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Tang Xia felt fine when she got up in the morning because she met the Prince Charming yesterday.

She was now standing at the door and enjoying the scenery in the morning.

Then she noticed a woman coming from the distance.

The woman, though dressed in a pink mini-skirt with blond hair, looked so sweet.

Tang Xia opened her eyes wide when she saw the woman come straight towards her. "She... is coming for me?"

After a while, the woman had stood before her before Tang Xia could react.

Tang Xia looked at her up and down and thought to herself. "She's sure enough in good shape and is so pretty and charming."

"But I must have met her somewhere. Otherwise, why do I feel so familiar with her?" Tang Xia thought as she looked at the woman before her.

Before Tang Xia could recall anything, the woman had started the talk. "Are you Tang Xia?"

Tang Xia was stunned at first and then nodded. "Yes. I'm Tang Xia. But who are you, please?"

Tang Xia thought she had replied to her in a very friendly way, but the woman seemed unsatisfied when she heard Tang Xia's words.

"You don't know me?" There were some shocks and contempt as well.

"Uhm... I'm sorry. Maybe it's been too long. So I just forget that." Tang Xia apologized with a smile.

The woman was even angrier when she heard Tang Xia's words. She didn't expect that Tang Xia didn't know her.

The woman took a deep breath and said with a smile, "I'm Li Xianxian."

The woman's self-introduction reminded Tang Xia suddenly that this was the well-known anchor in the broadcast room, and was the G.o.ddess to many male homebodies.

It was not until today that Tang Xia realized her shape did overwhelm that of the many other women.

Though Tang Xia thought a lot, she didn't show anything. When she heard the woman say she was Li Xianxian, she smiled politely.

Then she said and gave her way to the woman, "Nice to meet you. Come in, please."

Li Xianxian lifted her head slightly and then stepped in unceremoniously.

Tang Xia stood still and couldn't help curling her lips when she saw Li Xianxian laughably try to attract men like a peac.o.c.k.

Tang Xia looked at Li Xianxian, who was sitting on the sofa and asked, "Have some drinks, Miss. Li?"

Li Xianxian looked around. Then she curled her lips and said, "I can't think of anything good in such a place. Just give me a gla.s.s of water."

Tang Xia really didn't know what to say when she saw Li Xianxian like this. She nodded and then turned to the kitchen.

Then Li Xianxian added bluntly, "And, remember to wash up your cups."

Hearing this, Tang Xia suddenly stopped. She took a deep breath and kept reminding herself not to be infuriated.

She prepared herself and then turned back and said to Li Xianxian, "Ok."

Li Xianxian was somewhat amazed at Tang Xia's response. She planned to discommode Tang Xia but didn't expect that she was so well-natured.

But Li Xianxian wouldn't give up easily.

After a while, Tang Xia walked out of the kitchen. She gave a gla.s.s of water to Li Xianxian and said, "Your water, Miss. Li."

Li Xianxian nodded but didn't take the gla.s.s of water.

Tang Xia didn't mind since she had been polite in every aspect.

With such a thought, Tang Xia sat down before Li Xianxian. She looked at her and said, "I wonder what Miss. Li wants to see me about."

Li Xianxian looked up at her, put down something on the table and said, "I come to congratulate you."

"Yes?" Tang Xia was stunned when she heard Li Xianxian's words. "Why would she congratulate me? I didn't mean to do anything myself after all."

Seeing Tang Xia confused, Li Xianxian immediately suspected that Tang Xia was putting on an act.

Though she sneered in the heart, she said amiably, "I came to congratulate you because not only did Ye Yifan followed you but you became the most popular one among all the fresh anchors. As is said, good things come in pairs."

Tang Xia was clever enough to read the satire in Li Xianxian's words.

But she didn't bother to haggle with her. So she said a smile, "It's nothing but a coincidence that Ye Yifan would follow me. But I didn't know why you'd say that I am the most popular one among the fresh anchors."

Li Xianxian still believed that Tang Xia was pretending to know nothing though Tang Xia had explained that way. So she was even angrier.

"Really? You don't have to be so modest. I bring some gifts for you." With this, she handed the bag by her side to Tang Xia.

Tang Xia looked at the bag and picked her eyebrows as she never expected that Li Xianxian would come to her with gifts.

However, she realized that she was too silly when she saw what really was in the bag.

"What's this?" Tang Xia asked with her eyes fixed on the bag.

With a wild gleam in her eyes, Li Xianxian smiled and said, "That's something that makes you more and more popular."

Hearing this, Tang Xia felt bad suddenly. At the same time, she realized that she didn't really want to congratulate her sincerely during her visit.

Tang Xia looked worse when thinking if this.

She made a forced smile and said to Li Xianxian, "Then thank you, Miss Li. But I think you need this more than me."

Tang Xia paused when she said this. She looked up at Li Xianxian with a smile that couldn't be seen through.

Then she said, "Girls look younger and better-looking these days. You would not hold much long if you don't make up yourself up."

Li Xianxian looked worse, too when she heard this. Everyone knew that it was hard to be a good anchor. People got aesthetic fatigue as time pa.s.sing by, after all.

So she hated nothing more than the remark about her age.


Tang Xia was pleased with herself when she saw Li Xianxian lost for words out of anger. So she smiled and continued. "Miss. Li, try not to be angry, please. Women get wrinkled easily if they lost their temper."

Seeing Tang Xia, who was self-satisfied, Li Xianxian took a deep breath and then looked better.

She smiled, looked at Tang Xia and said, "I've heard that you went out for dinner with Ye Yifan."

Tang Xia admired Li Xianxian for her capacity to s.h.i.+ft in thinking. But she said nothing and nodded. "So what?"

Terrible as Li Xianxian felt when she heard Tang Xia's words, she managed not to show that. She just smiled and said, "Nothing. But Yifan is a good man in all respects and likes to take care of girls in particular."

Tang Xia smiled. "Mr. Ye is good indeed."

"Of course. He always drives me home and took care of me when I was sick."

Hearing this. Tang Xia realized why Li Xianxian would come. She was here to show her owners.h.i.+p.

Thinking of this, Tang Xia couldn't help simpering. "What's wrong with Li Xianxian? Ye Yifan and I are just friends. Does she need to be so suspicious?"

"It seemed that Mr. Ye was really generous to Miss. Li." Tang Xia smiled and said.

"Of course." Li Xianxian raised her chins and continued. "What's more, Yifan wouldn't treat everyone this way. He's really nice to me."

Tang Xia felt nothing when she heard Li Xianxian's words. She knew what Li Xianxian meant nothing but to let her away from Ye Yifan.

But she wanted no more than think of Ye Yifan as a handsome boy she admired. So she just nodded when Li Xianxian told her this.

Seeing Tang Xia not care about what she said, Li Xianxian seemed not to want to continue. So she stood up and said, "Alright. Let's stop here. I'm afraid I have to leave now."

Tang Xia suddenly looked up when Li Xianxian spoke. She looked at her with a smile and said, "Ok, mind your step, Miss. Li."

Li Xianxian looked back at Tang Xia with a strange look when she heard Tang Xia's words.

Seeing Li Xianxian turn back, Tang Xia's excited expression turned to a polite smile.

Li Xianxian frowned and left without saying anything.

Tang Xia did feel relieved when she saw Li Xianxian leave. It was so arduous for her to deal with such a woman.

Tang Xia wanted to have a rest when she returned to the room. She was really exhausted just now.

But then the system beep rang suddenly.

"Congratulations. You have over 2 million fans. We invite you to the dinner party tonight."

Seeing such a notification, Tang Xia was stunned as if she hadn't understood what happened.

After a while, she rushed to the computer and had a look.

"Oh... I've got 2 million fans. I feel so great. Yeah." Tang Xia danced up and down and said.

Thinking of the dinner party tonight, Tang Xia rushed upstairs only to find nothing suitable for the party.

Tang Xia helplessly decided to go to the mall.

"Just take it as a walk." Tang Xia said to herself.

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