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As soon as Tang Xia finished, Zhou Linlin cried in her heart.

As expected, her boyfriend no longer looked at her as firmly as before.

In front of her boyfriend, her gaffes had been exposed by Tang Xia directly. Zhou Linlin was so angry that her face turned green.

She wanted to rush over and tear out Tang Xia's troublesome mouth. However, if she stayed here, she was afraid her boyfriend would learn more.

She immediately pretended to be tender and poor and became tearful. "Don't believe her. They intend to separate us."

"She is my cousin. Since she despises my family, she has liked bullying me from an early age. And now that she's grown up, she keeps slandering my reputation."

After Zhou Linlin said that, the man's face indeed relaxed a lot.

Zhou Linlin breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Afraid of what Tang Xia would say to shake him, she cried and begged him, "Let's go! Just now you've injured him, and if we stay here and let them continue to slander me, I will be really too ashamed to face anyone."

The man looked at the many pa.s.sers-by, who had gathered around without them noticing. As he saw Zhou Linlin crying, he became softhearted. He nodded and agreed. "Well, I will take you out of here."

As soon as Zhou Linlin heard his words, she wanted to take him to leave quickly.

Tang Xia looked at their defeated backs and immediately shouted at them, "Zhou Linlin, your new beau hurt my husband. You haven't heard the last of this! I'll see you at the police station!"

She saw the back of Zhou Linlin, who was quickly fleeing stiffly, pulling the man to run faster.

Although the man had been coaxed away by Zhou Linlin, when he came to his senses, he would surely find an opportunity to go to her company to hear more about it.

Tang Xia felt very happy at the thought of the trouble Zhou Linlin would face.

She turned around and showed a sad face to Jiang Yuecheng. "Dear, are you okay? Don't be angry. Don't make yourself mad for such a woman. It's really not worth it."

Although Jiang Yuecheng's face was black and blue, his eyes were still burning with rage. "That b*tch Zhou Linlin, I must not let them get away with it so easily."

Tang Xia glanced at Jiang Yuecheng coldly, who was looking down and angry. He only now realized that he had been fooled by Zhou Linlin, but he couldn't beat that man. Now he should be ashamed to say that he would not let them off.

But she immediately hid the disdain in her eyes and held him up in a gentle way. "Of course, they did that to you. I won't let them go so easily. Let's go!"

Jiang Yuecheng heard her words and looked up at her with emotional eyes.

Unexpectedly, although he had always regarded his wife as air, after such a thing happened to him, she still stood firm on the same front as him.

Jiang Yuecheng nodded and limped to the intersection while relying on Tang Xia.

Tang Xia knew that her words had worked. Now she had to have a more important position in Jiang Yuecheng's heart.

She stopped a taxi and slammed Jiang Yuecheng into it. The car drove all the way to the police station.

Upon entering the police station, Tang Xia immediately reported the case to the police.

A policeman in uniform took them to a table and sat down, then picked up a pen and asked for a statement.

"What are you going to report?"

Jiang Yuecheng's eyes twinkled and he remained silent for a long time.

Tang Xia sitting next to him suddenly guessed what he was thinking. It seemed that he thought that his extramarital love affair with Zhou Linlin was illegal, so he began to hesitate.

This was the best time to make these two people lose their reputation directly. How could Tang Xia give up at this stage?

Since Jiang Yuecheng wouldn't say it, she had to.

"Sir, my husband was beaten up, and we want to sue the man who beat him."

The policeman nodded and asked while recording, "Who is the man that did that? What is his name? And where does he live?"

"We don't know the man's name, but the man's girlfriend is my husband's colleague, called Zhou Linlin." After Tang Xia said Zhou Linlin's name, Jiang Yuecheng began to get a little nervous.

Sure enough, the policeman then asked the key question. "Then what was the dispute between you?"

Jiang Yuecheng was so shocked that he clenched his fists and couldn't sit still. He turned his head to look at Tang Xia and wanted to say something.

But Tang Xia just looked steadily forward and didn't give him any chance. She quickly answered the policeman's question. "It was because of Zhou Linlin. She tempted my husband and then fell in love with that man.

"My husband wanted to get an explanation from Zhou Linlin but was beaten up by her boyfriend."

The policeman, who had had his head bowed to record the case, suddenly raised his head and looked at Jiang Yuecheng with undisguised contempt.

Jiang Yuecheng's face was already wounded, and under this gaze, his face became more colorful.

Tang Xia saw Jiang Yuecheng avert his eyes and try to avoid the gaze of the police. She sneered in her heart. "He had the courage to do that shameless thing. How can he feel ashamed now?"

The policeman looked at Jiang Yuecheng for a while, then looked down at the record on his desk. "Now let's sort out the case. Do you mean that your husband and Zhou Linlin had an extramarital affair?

"But because Zhou Linlin had another lover, your husband confronted her, and finally was injured by Zhou Linlin's boyfriend? And now you want to sue Zhou Linlin and her boyfriend. Am I right?"

Jiang Yuecheng heard the summary of the case from the policeman, but the more he listened, the worse his face became. Finally, his whole face was almost as black as a pan.

He had never been so humiliated before. It was all due to Zhou Linlin.

At the thought of this, his anger that had been suppressed once again sprang up.

Tang Xia looked at every change of his expression beside her and was very satisfied with his reaction.

"Yes, sir. I also took a lot of photos with my mobile phone, which can be used as evidence that they hurt my husband." When she finished, she took her mobile phone out from her bag and showed the photos to the policeman one by one.

The policeman said that the evidence was irrefutable, so he formally accepted the case, and gave them several forms to fill out. Then he and his colleagues immediately contacted Zhou Linlin.

Jiang Yuecheng held the list in his hands and looked at what he was asked to fill in. He was very depressed.

Tang Xia filled out the list in her hands and saw Jiang Yuecheng sitting there with a gloomy face. She handed him the pen in her hand. "Dear, I've already filled it out. Here's the pen."

But Jiang Yuecheng frowned at her and said angrily, "Tang Xia, you know that it's ign.o.ble to report to the police because of this kind of thing, so you'll deliberately have me become the laughingstock of others. Then you'll willfully watch me make a fool of myself, right?"

"I did want to watch you make fool of yourself, and isn't it because you have done such a disgusting thing?"

However, in order to complete the task successfully, Tang Xia did not say that, but said with a grieving face, "How could I do that? You are my husband. We are family."

Naturally, there was no reason for family to reject each other. Jiang Yuecheng understood what she meant.

But when he thought that he had rejected her, he couldn't help shutting up.

He took the pen in from Tang Xia and wrote a few scribbles on the list raggedly to express his indignation. Then he threw the pen away casually, stood up and limped to leave.

Tang Xia immediately caught up with him and ran into Zhou Linlin and her boyfriend coming in through the entrance.

Zhou Linlin and her boyfriend were stunned when they saw them, and then quickly lowered their heads in embarra.s.sment.

The policeman who accepted the case saw their expressions and understood the current situation. "Are you Zhou Linlin and Zhang Xian?"

Zhou Linlin nodded in fear. The man named Zhang Xian also lowered his previous haughty air and nodded respectfully.

"You come in with me!" The policeman spoke not only to Zhou Linlin and Zhang Xian, but also to Jiang Yuecheng and Tang Xia.

So they had to quietly follow him in.

The policeman showed them a piece of paper directly in front of them.

"Zhang Xian, you deliberately hurt another man, and the evidence is conclusive. But because of your voluntary surrender, you are detained for three days as punishment."

As soon as the policeman said that, two policemen behind him came over, handcuffed Zhang Xian, and took him away.

Zhou Linlin immediately cried, "Zhang Xian... Zhang Xian... It's all because of me that you are..."

"Well, please don't cry. I'll be out in three days." As soon as Zhang Xian's comforting words were finished, he was taken away by the police.

Jiang Yuecheng saw Zhou Linlin crying out for the other man in front of him. The feeling of betrayal in his heart burst out, making him gloomier.

When they got home, Jiang Yuecheng's mother saw that he was injured and she immediately began to cry and scream.

Jiang Yuecheng suffered so much humiliation outside all day. When he heard his mother crying and screaming, he was even more unhappy, and he rushed into the room without saying anything.

Tang Xia's mother-in-law immediately asked her about the situation. Tang Xia said it in a few words. Surely, she heard her mother-in-law cursing.

"Mom, I am going to make something delicious to build up Yuecheng's health." Tang Xia picked her ear and found a reason to leave.

At dinner, Jiang Yuecheng looked at the large table of delicious dishes and was a little stunned.

Tang Xia quickly placed a bowl and chopsticks in front of him, and said softly and sadly, "Dear, you are injured. Please eat something nutritious to mend it."

"Yes, son, you should do that," her mother-in-law echoed with dear love.

Looking at Tang Xia and his mother constantly putting food in his bowl, Jiang Yuecheng's eyes became more and more unstable.

Suddenly, he grabbed Tang Xia's hand and looked at her and asked, "I'm not good to you at all. Why do you help me? And why are you so good to me?"

Tang Xia tried to look at him with a tender and soft look, and answered him with a deadly soulful tone, "No other reason other than because I love you!"

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