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Chapter 672

Originally there were not many Devil Governing Masters and Martial King Realm Devil Governing Masters are even more rare. There was only one in the Divine Inscription Palace.

Right now, the Devil Governing Masters have been killed by the Devil Star Overlord, meaning that the Divine Inscription Palace's 'counting chicken before egg hatching' scheme has failed.

When the Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace heard this news, his body slightly swayed.

Now, a Martial King level Devil Governing Master has died and he even wasted a few rare Broken Boundary King Talismans. To him, this is a great loss!

The Half Immortals of other powers are extremely happy but they did not show it on their faces. Only Bao Changshou's group have gloating smiles on their faces.

"It is indeed 'trying to steal a chicken while losing the rice used to lure it'!" Bao Changshou said.

"You Immortal Weapon City people, don't be complacent . Qin Yun is dead!" The Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace shouted angrily : "That guy, Qin Yun, has the Violent Fire Inscription Spirit. His apt.i.tude in inscription is so high but he's dead now as well. Hahaha …"

Bao Changshou and the other's expression also immediately turned sorrowful.

Chu Binyu angrily said : "Isn't it all because of you? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d. In order to deal with Qin Yun, did you not summon a devil star? To cause the death of so many disciples and even losing those precious Devil Governing Masters, this is truly lifting a rock and hitting one's own foot! "

"No matter what, I must let Qin Yun die! This guy, kill us three immortal disciples, I definitely can't let him live! Even if we suffer heavy losses, as long as Qin Yun is dead, it can be considered a profit!" The half immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace shouted.

"One of your three Immortal disciples was killed by me, Jian Nanhu!" Jian Nanhu said: "Could it be that the head I gave you is not of an Immortal disciple?"

"You …"

The half immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace felt so angry that he became speechless. If it wasn't for Jian s.h.i.+tian's protection, he would have long ago grabbed Jian Nanhu and tear him into pieces.

"Unconvinced? Why don't you send out a stronger disciple! I'll kill another one! Why can Qin Yun kill two Immortal disciples while I can only kill one? I need to kill three Immortal disciples in order to surpa.s.s Qin Yun! " Jian Nanhu said coldly, "I want to surpa.s.s Qin Yun!"

"Jian s.h.i.+tian, take care of your grandson!" The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace said : "If he dares to act recklessly, then don't blame me for being impolite!"

"It should be you taking good care of your youngsters, those few Immortal disciples from before were all very arrogant people! Especially Lu Lingtian, who was killed by Qin Yun. He even wanted to rape my Jian family's female child!"

Jian s.h.i.+tian immediately became angry : "If that fellow didn't die, I definitely wouldn't have let you people off!"

At this time, a middle aged man said in a low voice : "Elder, the Devil Governing Masters we sent in are all dead, then... should we continue to break the barrier?"

"Of course! Even if the Devil Star Overlord is dead, I still want to chop it into pieces!"

At this moment, the Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace is extremely furious. He could only vent his anger on that Devil Star Overlord.

Jian s.h.i.+tian came to Bao Changshou's side and said softly : "Let's do it too. Maybe Qin Yun is still alive. If we were to enter earlier, we might have a better chance!"

Bao Changshou nodded.

Afterwards, the Sword Immortal Pavilion, the Immortal Weapon City, the Demon Immortal Paradise, the Demon Moon Island, as well as Han Fenghu and the gray robed Half Immortal all began to attack that barrier.

This made the Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace even more furious. He asked for help to break the barrier previously but no one responded.

But now, in order to save Qin Yun, they joined forces to attack.

"Qin Yun is dead for sure. Don't hold any hope!" The Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace said coldly.

Jian Nanhu also felt the same way. Although he did not wish for Qin Yun to die, he believed in what he saw, he is very clear about the Devil Star Overlord's strength.

After the Devil Star Overlord killed the Devil Governing Master, it swallowed the body and the body entered it's heart.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan are in the heart. They also obtained the dao core.

"The martial spirit in the dao core seems to be very special. It's pure white!" Xiao Yueran said.

"En, I wonder what martial spirit it is!" Qin Yun promptly used the Soul Refining Technique to extract the martial spirit within.

As expected, it is a pure white martial spirit.

"Xiao Yun, try fusing it!" Xiao Yuelan laughed: "If this Martial Spirit's ability is special, I can copy it!"


Qin Yun quickly integrated the pure white martial spirit into his Nether Sun Dao Core.

Not long after that, the white Martial Spirit was completely swallowed by the Nether Sun Martial Spirit.

The Nether Sun Martial Spirit successfully swallowed the white Martial Spirit but the Nether Sun Martial Spirit is still black.

Ling Yuner is the dao spirit of the Nether Sun. Therefore, she could immediately sensed what ability Qin Yun got from the martial spirit he swallowed. "This is... don't tell me it is the Overwhelming Righteous martial spirit? " Ling Yuner said in surprise.

"What? The name of this Martial Spirit is too weird!" Qin Yun is somewhat puzzled. He asked : "What are the specific abilities of this Martial Spirit?"

"The ability is precisely to release overwhelming righteous energy, it can intimidate the evil spirits."

"It's a special energy used to fight against evil spirits! To provide an a.n.a.logy, evil spirits are hay and righteous energy is fire. Just a little flame can ignite a large amount of hay!"

"As for the specifics, it still depends on the individual! In short, when you release the power of this Martial Spirit, you will be able to deal with evil spirits with great destructive force. Furthermore, those evil spirits are unable to attach themselves to your body."

Ling Yuner explained somewhat excitedly.

Qin Yun quickly told Xiao Yuelan of the matter.

After Xiao Yuelan heard this, she is pleasantly surprised and promptly said: "Xiao Yun, release some of that Overwhelming Righteous Dao Power. Let me see if I can duplicate it!"

Qin Yun promptly used his Nether Sun Martial Spirit to sense the Overwhelming Righteous Martial Spirit and forced out a pure white energy.

Xiao Yuelan reached out her lily-white hand to touch it and then held of Qin Yun's hand.


Xiao Yuelan also tried and managed to release that pure white energy.

"Yuelan, you are much stronger than that little girl Yuemei. You can actually directly copy another person's ability." Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Xiao Yun, it's time for us to leave as well!" Xiao Yuelan giggled and touched Qin Yun's face.


Qin Yun pulled Xiao Yuelan along and used the Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability power and left the Devil Star Overlord's body.

When he came out, Qin Yun held onto the Star Nucleus. From outside, he can control the Devil Star Overlord through the star nucleus.


A series of loud rumbles suddenly came from the sky.

" Ah.. The barrier has been broken! " Xiao Yueran said. Qin Yun promptly took back the Nine Sun Divine Hammer and placed the Devil Star Overlord into the second pearl of the Nine Sun Divine Spirit.

Boom Boom Boom!

After the barrier was broken, it set off waves of violent energy clouds. Countless energy clouds clashed against each other, creating loud rumbling sounds and thunder and lightning continuously flickered.

Inside the barrier, there were still quite a few disciples.

After seeing that the barrier was destroyed, they immediately flew into the air.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan followed the group of disciples and quickly flew into the sky.

The elders of those powers in the air just broke the barrier, they sensed that quite a few disciples are flying over.

"That is Qin Yun's aura! " Chu Binyu shouted in pleasant surprise : "Qin Yun isn't dead!"

Many people saw Qin Yun fly out from the inky black cloud.

Jian Nanhu can hardly believe that he is looking at Qin Yun.

The people from the Immortal Weapon City all started shouting happily one after another.

The expression of the Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace became extremely ugly, as if he just ate s.h.i.+t.

He went through so much trouble to summon the devil star and even sent out Immortal disciples to deal with Qin Yun.

But now, the Immortal disciples of the Divine Inscription Palace are dead, quite a few Devil Governing Masters are dead too. As for Qin Yun, he is perfectly fine, alive and kicking.

In that case, everything that the Divine Inscription Palace did to Qin Yun was futile. And their losses are disastrous.

"Qin Yun, you really did not die, it doesn't make any sense!" Jian Nanhu rushed over and asked.

"Didn't you tell me not to die? You said something about you defeating me? " Qin Yun laughed out loud : "Jian Nanhu, an idiot like you is still alive. How can I die?"

"What did you say?" I'm an idiot? "f.u.c.k you a.s.shole!" Jian Nanhu immediately became enraged: "Well, on the account of you saving me, I will not bother with you this time!"

"Qin Yun, why didn't you die?" The half immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace shouted furiously from a distance.

Bao Changshou and others also arrive at Qin Yun's side to protect him.

"Because... Because I can run away fast! " Qin Yun laughed and said : "Actually, I have to thank an old man who held a horsetail whisk. Initially, I was eaten by that Devil Star Overlord. However, after that old fogy fought with the Devil Star Overlord, I was somehow vomited out! "

"Otherwise, I might have died!"

Qin Yun said that deliberately to infuriate that Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace.

"You.. you deserve to die! " The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace became so angry that he almost vomited blood.

"If I deserve to die, then I would have already died!" Qin Yun laugh and said : "Even a s.l.u.t can have herself accepted by the heavens!"

The reason why Qin Yun was able to survive was actually because of the Martial King from the Divine Inscription Palace.

This made many people laugh inwardly.

The faces of the people from that faction of the Divine Inscription Palace are as if they have eaten a yellow lotus, even the word "bitter" is written all over their faces.

The gray robed Half Immortal said : "This informal martial arts compet.i.tion is now invalid! We will discuss the new proceedings in the next few days, so please be patient and wait for our news! "

"We also didn't want to see this kind of outcome either!"

Bao Changshou is relieved when he saw that Qin Yun can come back. He is face is full of smiles.

On one hand, he was worried about Qin Yun. On the other hand, he was afraid of being blamed by Bing Xing.

"Let's go back!" Bao Changshou shouted.

Before Qin Yun left, he looked at the disciples of Demon Moon Island. One of them is wearing a mask. It's Xiao Yuelan.

Xiao Yuelan's eyes flickered with a happy smiling expression, she bid farewell to him.

Yue Bufeng said : "Although I have experienced many dangers, my harvest during this trip is great. Without any accidents, I should be able to enter the middle stage of the Spirit Martial Realm through those Star Dao Cores!"

"That's right! The Divine Inscription Palace could be considered to have managed to do something! " Jian Ruyan laughed out loud.

This caused the expression of the Half Immortal from the Divine Inscription Palace to become even more unsightly.

Yes, that's right. Many disciples, after killing those Big Star Devils, collected quite a few Star Dao Cores but now they managed to survive. Thus, they are extremely happy to leave with their elders.

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