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"I cannot hear anything! Don't scare me!" Song Sisi put on a pale face immediately. Although Dabing and Fang Yan both looked a bit odd, they regained their calm quickly because they were boys who were bolder.

"What are you talking about? You must have misheard. Don't frighten us before the game starts."

Fang Yan comforted Song Sisi by patting her on the shoulder. At the sight of this, Tang Xia with a hint of sadness in her eyes did not expose them.

After Song Sisi noticed that Tang Xia in front of her was quite upset, she put on a bigger smile, which made her appear more elegant and charming.

"What a scheming girl!" Fans in the broadcast room went ballistic. Every time Tang Xia and Song Sisi had a confrontation directly or indirectly, those fans and anti-fans would have a big fight. However, all the people pointed their finger at Song Sisi this time.

"I'm impressed! Such a scheming woman will definitely condemn others to death in real life." One fan could not stand it anymore and posted a comment in the broadcast room.

It happened that Tang Xia could no longer stand the woman acting in front of her and checked the broadcast room. So she felt much happier after seeing those fantastic comments.

Although everyone relieved the tension with jokes, Tang Xia could still feel that Zhang Yaoyao beside her was in an unstable mood.

Tang Xia grabbed her hand and found that her hand was quite cold, as if she had experienced something rather terrifying.

"Zhang Yaoyao, are you all right? Why are your hands so cold?" After asking several times, Zhang Yaoyao did not respond. So Tang Xia had no choice but to call her by name, making Zhang Yaoyao raise her head.

"Tang Xia, could you please go back to the room with me so that I can have a good rest? I'm truly terrified. I did hear something. I don't know why you guys heard nothing."

Maybe Zhang Yaoyao did not want others to hear her words, so she spoke in a rather low voice. In the meantime, Song Sisi told a joke that made the other two people laugh out loud, which covered up Zhang Yaoyao's voice and provided them a perfect place for a private conversation.

Tang Xia held Zhang Yaoyao by the waist so tightly that Zhang Yaoyao could feel a sense of safety. Although Tang Xia was not sure whether her words were true or not, she tended to believe Zhang Yaoyao because her mental state was rather unstable.

"Are you sure that you want to go back to the room? Have you had enough?" Tang Xia did not care very much whether or not she herself got enough because she lost had her appet.i.te after seeing her boyfriend and his first love having intimate interactions in front of her.

"I do want to go back to the room because I can't stand it anymore." It sounded like Zhang Yaoyao was about to break into tears. But even so, she spoke in a rather low voice.

Meanwhile, Song Sisi, who kept on talking to the other two people, turned to take a glance at them. Although Tang Xia noticed that, she decided to ignore her. Then she apologized to everyone present and took Zhang Yaoyao away.

"Creak!" Although the door of the villa was made of sandalwood, the sound it made was a bit creepy because no one had lived here for a long time.

"Yaoyao, your face looks pale, are you all right?" Tang Xia hesitated, wondering if she should take Zhang Yaoyao to the hospital, but she gave up this idea quickly.

As the main battlefield of this broadcasting s.p.a.ce was this villa, she was likely to miss the key points if she left here rashly.

Besides, her fans were in the broadcast room. The reasons she had come here were for the game and for her reputation, which meant that saving people was not her main purpose.

"Oh, no, this is not a human being. Zhang Yaoyao in front of me might be just a kind of data."

"That's all right. I'll be fine after a good rest. I am probably just too nervous."

Obviously, Zhang Yaoyao was being perfunctory. But it seemed that she did not want to explain it to Tang Xia and she kept on rummaging through her handbag with a pale face.

"What are you looking for? Is there anything I can help you with?" In fact, since she could find some other things during this period, it was the wrong decision for Tang Xia to go back to the room with Zhang Yaoyao.

But even so, Tang Xia felt pained to leave her alone in this room.

Maybe it was the warm air in this room that made Zhang Yaoyao feel safe, but her face was not that pale anymore and she finally found what she wanted from her handbag.

"Why are you taking a sleeping pill?" Tang Xia was a bit surprised to see that Zhang Yaoyao put a white tablet into her mouth and felt somewhat shocked after seeing the label on the bottle.

As Zhang Yaoyao's face grew rosy, she raised her head up and saw Tang Xia's startled look, which made her put on a somewhat embarra.s.sing smile.

"I hope you don't mind. To be honest with you, I have neurasthenia, so I can't fall asleep when I'm afraid. I will definitely be scared to death if I am alone in this room."

According to Zhang Yaoyao's personality, her words were credible. But honestly, cowardice is a disease that must be cured.

Tang Xia remained silent for a while as she did not know what to say. Besides, she thought that it was time for the medicine to come into play, so it might be alright to leave Zhang Yaoyao alone in this room.

"I am leaving now. Call me if you need anything." After tucking Zhang Yaoyao in bed, Tang Xia turned to leave the room. When she took a glance at the weak girl, her eyes were quite ambiguous.

Tang Xia might not have known that more people favored her because of this series of acts because they regarded her as a kind girl. But there were also people who thought that she was just putting on a show to hype herself.

After she checked the broadcast room again, Tang Xia became a bit speechless. What's more, the man she had been looking forward to seeing did not show up, which made her somewhat upset.

When she arrived back in the hall, the others had finished their meal and the housekeeper, who was putting away dishes, asked Tang Xia if she needed him to cook another meal for her.

Tang Xia, who had not had enough, patted her belly and felt not very hungry. So she politely declined his request.

In the meantime, Dabing was sitting on the sofa casually, watching TV in the living room of the villa. But it seemed that the connection was so bad in such a remote place that snow showed up from time to time on the screen. However, Dabing just fixed his dull eyes on the TV.

"The settings of this game are quite abnormal."

Tang Xia whispered in her mind and chose to go out.

"Sisi, I still love you as much as I did in high school. Can you be my girlfriend again?"

There was a sculpture-like pool that was as grand as the Roman Sanctuary. What's more, a fountain was contained in this pool. As it was now the time set by the system, the fountain sprayed as gorgeous as a sakura blossom.

The moment Tang Xia walked beside the pool, she heard a familiar voice. What's more, there was another voice that seemed to be familiar to her as well.

"How can it be possible? Don't you already have a girlfriend? Why do you come looking for me?" The former voice that was soulful belonged to Fang Yan, while the other voice that was irritating belonged to Song Sisi.

"What the h.e.l.l? Did I burst into a melodrama?"

Tang Xia sighed with emotion because she was so "lucky" to know everything that she should see or not. However, she did not feel much about it since it was just a part of the story.

So she felt nothing at all at the moment. But she had to put a sad look on her face in accordance with the story.

"Look, what a melodrama! It is a typical story of the mistress replacing the wife!"

"Tang Xia may lose the game this time. But it is rather a melodramatic story. I sympathized with her for three seconds."

As a larger number of comments were posted in the broadcast room, people were either talking about the story or sympathizing with Tang Xia. Unexpectedly, no anti-fans were making trouble this time.

Tang Xia did not know what she could say because she thought it was not possible for Fang Yan to win Song Sisi's heart again. If he could not make Song Sisi his girlfriend in the age of innocence when they were in high school, it would be harder for him to do so in such a materialistic age.

While Tang Xia hesitated, wondering if she should expose their amour at the moment, she found that she had been out too long. So it would be better if she showed up to stop the highlight of this story between Fang Yan and Song Sisi.

But apparently, it was not appropriate for her to show up in this way. So she decided to go back to the room first.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yaoyao had not fallen asleep. But she seemed to be rather quiet as if she was thinking about something. Tang Xia did not intend to interrupt her thinking and opened the window, from which she could see clearly Fang Yan and Song Sisi.

"Song Sisi is about to come back. Maybe it is time for us to get ready for sleep."

While Tang Xia fixed her eyes on their behavior, she could not hear what they were talking about because they were too far away from her. But she could speculate on how things went according to their facial expressions.

At this moment, Fang Yan regarded his confession quite successful and it seemed that Song Sisi was moved by him. So he worked harder to arouse Song Sisi's feelings.

The moment he wanted to hold her hand to kiss her and show his inner feelings to his G.o.ddess, an abrupt female voice interrupted everything.

It was none other than his girlfriend—Tang Xia.

"Look, you've got a girlfriend." Song Sisi pretended to be unhappy by pouting and relaxed her hold hastily.

Tang Xia ran out of the room to go downstairs, which made her out of breath.

Fang Yan looked at Tang Xia with reproach and wanted to rebuke her. But Tang Xia got the drop on him and said, "Fang Yan, do you feel cold? Do you need me to bring you a coat? "

Not only did she play the role of an understanding wife and loving mother, but she also successfully disturbed their pleasure.

"I'm fine." Fang Yan uneasily held back his reproach. Then he changed the subject after pretending to look around casually and asked, "Where is Yaoyao?"

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