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Chapter 862

Qin Yun is afraid because he is worried that Long Cangsheng would discover that he is an imposter and kill him. Or at least take away the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. He is now very worried that Long Yucang revealed his true ident.i.ty to Long Cangsheng.

Long Cangsheng retracted his dragon claws. His dragon claws are truly genuine, with flesh and blood. Transforming flesh, blood and bones, that is genuine dragon transformation. Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw is condensed from energy, there is a big fundamental difference. Putting them into comparison, Long Cangsheng's dragon claws are very dreadful because it allows him to transform part of his body to that of a dragon.

Majority of the spectators are Long family members, they all very much yearn for this kind of dragon transformation. There was someone who achieved dragon transformation before but he was very unstable. He would very easily go into an extreme state and go out of control, even harming his own body. Being able to stably transform into dragon means that one can released the strongest power when using Heavenly Dragon Art. This is also what those Heavenly Dragon Sect Half Immortals are afraid of. If they fight, there is no way they can defeat Long Cangsheng.

Long Cangsheng looked at the half dead Long Chuanwu and said with sneer : "Even though this guy is not dead, he will surely suffer worse than death! Yutian, you did very good!"

Earlier, Long Cangsheng said that if Qin Yun could kill Long Chuanwu, he would receive a gift. Qin Yun did not succeed, therefore he did not dare bring up that matter. He really feels regretful about this. But he fears Long Cangsheng from the bottom of his heart. Now he wants to quickly obtain the Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirit and go to the Nine Dragon Devil Prison.

"Yutian, I said before that if you kill Long Chuanwu, I would give you a reward. But what you did now is even better, let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d live worse than death! Therefore, I will give you the promise reward!" Long Cangsheng said.

"Many thanks grandfather!" Qin Yun can only express grat.i.tude. He is now suddenly worried that the Searching Dragon Plate and the Dragon Spirit would be taken way by Long Cangsheng. he now feels that impersonating Long Yutian is extremely risky.

Long Cangsheng took out a thick book and gave it to Qin Yun : "I obtained it by chance, 'Dao King Talisman Canon', there are comprehensions written down in it to craft the most formidable Dao and King talismans, maybe it will be useful to you!"

Qin Yun felt extremely scared, his hands s.h.i.+vered as he received the book, then he looked at Long Cangsheng. Long Cangsheng gave him a book that is related to Inscriptions, that means he knows that Qin Yun understands runes. Long Yucang must have told Long Cangsheng something. After Qin Yun obtained the book he promptly thanked Long Cangsheng. Then he walked to the side of the stage to heal up. Many Long family elders are extremely jealous, they all want this book very much. Long family members recalled that not only Long Cangsheng possesses formidable power, he is also a very strong Inscriptions Master. Therefore, he has a very high position in the family.

Qin Yun is sitting on a long seat beside the battle stage to heal, he sent voice transmission to Long Yucang : "Big brother, did you tell grandfather about my ident.i.ty?"

Long Yucang immediately replied : "I wanted to conceal it from him but he discovered that you are not his grandson, however, he is very grateful to you. Naturally I did not tell him that you are Qin Yun, I told him that you are the sect master of some Inscription Gate!"

This caused Qin Yun to feel a lot relaxed. He feels that Long Yucang is rather reliable. Long Yucang also considers Qin Yun to be his very precious friend. Therefore he doesn't dare reveal Qin Yun's true ident.i.ty. Because Qin Yun has Heavenly Lion inheritance, as well as, Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. They are things that are very dangerous to Long family.

Now it is time for Xian Rujing to fight. Xian Rujing looks very calm, this also made people feel somewhat strange because his fiance was just crippled and she doesn't feel a little bit sorrow. Just earlier she did not ever go over to look, she no longer seems to be same person who was very concerned for Long Chuanwu. Everyone thought about it and became very clear, Xian Rujing would never marry a cripple. Her current behavior is thus also normal.

Xian Rujing's opponent is a youth but he did not get on stage and conceded right away. Many people understands why he did so, n.o.body knows how Xian Rujing is currently feeling. Maybe she is suppressing the grief and anger? If she were to fight, it is possible that all the suppressed emotion might explode and cause death.

Even though it is evening now, the compet.i.tion is still going on. Qin Yun went up two more times but n.o.body fought him. Everyone saw how viciously Qin Yun beat up Long Chuanwu and killed Long Tao before that. Everyone is afraid of death. Therefore, they did not go up and conceded right away.

Night time, many illuminating stones are floating on the sky above the battle stage. Now it is time for the final battle of the compet.i.tion. Qin Yun and Xian Rujing both rushed into the final without having to fight because everyone was afraid that these two death G.o.ds would commit ma.s.sacre and they all abstained. Although it is night, people are very waiting very pa.s.sionately and did not disperse. They are even more excited.

"That baldy used dragon claw to grope Xian Rujing, moreover her fiance was crippled by the baldy. I bet she will want to peel his skin alive on the stage!"

"Xian Rujing is a late stage Martial King, she possesses two mysterious Divine Ability martial spirit, her dao core must also be very dreadful, her power is formidable without any doubt! I wonder how the baldy will react!"

"I have no choice but to say, Xian Rujing is such an ice-cold fairy that causes people to want to subdue her!"

Many people are discussing with varied imagination.

Xian Rujing said : "I lost to you in arm wrestling. I never accepted that defeat! Now I will use my true strength and prove how truly powerful I am. I want to thoroughly defeat you!"

"Since you are talking about this, do you want to bet with me? You want the Dragon Spirit right?" Qin Yun chuckled and said.

"Indeed!" Xian Rujing spoke very confidently, then looked that Heavenly Dragon Sect people, hinting them to take out things to gamble with Qin Yun.

Heavenly Dragon Sect people shook their heads, they can not longer foolishly waste resources. It was precisely because of Xian Rujing that Long Chuanwu went all out to gamble with the Dragon Spirit. The later events would not have happened if not for that. Heavenly Dragon Sect people recalled all the events and suddenly realized that Xian Rujing have not suffered at all, she was merely groped once. And their Heavenly Dragon Sect suffered disastrous losses....

Qin Yun is secretly disappointed because it seems like those Heavenly Dragon Sect old codgers finally came to their senses. They did not jump into Xian Rujing's trap again. Xian Rujing also secretly rained curses at those old codgers.

"Xian Rujing, you have nothing to bet with me! So let's start!" Qin Yun said with laugh : "Don't even think about offering your body, I don't want it!"

Thousands of male spectators in the arena are secretly disdainful because a beauty like Xian Rujing actually publicly talked about offering her body without a little bit of self respect.

"d.a.m.n baldy, I already said, if you have my body, you can cultivate Immortal veins! In the Immortal Desolate a whole lot of people would even offer ten Dragon Spirit to exchange for me!" Xian Rujing rained curses : "My body is very expensive, it is not something your trash Dragon Spirit can compare to!"

"So what? You are such a shameless woman, if you lose, you will surely pat your b.u.t.t and run away! Forget about getting your body, I won't even get a strand of your hair!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

Xian Rujing stomped in fury, then quickly walked towards Qin Yun and grabbed his collar : "You bald turtle, when did I ever act shamelessly? Why don't you say it!"

"When you lost to me in arm wrestling before, you immediately started biting me like a rabid dog!" Qin Yun yelled : "Don't even think about biting me again, or I will humiliate you!"

Everyone can not help but laugh because they all know the matter of Xian Rujing biting Qin Yun. This matter also stunned the people who were watching at that time. A cool and elegant, a n.o.ble and peerless talent, a beauty that can topple cities, suddenly started acting like a rabid dog and biting people, this is indeed shocking. Xian Rujing also started baring her teeth in anger, looks like she will start biting any moment.

"You.. you move away from me... don't bite me... although I have only used dragon claw once, now I have cultivated to great perfection...." Qin Yun yelled.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Xian Rujing promptly shook off Qin Yun, then she looked at the Heavenly Dragon Sect people and said : "Seniors, if I use my own bargaining chip to win back the Dragon Spirit, you better not ask for it!"

"If you win it back, it is yours!" a Heavenly Dragon Sect old man said. Other elders also immediately nodded their heads. Apparently they have thoroughly abandoned the Dragon Spirit. Otherwise might fall into more and more traps.

Qin Yun said with smile "What kind of thing do you have?"

Xian Rujing took out a collar and said : "This is Slave Governing Collar! I am giving it to you, this is an Immortal tool!"

Qin Yun promptly took it, carefully observed it and became stunned, this is indeed a very good Immortal tool. He promptly reported this to Xiao Yuemei and found out that this thing is very useful.

Xian Rujing also said in loud voice : "If you defeat me and I no longer have any power to resist, put this around my neck. The you can do whatever you want with me, I will thoroughly become your slave!"

He voice filled with confidence spread all around the arena, causing people to be astonished, it is clear that she is very serious.

"In case you can't defeat me, just admit defeat ok? That way I won't have the opportunity to use this on you!" Qin Yun said with smile.

"You can keep that Immortal tool, that way you will not suffer loss! So long as it is not an Immortal, you can use it even on Half Immortals to enslave them. Later, if you run into a good Half Immortal or Martial Emperor, you can let your grandfather beat them up and put this collar on them to make them your slave!" Xian Rujing said with smile : "Now you can relax and bet with me right?"

Qin Yun thought about it and felt that it is impossible for him to lose.

Xian Rujing said again : "Now I am the one worried that you will act shamelessly, your grandfather is so strong, if you lose and then don't want to give me the Dragon Spirit, I won't be able to do anything to you. I am the one taking huge risk now!"

"This woman is very dreadful! Old boy, think about this carefully!" Long Yucang yelled.

Qin Yun must win this fight. Only this way he will be able to take back Long Qiaofeng's martial spirit. If he agrees to bet with Xian Rujing, he will have some extra income.

"Alright, I agree with you! We will settle things like this! It can be considered me fis.h.i.+ng up a Slave Governing Collar, this is a pretty good Immortal tool!" Qin Yun laughed loudly.

He also doesn't hope to put this collar on Xian Rujing and turn her into his slave. That woman is very crafty.

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