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The Imperial Guards put the swords in front of them aggressively with faces of keeping strangers away.

Seeing the guards acting so vicious, Tang Xia felt angry in heart. When she was about to lose temper, she suddenly remembered that she was a woman who dressed as a man now. So it was normal for the guards that they didn't recognize her.

"Do you know who we are?" Hearing the guards' words, Lyuyou said unhappily by the side. As the palace maid of Her Grace, she never felt so aggrieved. Swinging up her sleeves, Lyuyou was about to debate with them.

"Lyuyou!" Tang Xia severely stopped Lyuyou.

They secretly disguised as men to inspect people this time. Their ident.i.ties would be exposed if they tell the Imperial Guards who they were.

"But..." Lyuyou looked at Tang Xia in an aggrieved and confused look. She didn't understand why Tang Xia didn't let her show their ident.i.ties. Weren't they in the palace now? Why couldn't she tell these people their ident.i.ties? Although she didn't know Your Grace's idea, she could only shut up.

Lyuyou was so confused in her eyes and muttered. It seemed that she still wanted to say something. Tang Xia took a glance at her with her eyes full of warnings.

Just when they were in a dilemma.

The Imperial Guards, who had been facing them with their swords, kneeled on the ground, and reverently said, "The diviner!"

Zui Linglong? What Tang Xia reacted firstly was "s.h.i.+t"! How did she meet Zui Linglong again? Would she be so unlucky to be caught when she was secretly disguised?

Remembering that she was still dressed as a man, Tang Xia couldn't help but step back and get closer to Lyuyou, trying to hide behind by Lyuyou.

"Stand up! They are the friends I brought." Zui Linglong said.

The Imperial Guards, who had treated them badly, smiled suddenly.

"It turns out to be the diviner's friends! I failed to recognize! I hope that you'll forgive me!" They said in a look of a kiss-a.s.s.

Looking at their appearances, Tang Xia was very disgusted.

The Imperial Guards bowed to Zui Linglong and then left.

Now only Zui Linglong, Tang Xia and Lyuyou were here.

Although Tang Xia didn't really want to thank Zui Linglong, Zui Linglong helped her after all. She was not a person who did not know how to be grateful.

"Thank you!" Turning over her head, Tang Xia said unwillingly.

"You don't need to do that. I did not come to save you. But Your Grace stood at the gate of the palace in a man's look on such a dark night, what will the emperor react if he knows?" Zui Linglong looked at Tang Xia gloatingly.

Zui Linglong's words made Tang Xia angry immediately. Zui Linglong dared to threaten her! What would happen even if Chu Tiankuo knew that? She didn't care.

"It's none of your business!" Tang Xia retorted with a look of discomfort.

"Didn't the diviner wander here at night?" Tang Xia retorted without weakness. "Hum! Didn't she hang around at night?"

"I was here to observe the night sky! Was Your Grace the same as me?"

"If the diviner has nothing to do, then I will go first. I will remember the thing today!" Tang Xia had no mood to talk with her. It was none of her business whether Zui Linglong watched the night sky or something else.

"I hope that Your Grace will not forget what I said before."

When she left, Zui Linglong added.

Tang Xia staggered but was suddenly supported by Lyuyou by the side and then stood straight.

Tang Xia didn't pay attention to Zui Linglong and quickly returned to the palace with Lyuyou.

When she went back to the palace, she took off the man's clothes.

Zui Linglong's words and everything she saw today had been echoing in her mind.

Everything she saw today had been wandering in her mind. She couldn't forget those people who didn't have enough clothes and food. Were these all because of her? Was she really a woman who was a disaster for the country and the people? Did they become homeless all because of her?

The more she thought about it, the more annoying Tang Xia would be. She touched her tummy.

She silently felt the heartbeat of her child inside the tummy. "Were these all because of her?" Tang Xia's heart was full of self-accusation.

The people, who didn't have enough clothes outside the palace, always appeared in front of her eyes and disturbed her thoughts.

Tang Xia turned her eyes to the lively screen by the side, and the screen was filled with the barrages, which were all warm messages.

"Don't be sad, Tangtang!"

"Tangtang, come on!!"

"Don't blame yourself! Cheer up!"

The entire screen was filled with the warm sentences of Fans.

Looking at their encouraging bullet screens, she felt warm and very comfortable.

The bullet screens of Fans made Tang Xia's original bad mood became bright gradually.

The original gloomy mood also became clearer gradually.

Three Days Later.

These days, there were more and more memorials about Tang Xia's bad influence for the country and the people.

Chu Tiankuo felt irritable when he looked at the memorials, which were full of impeachments about Tang Xia.

Couldn't he even protect his wife and child? Chu Tiankuo looked at the memorials in front of him without power, and he couldn't stand them anymore. He just threw the memorial to the side, and then stood up to look out the window blankly.

"Hand over Tang Xia! Hand over Tang Xia!" The soldiers at the South Gate shouted at the gate of the city. And they spread the remarks that the war would be avoided as long as the emperor handed over Tang Xia.

At this time, everyone in the city knew that it was their empress who caused this war, and they all were upset.

In order to stop this war, now those ignorant people outside the palace became noisy to crusade the empress.

"Hand over Tang Xia! Hand over Tang Xia!"

The ignorant people sat outside the gate and shouted the slogan.

In the Hall.

"Your Majesty, people are crusading Her Grace outside the palace. Your Majesty, will we..."

Before he finished, he was interrupted by Chu Tiankuo, who was sitting in the upper position.

"Impossible! If you let the world know that I can't protect my own wife and child, how can I protect this country?" Chu Tiankuo scolded and blamed the ministers.

When they heard Chu Tiankuo's words, those ministers who originally prepared to oppose all fell their heads down and did not dare to speak.

After a long while, a daring minister came up and said worriedly, "What should we do now, Your Majesty?"

Chu Tiankuo stood up from the throne and said to the ministers seriously, "Since Nanmen Country wants to fight, then I will fight with them."

"If you don't have anything to report, you can go back!" Chu Tiankuo said, and then stood up and left.

The ministers also retreated when they saw the emperor leave.

Rumors became more and more serious these days, and the number of people outside the palace was increasing!

Tang Xia heard the news that Lyuyou brought back outside.

In these few days, she stayed in her own palace. She didn't know such a serious thing until she accidentally heard the palace maids discussing.

Originally, Lyuyou was unwilling to say it. Later, she finally told the whole thing under Tang Xia's intimidation. And Tang Xia understood it after listening to the whole thing.

It turned out that all this was because of her? Tang Xia sat there still and couldn't believe it.

"Your Grace, are you okay?" Seeing Tang Xia sit there blankly, Lyuyou blamed herself in her heart. Why she said these things to Her Grace! If something happened, what should she do?

"I'm fine, you can go out! I want to be alone!" She went to the desk after saying.

Zui Linglong also heard about the things in the city. Thinking about the seriousness, she came to the place where Chu Tiankuo was.

"Do Your Majesty know some about the thing in the city?"

Zui Linglong's words made Chu Tiankuo, who was sitting in the upper position, slightly frowned, and then he said, "You can say it directly!"

Zui Linglong kneeled on the ground with her fists clenched and said, "I hope that Your Majesty focuses on the overall situation, and don't harm the national affairs because of personal feelings." After finis.h.i.+ng, she squatted on the ground and kowtowed with a respectful appearance.

While checking the memorials, Chu Tiankuo's hand paused, and the ink on the pen dropped onto the memorial, rendering some parts. He paused for a while, and then continued to check it. But his cold face didn't change.

Kneeling on the ground, Zui Linglong didn't hear any response from Chu Tiankuo, and she was anxious.

"Your Majesty!" Her tone was very anxious.

Putting down the brush in his hand, Chu Tiankuo looked at Zui Linglong who was kneeling on the ground, and shouted at the outside, "Anybody? Let the diviner go out!"

Zui Linglong kneeled on the ground and looked at him with disbelief.

The Imperial Guards outside came in quickly.

The imperial guards showed a pose to ask her to go out.

Approaching the door, Zui Linglong wasn't convinced, and then turned back and said,

"I don't know if Your Majesty thought about it. Maybe Tang Xia doesn't want this child? Your Majesty is so pushy. Did you think about the feelings of Her Grace?"

Zui Linglong's words made Chu Tiankuo's face, which was not good originally, suddenly became dark.

"Didn't she want a child? Impossible. This was the crystal of their love."

The eyes of the angry Chu Tiankuo became red by anger, and the anger made him lose his senses. He grabbed Zui Linglong's neck and made the greatest effort to pinch her neck.

Zui Linglong's neck was caught which made her unable to breathe, so she could only struggle. But because of the disparity between men and women, the little breath made her face gradually became red.

Seeing her face becoming redder and redder, Chu Tiankuo, who lost his senses before, gradually returned to normal.

Just as Zui Linglong thought that she would die here, Chu Tiankuo loosened his hand that grabbed her neck.

Chu Tiankuo loosened his hand, and took out the handkerchief to clean it several times as if it was contaminated by something dirty.

Being released, Zui Linglong took a deep breath of fresh air. She almost thought that he would kill her. She had never seen such a Chu Tiankuo before, which made her afraid.

Chu Tiankuo turned his head to warn Zui Linglong creepily, "You'd better figure out your own position."

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