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So many pictures flashed across her mind. Tang Xia shook her head with a forced smile. Why would she be lost in a reverie now that she was clear that this couldn't be true in real life?

"Such a vigorous man who's so good to me exists merely in my dreams. After waking up from the dream, nothing remains. But I still seem to be able to touch that warmth of the man with my fingers."

"Are you nuts, Tang Xia? Those things once indeed existed in real life. Why are you still so reluctant to forget?" Tang Xia shook her head with a forced smile. She was in a daze for a while. Should she exclaim that the game was too verisimilar?

Or it was her who had confused her dream with the reality? Or she hadn't woke up from the dream? She turned on the computer lightly and logged in her game account.

Staring at the account, Tang Xia fell into a trance. It happened not very long ago, but she seemed to have gone across a century, feeling muddled.

She clicked the "Log in" b.u.t.ton in a daze. Suddenly the computer was stuck for a moment, and then various pics flickered constantly on the screen until a pic of a special follower flickered unstopped, noting "Ye Yifan had become your special follower".

Tang Xia was stunned for a while and noticed the surging number of her fans unbelievably. She was too shocked to believe that.

A mixed feeling started tumbling in her mind.

"How would my Prince Charming follow me?"

Staring at the Prince Charming's pic, Tang Xia fell into a daze. "He used to be the sun in my heart. It was me who chased after him like shadows."

"But now I seem not so delighted or excited as expected. I just feel recognized as if I had made desperate efforts to be recognized."

"Tang Xia, just carry on. I believe in you."

In a trance, Tang Xia remembered the time when she was merely a rookie in the company, she struggled to chase after him, hoping that he would notice her even if with just a glimpse. A glimpse of him would satisfy her. Though she knew nothing when she first came to the company, she saw a glimmer of a smile in the handsome's eyes.

He said to her, "You must be the new anchor, aren't you? I haven't seen you."

She was so nervous before him that she seemed to be unable to utter anything. She stared at him, blushed, and stuttered, trying to say something but failed. She kept her mouth open, but nothing was spoken.

Ye Yifan seemed to have noticed Tang Xia's nervousness. He bent down a little and said with a smile,

"Now I sure you are the newcomer. Look at yourself. You are too nervous to talk to me. Or do you think I am so handsome that you can't speak anything?"

Though it was a kind of teasing smile, Tang Xia nodded just like a chicken pecking rice.

Ye Yifan was stunned and amused for a while. Then he said, "You're a silly girl."

Tang Xia curled her lips. Looking at his face, she kept her head downer and said,

"What? But I'm like this only before you."

Ye Yifan moved his face closer to hers suddenly and smiled.

"If so, you should work hard. I believe you will be a popular anchor."

"I'll wait for you until you're able to work with me shoulder to shoulder. I believe you can make it."

Such a memory warmed Tang Xia's heart. This was the very picture that drove her keeping going. She kept forging ahead for this and for that wee smile and his promise to "work with me shoulder to shoulder".

The time and tide left Tang Xia not only memories of warmth but also coldness. Even though the live show that time was just like a dream, she still felt grateful to the man who brought her to the dream.

"If I hadn't watched the live show of Ye Yifan, how would I be an anchor and go into that dream?"

"And how would I come across him?" She suddenly felt a little heartache when thinking of this. "Ah, the handsome was merely part of the dream. Nothing would remain once the dream was broken."

"All was like a dream. No, they themselves are a dream. I was just a dreamer."

Her finger approached his pic for several times but was withdrew after some hesitation. Finally, she clicked the chat box and asked with a playful tone.

"How would the handsome Ye Yifan follow me suddenly?"

But Tang Xia felt regretful the minute she sent out the message. "Is it proper for me to ask Ye Yifan with such a familiar tone?" But the chat box shook when she was to recall the message.

Tang Xia suddenly felt embarra.s.sed but then she saw the emoji "smile" from Ye Yifan.

"It seems you don't welcome my following."

"No. But this was unexpected. Why would you follow me now that you are so popular with so many fans?"

This time there was no response in the chat box for such a long time that Tang Xia even thought that Ye Yifan wouldn't answer her anymore. But then the shaking chat box pulled her mind back.

Tang Xia couldn't help chuckling as she read the message on the screen, not knowing whether she should be cheerful or helpless.

"Because I have faith in you."

She typed several lines of words deftly.

"Why's it me that you have faith in? Why would you have faith in a rookie instead of so many excellent people in the company?"

Tang Xia was perturbed and somewhat confused. "There are so many outstanding ones in the company. Why would he believe in me?"

"There're so many others and I didn't have much contact with Ye Yifan. But why is it me?"

"Because I have faith in you. I've watched your live show that time. I think you are suitable for live shows. So I believe you'll be better."

"Did you still remember what I said to you when we first met? I thought you would work with me shoulder to shoulder. I believe you can make it, Tang Xia. And I believe it will be even better if you keep going like this.

Tang Xia got a mixed feeling when reading the messages on the screen and lost for words. It was by no means easy for her to work with Ye Yifan shoulder to shoulder.

"How long will it take before I can work with such an excellent man shoulder by shoulder? Everyone in the broadcast industry knows well that Ye Yifan is the unshakable giant in the circle." "How can I catch up with him?"

"d.a.m.n. Why are you still in a daze here?"

One of her colleagues knocked Tang Xia on the head with a disdainful look on her face.

Tang Xia turned back, muddled, and asked what happened in confusion.

Her colleague looked at her as if she were looking at a fool and wanted to slap Tang Xia in her face.

"d.a.m.n. Aren't you too calm, Tang Xia? Haven't you seen the number of your fans? It has been surging since Ye Yifan follows you. You've got so many fans as a fresh."

Tang Xia was a little stunned. She was occupied by the fact that Ye Yifan had followed her but forgot to check the fan's number. So she hurriedly closed the chat box and opened the "Fan" page. Seeing the increasing number of her fans, Tang Xia was astonished.

At first, she was no more than an ordinary anchor with a few fans. But now the number of her fans kept rising. The luckiest thing happened so suddenly that she was astonished.

Her colleague almost became forceless and put her hand on the forehead. She lost for words seeing Tang Xia, who was not promising at all.

"Can you be a little more promising, Tang Xia? Why are you in a daze?"

Tang Xia turned back and chuckled, looking silly.

"Am I seeing it wrong? Why do I get so many fans?"

How her colleague wished she could slap her in the face!

"Are you a fool, Tang Xia? You should be more happy about that."

"Hha! I am happy, of course. I'll treat all of you to have a barbecue and a drink."

"Hha, ok. I'll eat you out of house and home if you treat us."

They went to the food stalls, laughing and taking. Tang Xia shouted as usual.

"Boss, several bottles of beer, dozens of skewers of meat with more chili."

The boss turned the skewers up and down masterly and cried out,

"No problem. Wait a minute."

"Hha, Tang Xia has become a celebrity today. We don't have to be so polite. Just order what you want. We must eat her out of house and home."

Her colleagues chuckled and said. With skewers of meat in their hands, Tang Xia also kept shouting.

"Just tell me what you want. I want everyone to go back with joy. Let's get hammered."

"Hha, Tang Xia, this is what you told us. We won't stand on ceremony."

When the skewers were served, Tang Xia got her mouth full of chili oil. She kept drinking and a faint blush appeared on her face. All of them drank happily.

May she was drunk, there seemed to be a veil of mist in Tang Xia's eyes. She shook her head slightly when the masculine face of Chu Tiankuo came into her eyes.

She scolded herself for being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. She had already woken up from the dream.

Suddenly there was some voice of confusion.

"Tang Xia?"

Tang Xia turned back with confusion. She almost choked to death because of a mouthful of beer.

She saw Ye Yifan looking at her with kind of helplessness. A white sports car parked behind him, on which he leaned and looked at Tang Xia helplessly.

Tang Xia hurriedly took out some paper tissues and wiped up the chill oil around her mouth.

"I just pa.s.sed by when I saw someone like you. So I came to have a look and found unexpectedly it was exactly you."

Ye Yifan smiled gently and stepped toward Tang Xia.

Seeing Ye Yifan's figure moving toward her, Tang Xia's first reaction was...

Ye Yifan was never the kind of person photogenic. She was attracted by him in his live show, but she felt him not photogenic at all in reality. He was much more handsome in reality than his image in the camera.

In the camera, Ye Yifan seemed alienated from others.

But in reality, he gave her the feeling of an elegant gentleman.

People around also started whispering.

"The Prince Charming... is more handsome than in the camera..."

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