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In the busy street, Ye Yifan intended to buy a watch as the birthday gift for his friend when he saw a familiar figure through the window.

Tang Xia? Ye Yifan drove his car to catch up with her without much thinking. In his view, this girl was quite interesting. Besides, she was pretty and promising. Anyway, he liked her quite much.

Since Tang Xia was not far away from him and he was driving a car, it just took him several minutes to catch up with her.

Ye Yifan parked his car in front of Tang Xia and wore a perfect smile. There was no wonder that he was the star anchor of the broadcast room. His smile was quite charming and elegant.

After rolling down the window, Ye Yifan called Tang Xia to stop and said with the perfect smile, "Beautiful Tang Xia, are you free tonight? Can you oblige me to attend my party? "

Tang Xia was somewhat flattered. Although she remembered that she had asked her friend to go out tonight, she would never say no to the handsome. So Tang Xia clenched her bag unconsciously, "What should I do? What should I do now?"

Then she wore a sweet smile at Ye Yifan, "How about giving you an answer when I get home? I have something else to deal with."

Ye Yifan nodded his head, "That's ok. You can go ahead and do your things."

"No! No! I can't refuse the handsome's invitation!"

Although Tang Xia was roaring in her mind, she wore the same sweet smile on her face.

"Wait for my reply tonight, Brother Yifan. I'll try my best to make it." Tang Xia waved her hands to Ye Yifan and trotted forward.

Hearing Tang Xia's sweet voice, Ye Yifan could not help wearing a smile, "Is she a sweet young thing? So maybe I can flirt with her tonight." Ye Yifan stroked his chin, "Right, I can think about that."

After Tang Xia got home, she threw her belongings on the sofa and made a call to her ladybro hastily. When her ladybro came on the line, Tang Xia said vexedly, "h.e.l.lo? Jingjing, are you there? You are there, right?"

Jingjing on the phone seemed not to get accustomed to Tang Xia's style, so she paused for a while before replying to Tang Xia, "Yep, what's wrong?"

Tang Xia patted her face, "I went shopping just now. My idol invited me to a ball!!!"

"..." Jingjing was choked by her words again. Then she recalled that Tang Xia had made an appointment with her, making her look down upon Tang Xia, "So what? Are you going to the ball or not?"

"What do you think, Jingjing? I really want to go!"

Jingjing took the melon seeds and started to eat them carelessly. Then she replied with a single word 'oh' to Tang Xia. "Tang Xia must be quite proud now. How could she let me decide whether she should go or not? Pah! Definitely, she will go!!!"

Jingjing decided that Tang Xia should suffer more, so she felt at ease to eat the melon seeds, "Hum... They are melons seeds of caramel flavor, which is my favorite."

"It was Ye Yifan, the master who invited me! Do you know that he followed me several days ago? What should I do now? He is my idol! Jingjing, do you know how I feel now because my dream came true? I feel so happy and excited!"

Tang Xia kept on patting her face as if she did not believe the fact.

Jingjing put away the telephone from her ear. After a while, she spat out the last melon seed sh.e.l.l and said, "We can go to the ball together tomorrow night."

What Tang Xia waited for was this sentence, so she replied happily and hung up the phone immediately.

"Alas." Tang Xia did not hear Jingjing's sigh. Then Jingjing squinted her eyes and thought, "Ye Yifan, he is not a simple man."

Tang Xia called Ye Yifan immediately who picked up the phone quickly, "h.e.l.lo? Tang Xia."

Tang Xia replied a word 'yep' to Ye Yifan and took a look at the master's avatar who she followed on the computer screen. Then she tried to suppress her cautiously, "Yifan Master, I'm available to attend your ball tonight."

Ye Yifan wore a smile confidently, "Well, I know you will come. How about I pick you up tonight?"

"That's ok. I can take a taxi."

"I'll pick you up. It is dangerous for you to go out alone at night. Besides, you are my fan, right? It is lifting a finger for me to pick you up." Ye Yifan said in a gentle buoyant tone with determination.

"Well, ok. Thank you."

Tang Xia still could not believe that her idol would pick her up. How exciting!

Then Tang Xia opened her wardrobe, "What should I wear tonight?"

"Li Xianxian will definitely try her best to dress up, I cannot let her appear more beautiful than me tonight. How dare she to compete with me for my Prince Charming? Humph, I will never let her win!"

"The purple off-the-shoulder dress? No, it is too simple. That white skirt? It seems to be too normal." Tang Xia felt a little annoyed.

After throwing the dressed one after another, Tang Xia paused when she took out the dress in the corner subconsciously. A glitter flashed in her eyes, "That's the dress I want!"

Ye Yifan called Tang Xia in advance before he arrived at Tang Xia's house. When Tang Xia looked herself in the mirror, she put a victory gesture sweetly.

In the dim light, Ye Yifan leaned himself against his car. Hearing the footsteps from the door, he looked forward subconsciously and became quite stunned.

As shadows danced, a woman with a charming body came out from the dim light. With her long hair down, she wore a silver hairpin with ta.s.sels on her forehead.

Ye Yifan could tell that Tang Xia wore a close-fitting dress. Although the patterns on her dress were not clear enough, in Ye Yifan's eyes, the beauty in the dim light was much more charming than that in the sharp lens.

Tang Xia came out from the dim light as slowly as walking for a century.

Ye Yifan thought that Tang Xia would definitely be an elegant and n.o.ble queen if she was living in the Middle Ages.

When Tang Xia was one step away from Ye Yifan, he could not wait anymore and stepped forward to make a polite gesture of a gentleman, "Miss Tang Xia, I'm here to welcome you."

Although Ye Yifan was her idol, Tang Xia still could not get accustomed to close to a man. As she thought of the proud and scheming Chu Tiankuo, she withdrew her hand quietly and pretended that she could not stretch her hands out because she had to lift her dress.

Tang Xia wore a smile shyly, "Yifan, thank you. I'm sorry that I'm a little late because it took me too long to dress up."

Ye Yifan shook his hands, "That's ok. I just got here. Now we can go."

"OK." Tang Xia nodded her head slightly and got into the car.

As it was a little far, Ye Yifan talked to Tang Xia from time to time.

"Tang Xia, I heard that there will be live broadcasting of the whole ball."

"He heard? It is definitely true as the host has said so." Tang Xia sort of expected that, "Live broadcasting? That sounds fun."

"So it is a great opportunity. You should seize this chance." Ye Yifan's words meant so much.

It seemed that Tang Xia noticed his implication. After pondering with her head down for a while, Tang Xia understood.

Almost every somewhat famous anchor would attend the great ball, which showed their intentions clearly—to gain more fame in Ye Yifan's ball.

And Li Xianxian who wore a black and red lace-merging dress was chatting with her coterie.

Li Xianxian wore cutely usually, but the dress she wore tonight made her appear more mature. Besides, with a good figure, she looked quite different.

A barely recognizable anchor praised Li Xianxian and said, "Sister Xianxian, you are so pretty today. The dress you wear highlights your elegant temperament and good shape. As far as I'm concerned, you are the most charming one in the ball."

Li Xianxian felt quite satisfied with her praise. Then she pretended to brush out her hair, showing a sapphire ring on her finger, "You are flattering me. Other girls will laugh at me if they hear your words."

Although her words sounded modest, Li Xianxian's look was the opposite.

Others noticed the anchor's praise, they refused to admit being inferior and all started talking at once, "Sister Xianxian, don't be so modest. You are truly beautiful. Look at the sapphire ring! It is so valuable!"

"Right, who can be more beautiful than Sister Xianxian?"

When others wanted to compliment Li Xianxian, they could not help looking at the door, "What a charming woman!"

The little messy hair did not reduce her facial beauty. Instead, it made her appear both attractive and naive.

And her face was so delicate as if it was carved by the G.o.d—her eyes were as black as ink; her nose was slightly upturned and she wore a sweet smile—all was perfect in the right place.

Although Tang Xia was not quite tall, the overall ratio of her body was perfect. The purple dress she was wearing would make others appear vulgar or shabby but highlighted Tang Xia's elegant temperament.

Almost when Tang Xia appeared in the ball, all the people paid their attention to her. Even the barely recognizable anchor who praised Li Xianxian could not help marveling at Tang Xia's beauty.

Then Li Xianxian glared at the anchor angrily.

"Humph, how dare she attend the ball? Does she regard this ball as a vegetable market so that she can come as long as she wants?" As Li Xianxian thought so, she was about to mock Tang Xia. Then she noticed that Ye Yifan came in and talked to Tang Xia, which apparently showed that they knew each other.

"How could she hook up with the handsome?" Li Xianxian became angrier, "How could she stand beside the master? I must teach her a lesson!"

Ye Yifan whispered to Tang Xia's ears, "Tang Xia, you are the most charming girl in the ball now."

Tang Xia blushed shyly, "You are flattering me."

"So can I dance with you later?"

Tang Xia nodded when she saw someone come to talk to Ye Yifan, so they parted.

Li Xianxian, who kept staring at them noticed that Ye Yifan had left, and wore an ill-disposed smile.

She walked slowly toward Tang Xia, shaking a gla.s.s of wine. When she was about to run into Tang Xia, Li Xianxian speeded up suddenly and poured the wine all over her dress.

Then Li Xianxian put on a show of surprise, "Oops, I'm sorry."

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