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July seemed very excited and kept on inciting Tang Xia, who was disgusted by that but felt embarra.s.sed to get mad at him. So she just bowed her head wearily.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you not happy?" July was obviously very puzzled.

In his opinion, it was an incredibly fine thing that Tang Xia could be a trending topic. With such hot views, the dream of popularity, salary, and the big break would come true soon.

What else? It was all about Ye Yifan! Tang Xia was so confused and she couldn't understand Ye Yifan thoroughly. She wondered whether Ye Yifan really liked her or he was just single and wanted a girlfriend to get together with.

If it was the latter, what should she do? She loved him with every beat of her heart! In order to get close to him, she started broadcasting from a nonent.i.ty.

She underwent so many sufferings and setbacks, then hacked her way through difficulties to meet him eventually.

Now the master was no longer a distant and unearthly star. She had the pleasure of touching him and being hugged by him. However, his value had not been diminished at all. Even though he had fallen from heaven, he still seemed to be a precious diamond.

He gave her ordinary self an accessible dream. But the dream was merciless. She still needed to fight and chase all the time. Maybe in this way, she had a 1-in-10,000 chance to have him.

Her nose twitched and her eyes become moist. Tang Xia felt very wronged. She was not a scheming b*tch or an affected person. She was just trying to pursue her dream and longing for love.

Why could no one understand her? And how could they do such harm to her?

And, Ye Yifan... How could he be with her at this moment, looking gently at her and giving her his tender arms? But the next moment, he would leave her because of a phone call from another woman?

Was that the master's tenderness was like? As long as a girl needed him, he could devote himself heroically? Was he really just a public idol, a dream beyond reach?

Tang Xia was unwilling to believe these thoughts because that was too cruel and he had always been her dream!

She had gone this far because of him. If it weren't for wanting to get closer to him, why would she choose to broadcast live and stick to such a situation of being attacked by everyone?

She was called a scheming b*tch, an affected person, and many other strong swearwords. If not for love, how could she suffer from these?

She stared at Ye Yifan's office door, imagining what he and Li Xianxian did inside. Would he hug Li Xianxian just like he had hugged her? And would he hold Li Xianxian's face gently just as he had done when he was comforting her?

Tang Xia felt that she was going crazy... But July was still nagging in her ears.

"Nowadays, it's great enough to hit the headlines once. Do you know how much money it will make this time? I'll tell you now that it's an opportunity! If you take advantage of it, you will have a thriving business and boundless prospects. Otherwise, your dream will be fleeting like a bubble!"

July talked so much that he wished he could take the place of Tang Xia to start a live broadcast. Then, with the chance, he could rise directly to a high position.

But when he stopped, he saw that Tang Xia was gawking and seemingly thinking about something. He was not sure if she had heard what he said.

July suddenly took in a bad breath and rolled his eyes while coughing.

"What's up? Are you okay?" Tang Xia came to her senses and immediately patted him on the back with a look of deep concern.

"Have you heard what I said?" July rolled his eyes in anger and felt completely exhausted both physically and mentally.

Well, it was awkward. Tang Xia blushed silently because she was just immersed in her own sorrow and had not been listening to him at all.

July could not catch his breath and fell back immediately, leaving Tang Xia alone in a great bustle and panic...

Finally, Tang Xia chose to put her personal feelings aside and broadcast. And this time, the broadcast room was unprecedentedly hot.

Don't You Know I'm a Spectator: "Yo-Yo, check it out. I'd like to see what kind of person our beautiful anchor is! I'm waiting..."

You Don't Understand My World: "I agree. I am a spectator, too. I'd like to see if our anchor is really an angelic b*tch."

Wind Without Trace: "You are talking sh*t! You are a f*cking angelic b*tch! Don't wrong Tangtang until you know the truth!!!"

Swordsman: "Yuck! Angelic b*tch! Angelic b*tch! Hmph, bite me!"

At the Sight of Injustice with a Roar: "Shut up!" "The live broadcast will begin soon. You can tell if the anchor is a b*tch then!"

The bright red letters floated across the screen, which really calmed them miraculously. Many ordinary netizens who were to "be attracted" by Tang Xia were waiting to see what kind of person she was.

Glancing dimly from the comments, Tang Xia bit her lip and waited for a while until the last second before the live broadcast, but she did not see Ye Yifan. She started broadcasting disappointedly. Putting away her sadness, Tang Xia entered the new environment.

This time, Tang Xia needed to enter the virtual world Close Your Eyes before the Night Comes.

As soon as she entered, she was almost pushed to the ground by a man before she hadn't had time to figure out what was going on.

She turned to look at the man blankly. It was her boyfriend in this story—Fang Yan.

"Hey, answer me. What do you think?" Fang Yan poked her again and muttered unhappily, "Why are you so stupid?"

Tang Xia was still sorting out the plot of this story in her mind, so she couldn't answer him immediately. In a trance, she asked, "What?"

Fang Yan was excited and said, "What about going to the suburbs for a summer vacation? Dabing's uncle has a spare villa in the suburbs. We will explore around there together. Are you going with us?"

Tang Xia was a little shocked. The story was about to be in full swing. It was really unexpected that she arrived at such a coincidental time. Looking at Fang Yan's expectant look, Tang Xia felt very weird.

However, in order to complete the task, she had no reason to violate the development of the plot.

"Yeah, I'll go if you're going." Tang Xia nodded vaguely while her mind started to wander independently again.

Ye Yifan hadn't entered the broadcast room yet... She didn't know what he was doing now. Thinking of Li Xianxian, Tang Xia was as anxious and painful as if her heart were stuffed with 10,000 pieces of honeycomb briquettes.

She was working now, but she just couldn't calm down.

Was it true that the master could only be the master? Couldn't Ye Yifan really belong to her? She had been seeking him and looking forward to being with him for so long. Would it really be a dead failure?

Tang Xia wanted to cry again because she wanted to push open the door that separated her from Ye Yifan and Li Xianxian into two worlds. She wanted to see what they were doing there. She was afraid that they would be doing something romantic and so intimate in that room when she was broadcasting live.

She was afraid that in just a few hours, the accessible master would fly away... Tang Xia was so angry that she wanted to cry because she had not been ready for the live broadcast and adjusted her mood yet.

What was worse, he didn't appear in her broadcast room. Upon realizing that, Tang Xia felt that she was going hopping mad and couldn't stay there anymore!

And seeing the fans' comments, Tang Xia's heart became briefly colder...

Not Hanging from the Southeast Branch: "Hey, no kidding! Is she the legendary beauty anchor? So-so, just so-so! Yuck! You all say that she looks like a fairy, so I thought she would be very beautiful!"

The King of Xiang Had No Dream: "I agree with you. She is just a little more beautiful than an ordinary one. It's true that people's clamor can melt metal and I was wrongly informed!"

Devil NPC: "And look at her performance in the live broadcast. What poor acting skilla! What about getting into the character in one second? And what about 'f*cking awesome'? What the f*ck! Does she really know how to act?"

Don't Swear My Tangtang: "!!! You are talking sh*t! Everything has a transitional process! Put up or shut up! Do you only dare to be a keyboard warrior but not dare to come out publicly? I'll kill you c*nt!"

Flowers in Fog: "Yes! Put up or shut up! Are you blind so you can't see Tangtang's fine acting?"

In brief, the comments suddenly went astray. They talked about Tang Xia's appearance, acting skills, communication, and all the other aspects they could possibly think of.

The devotees and anti-fans had a war of words. They called each other's 18 generations of ancestors. They quarreled bitterly... But fortunately, they were separated by screens. Otherwise, there would have been a gang war.

She didn't know if she was moved or sad. Although the networked world was virtual, she was being criticized by the public. She felt that her every detail seemed to be enlarged many times, and then it was judged by the public.

They were the judges, and she could do nothing. Tang Xia was so sad. It seemed that she had never been so sad, and for a moment, her original intention even wavered.

What on earth did she broadcast live for? And why did she love Ye Yifan?

She traveled in these hyper-real virtual worlds, having countless experiences of love and hate. Why was she doing that?

The conversations swarmed and covered the screen.

Fang Yan was still immersed in his own thoughts, then he clapped excitedly and said, "Well, we'll go."

Tang Xia nodded, but her heart suddenly jumped. That was because she thought of Chu Tiankuo... who was a system error in this broadcast room.

She could meet Chu Tiankuo and get involved with him in every live broadcast and every story. He could always give her countless touches and protect her well.

At this moment, in such a lonely situation, Tang Xia thought of Chu Tiankuo unexpectedly. She wondered if she could meet him this time. And what would happen?

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