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The Educated Youth Who Changed His Mind (8)

With a place to return, Jiang Zhe dealt with the issues of starting school. 

At the beginning, his heart softened for a moment and he invited the old Ling couple to stay. This decision proved to be right. 

After marriage, though Jiang Zhe told Xu Qing about the exciting outside world, but seeing was better than hearing. Imaginations were ultimately imagined, and she was shocked when she saw it with her own two eyes. She had her one-year-old son, and Jiang Zhe was starting school, often not being home during the day. 

Xu Qing was inevitably somewhat helpless. At this time, Grandmother Ling helped a lot. 

She and Grandfather Ling were both natives of Beijing. Now that they've returned to their homeland, although there were some changes, but they were still more familiar than Xu Qing, someone from outside. 

During the day, Jiang Zhe and Grandfather Ling went out together, and Grandmother Ling stayed at home helping Xu Qing to take care of Dou Dou. 

After a long time, Xu Qing gradually got used to it. In her spare time, she would even knit a wool sweater for Jiang Zhe. 

She heard that the winter in Beijing could be cold, and dressing lightly could even freeze people to death. 

Grandmother Ling was in the main hall. She moved a small foldable stool over, gently rocking the cradle. 

Dou Dou clenched his two small fists on his chest, his clear and bright pair of big eyes opened wide, staring at Grandmother Ling, giggling. 

Grandmother Ling's heart was melted by his obedient and clever little look, "You're really a good little one, really making one dote on you." 

Dou Dou gave a silly smile. 

Grandmother Ling took out a soft handkerchief, wiping the saliva drooling from the corner of his mouth, before extending her index finger to lightly touch his little face. 

Dou Dou thought that Grandmother Ling was playing with him, and grabbed her finger. His body trembled in excitement, and his laughter was brighter than before. He giggled elatedly. 

Grandmother Ling's old broken heart also became warm with his laughter. 

“Dou Dou, you really are Grandmother's treasure. In the future, when Grandmother can't see you any more, how will I live?” 

Xu Qing, who was knitting a sweater by the side, paused, and then continued to knit as if nothing had happened.

When Jiang Zhe came back at night, had dinner and the young couple were lying in bed, she finally brought up what happened during the day. 

Xu Qing sighed: “Grandmother Ling and Grandfather Ling are good people and have helped us a lot. It's a pity that they had fallen into such a situation, I've always felt bad for them in my heart.” 

Jiang Zhe held her and asked: “Then what do you want to do?” 

Xu Qing: “I don't know. I want to help them, but I don't know how to.” 

Jiang Zhe pondered for moment and said: “I know what to do. It's late, let's sleep.” 

He kissed Xu Qing's forehead, giving her a good night kiss and hugged her to sleep. 

Neither of them brought up that night's discussion afterwards. The two of them weren't together during the day time, both busy with their own things. In the blink of an eye, they had been here for four months already. 

The weather became extraordinarily cold. He wore the sweater that Xu Qing knitted for him. Flipping to the hem at the back of the sweater, there really was a grey rabbit there. 

[Jiang Zhe, do you see this grey bunny? It really looks like you, that cold aloof expression that pushes people thousands of miles away, and the cold air that surrounds you. You are a bunny, is such an aloof temperament really good? Am I right, grey bunny?] 

He touched the rabbit eyes, looked down and laughed. 

He put the sweater on, a warm feeling surrounding him, going straight into his heart. 

Then, he walked normally through the university doors. These few months were sufficient for him to become accustomed to the intense and enthusiastic learning atmosphere of university students. 

After finis.h.i.+ng the morning, he went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. This era's university cafeteria had a lot of conscience. The food was cheap and of good quality, the plain buns were fragrant and fresh, and they were big too. But Jiang Zhe didn't like to eat it, he still preferred to eat rice with dishes. 

He didn't have any requirements previously, but now that he had money to use openly, why would he ill-treat himself?? 

In the afternoon, he had more Going home at night, when he pa.s.sed by the free market, he would buy some food.

Jiang Zhe had become "honest" with Xu Qing, taking out his wealth. Xu Qing was surprised, but more so she was happy. 

With money, Xu Qing had no worries and was willing to buy food. 

Her heart panged at the thought of Jiang Zhe's effort in studying, her son was still small, Grandmother and Grandfather Ling also used to suffer so much in the past, they all needed to be properly nourished. 

Therefore, the house would often have stewed chicken and bone broth. Jiang Zhe would buy back some vegetables and add it to the broth, making it less oily. 

However, when pa.s.sing the free market today, Jiang Zhe saw some fish. He recalled two days ago, Xu Qing had mentioned that fish soup was nouris.h.i.+ng. With this in mind, he bought it. 

Grandmother Ling opened the door for him, saw that he came home with his hands full again, and couldn't help but nag, “You are still young, and you should save more if you have the money.” 

Jiang Zhe knew that she was saying out of goodwill, thus he glossed over it with a smile. 

After dinner, taking advantage of everyone still being at the table, he asked the old Ling couple: “How do you feel about this place?” 

Grandmother Ling was not clear of his intentions, and replied honestly: “It's very good.” 

Jiang Zhe: “Are you happy living here?”

Grandmother Ling smiled, “Living and eating well every day, along with Dou Dou that adorable bundle of joy, of course I'm happy." 

Grandfather Ling nodded in agreement. 

Jiang Zhe was a.s.sured: “Since you like it here, if you don't disdain it, stay on in the future.” 

Old Ling couple: “This………” 

Jiang Zhe continued: “In fact, this is also out of my own selfish wishes. When Qing Qing first arrived here, she wasn't used to the life and area. It's better with Grandmother's care and guidance. In the future, when Dou Dou is all grown up, Professor Ling can also teach him. It's difficult to find a teacher like Professor Ling.” 

Grandfather Ling's eyes were warm. He knew that Jiang Zhe was just giving them face. Not to mention that Dou Dou was still small, Jiang Zhe himself was very talented. In the future, when Dou Dou was grown up, he could similarly teach him. 

The old Ling couple looked at each other and saw the amus.e.m.e.nt in each other's eyes. 

Grandfather Ling nodded slightly under Xu Qing's antic.i.p.atory eyes. 

The days after pa.s.sed by normally, but it could be visibly seen that the old Ling couple loved Dou Dou even more. In the past, they may have regarded themselves as outsiders and didn't dare to expect more. Now, they were even more enthusiastic than Jiang Zhe and Xu Qing this pair of young parents. 

Although Jiang Zhe didn't say it clearly that night, but who would be willing to take responsibility of two elderlies' lives without any reason? Even if they didn't have any blood relations, he could be considered a G.o.dson. 

The three generations got along in unexpected harmony. If outsiders saw, they would also think that they were three generations of grandparents and grandchildren of the same family. 

The beautiful days pa.s.sed by in a flash, and in the blink of an eye, Dou Dou was three years old. 

Xu Qing hadn't seen her parents for more than a year. 

Raising a child, understanding a parent's feelings. This sentence was very suitable for Xu Qing. 

Despite the New Year approaching, her brows were locked together in deep thought. 

Jiang Zhe hugged her from behind her and whispered: “I sent a letter to Dad and Mom. They should be able to come on the fifteenth.”

Xu Qing was delighted, turning around in his embrace and looked up at her husband's face, "Really?" 

Jiang Zhe replied nasally "En". 

Xu Qing was elated. Looking around and seeing no one, she kissed her husband's chin. 

Jiang Zhe's eyes were deep. Not waiting for her to retreat, he bowed his head slightly, searching for the right place for a kiss. 


At the end of the kiss, the small audience in the corner gave a sigh. 

The two looked over. Dou Dou's mouth was in an o-shape, his hands covering his eyes. 

Of course, it would be better if his fingers were not so far apart. 

Xu Qing's face exploded in redness. Pus.h.i.+ng Jiang Zhe aside, she ran away. Jiang Zhe's face turned black, wanting to hit his naughty child. 

Dou Dou was very sly, running and sticking to Grandmother Ling's room. Jiang Zhe was too embarra.s.sed to go in to get him. 

Jiang Zhe shook his head and walked back. “Don't know who this naughty little boy took after? He wasn't so naughty when he was young.” 

System: “Are you sure?” 

Jiang Zhe recalled the horrifying days dominated by his child's wailing, and turned silent. 

Just as Dou Dou was jumping around, the Xu parents arrived.

Dou Dou was very excited. Wearing new clothes, he constantly combed his hair, “Mom, do I look good like this? Will Grandma and Grandpa like me when they see me?” 

Xu Qing smiled widely and rubbed his head, saying confidently: “Dou Dou looks very good. When Grandma and Grandpa see Dou Dou, they will surely like you.” 

Dou Dou immediately smiled openly in happiness. 

This was indeed the case. The Xu parents had not seen their grandson in over a year. When they saw him again, they cherished him to no end, greatly satisfying Dou Dou's vanity, making him extremely proud. 

Jiang Zhe sometimes really couldn't understand. He and Xu Qing were both low-key and introverted people, how was this child so high-profile and outgoing, liking to stand out. 


“Jiang Zhe, come over and help me take some pictures. Remember to take it more beautifully.” 

The old lady in her seventies was still dressed up beautifully, holding a new mobile phone bought by her grandson. No matter how she took it, she wasn't satisfied with the results and could only call for her old husband. 

Jiang Zhe gave in to his fate and walked over to take a picture of her. 

He finally understood now why Dou Dou loved to show off, it was all hereditary.

TN: End of this arc! I really loved the ending, giving it a light and sweet touch ? I read a review on NU recently. The commentor mentioned that she didn't know what Jiang Zhe's task was or how it was completed, but I'm just speculating that he has to change the original soul's fate (remember that in the original plot line, that is usually briefly mentioned, most of them faced tragedies in their ending) or essentially live a happy life. In this case, the happy life is usually with the female lead.

On a side note, with the completion of this arc, there won't be any chapters tomorrow. The next arc has 9 chapters, so I'm not sure if it'll be finished this week, given how chapters are longer now compared to the first few ?

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