra.s.sing me?"

Yi Jiazi yelled then flipped over unexpectedly as her purple sleeves trembled like the wings of a b.u.t.terfly in the darkness leaving only silence.

As Yi Jiazi plopped into the pond, Tang Xia's nose was full of the floral fragrance of a lotus in bloom.

Tang Xia wore a heavy appearance and fixed her eyes on Yi Jiazi's fair arm above the water then said, "Rescue her."

Xiao Yuzi wore a reluctant appearance, making Tang Xia raise her eyebrows, "Hurry!"

Xiao Yuzi in front s.h.i.+vered then knelt on the ground, spreading his dark-colored eunuch uniform, "I'm sorry that I cannot obey your command. As Yi Jiazi is in danger, I have to risk my life to rescue her."

As he finished her sentence, Xiao Yuzi also plopped into the pond making a splash that wet Tang Xia's sleeves embroidered with decorative patterns and leaving Tang Xia pondering in her peach blossom eyes.

"What does he mean?" Tangxia thought.

"What happened? Did Yi Jiazi fall into the water?" A familiar voice came from behind, making Tang Xia quiver in her heart then Tang Xia turned around immediately and bowed to Helian Jue, "I pay my respects to you, Your Majesty."

Helian Jue hid his handsome face in the dim light, showing neither his happiness nor anger, then raised his eyebrows high. Tang Xia said comforting him, "Xiao Yuzi has jumped into the water to rescue her and the water of the lotus pond was not deep. You need not worry too much, Your Majesty."

As Tang Xia finished her sentence, Xiao Yuzi held the wet Yi Jiazi out of the water. Yi Jiazi still wore an indistinct smile on her mouth for Tang Xia, like a deadly thorn flower unfolding in the dark, which looked strangely enchanting.

Xiao Yuzi felt Yi Jiazi's breath quickly then wore a pale face and s.h.i.+vered to kneel on the ground, "Your... Your Majesty, Yi Jiazi is dead!"

Helian Jue frowned his eyebrows as the blue veins on his forehead protruded out, "I just saw her fall into the water. How could she possibly die as she was rescued soon after?"

Hearing Helian Jue's words, Xiao Yuzi kowtowed to the ground hard, "Your Majesty, Yi Jiazi truly has no breath anymore. You can call for the imperial physician to diagnose again. I dare not play around to you with her death, Your Majesty!"

Helian Jue said in a cold voice, "Summon the imperial physician."

The imperial physician hurried to carry Yi Jiazi to Shangshufang then raised his eyebrows high after feeling her pulse, "I'm sorry for your loss, Your Majesty. Yi Jiazi has pa.s.sed away."


Helian Jue shouted angrily, making everyone present kneel on the ground together.

"I just saw her fall into the water. How could she possibly die as she was rescued by Xiao Yuzi soon after!"

The imperial physician bent his body lower, "I dare not deceive you, Your Majesty. As a Southlander, Yi Jiazi is not good at swimming, and it is too cold at night in spite of the fact that the lotus pond is not deep. Additionally, as Yi Jiazi was frightened, the damage she got became worse. If Yi Jiazi could have been rescued earlier by a little bit, she would not be dead now."

Xiao Yuzi sobbed depressingly, irritating Helian Jue, "What are you crying for?"

"It was me who did not do well... I should have jumped into the water to rescue her without hesitation. I deserve to die, I deserve to die!"

Helian Jue felt his heart contract for a moment, "Why didn't you go and rescue her immediately? How dare you set aside your master's life!"

Xiao Yuzi wept immediately then said in a tremulous voice, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... It was Yue Ji... It was she who commanded me not to rescue Yi Jiazi!"

Tang Xia could not stand it anymore, then said with anger in her eyes, "Bulls.h.i.+t! When did I command you not to rescue her!"

Xiao Yuzi lowered his head then kowtowed immediately, "How could you not admit that, Your Grace... You commanded me not to rescue her and I hesitated then... Or Yi Jiazi would not have drowned to death..."

Tang Xia opened her lips as Helian Jue noticed Shun Decai standing aside, wearing a hesitant appearance, then asked, "What do you want to say!"

Shun Decai lowered his body with a shocked appearance, "I... I seemed to hear that Xiao Yuzi saying something like 'I cannot obey your command' and 'I have to rescue her'..."

As Shun Decai spoke, Helian Jue's face darkened gradually, and he started to look at Tang Xia with aversion.

"Yue Ji, explain to me why you commanded Xiao Yuzi not to rescue Yi Jiazi and why you asked Yi Jiazi to the lotus pond at midnight!"

Knowing that the situation was unfavorable, Tang Xia knelt on the ground immediately then pressed her forehead against the ground, bowing to Helian Jue, "Your Majesty, it was Yi Jiazi who asked me out, and it was she who jumped into the water."

Helian Jue squinted his long and narrow eyes, "You mean that Yi Jiazi asked you to the lotus pond then jumped into the water herself? It is none of your business?"

Instantly he said in a cold voice, sneering, "Hm, Yue Ji. I thought you could at most lord over the imperial concubines. How dare you kill people in the imperial harem! I favored you so much before, not expecting that you would be so unappreciative! You dare to frame Yi Jiazi! What on earth is your purpose?"

As Helian Jue said his last words gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, Tang Xia frowned her eyebrows tightly, "What I said is true. You can investigate it thoroughly if you don't believe me, Your Majesty!"

Helian Jue flared out, with his blue veins on his forehead protruding out, "How should I investigate it thoroughly? After Yi Jiazi fell into the water, Xiao Yuzi said it was you who did not let him rescue her! Even Shun Decai could prove that! You are still lying to me now! If Yi Jiazi wanted to frame you, why bother losing her life! Yue Ji, you truly let me down!"

"You only believe what you see and hear, Your Majesty. Now that Yi Jiazi is dead, do you want to force me to die, too?"

Helian Jue said in a chilly voice with coldness in his eyes, "Are you threatening me?"

"I did not mean that." Tang Xia remained silent for a while, then turned around, "Xiao Yuzi, I did command you to rescue Yi Jiazi beside the lotus pond, why did you frame me? It was you who told me that Yi Jiazi asked me to the lotus pond, why won't you admit that?"

"Enough!" Helian Jue waved his sleeves in a pa.s.sion, "You are still lying in this situation! Take Yue Ji to Jiaofang hall. Without my permission, she is not allowed to go out and all the imperial concubines are forbidden to make contact with her!"

Shun Decai lowered his body, then took Tang Xia away quickly. Tang Xia knew exactly the present situation, leaving her sleeves swaying in the air.

News that Tang Xia was banished to the cold palace was spread around quickly among the imperial harem, Tang Xia was reading the messages on the bullet screen leisurely in Jiaofang hall.

[Fans] Mountain Snow: Don't be sad, anchor. Even if Helian Jue does not believe you, we believe you.

[Fans] Don't Care About Where Heroes Are From: Lol, I can't believe that you were framed, anchor. Yi Jiazi who was transformed became the best of the best so that she could lose her life to defeat you. I guess conquering you is her task. Lol

[Fans] Purple Years: Anchor, let me tell you a joke. Yi Jiazi's families are all Yijiazi (coat hanger)!

[Visitor] Alibaba: So cold... (sad face) Anchor was not chilled by Helian Jue's heartlessness, but froze from your cold joke.

[Fans] Purple Years: Oh right, anchor's appearance is truly frozen.

[Visitor] Alibaba: It is because of your low-speed network.

Tang Xia bent her eyes with a glimmer of a smile in her beautiful eyes.

After one day, Tang Xia relaxed leisurely, not worrying about eating or drinking in the Jiaofang hall. Then Anran held a delicate hamper and covered the gold table with pastries.

"It's time to eat, Your Grace."

Tang Xia rose then sat on the chair, "Why are they all pastries?"

"... His Majesty has banned us from going out and no one dares to deliver food materials to us. So I have to make some pastries for you with the previous materials. I hope you will enjoy them, Your Grace."

Tang Xia froze for a moment and understood what she meant immediately, then she waved her sleeves at the sight of Anran lowering her head, "It is not a big deal. We just cannot have a meal for the moment. I can take this opportunity to taste your cooking."

Tang Xia smiled, hinting Anran to sit with her.

"As you have been framed this time, have you ever thought how you will deal with it, Your Grace?" Anran hesitated for a moment then said her worries.

Tang Xia got one bite of the delicate pastry then raised her eyebrows, "Do you believe me?"

Anran lowered her eyebrows. "As your slave girl, I surely believe you, Your Grace..."

After hesitating for a while, Anran closed her cherry lips then said, "Not only do I believe you, but also Lyuyou... believes you, Your Grace."

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