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Slavica and Jeremic, who had gone to the US CIA University to receive intelligence education, finished their education a year earlier than other students and came back to Baku. They were talented young men.
Youngho had recommended them to the CIA before because they were outstanding young men among the descendants of the knights of the Serbian Kingdom who were staying in Baku's Serbian ranch.
Now they had become regular agents of the US CIA. They could speak Serbian, Azerbaijani, and English. They were of course sent to work for the CIA's European chapter since there were not a lot of agents who could freely communicate in the Balkan Peninsula and the Caucasus region. Youngho and Jong-il could, but their Asian features were sometimes an obstacle in those regions.

"Prince consort. We were able to finish our education quickly all because of your support."

"Well done, you two. We've heard about your progress through different sources but we didn't know that you'd be finis.h.i.+ng your education this early. I'm proud to see that you are living up to the name of the descendants of the Serbian knights."

They were of course at an advantage since they had mastered the special breathing technique of the Serbian knights. They were physically stronger than common people and most importantly, they were full of sense of duty.
They studied hard in the United States and refused to come back home even during their breaks. The CIA was quite impressed by their achievement as well.
Youngho's word of compliment meant a lot to them. It was because Youngho, the prince consort of the Archd.u.c.h.ess, was a huge figure among the descendants of the Serbian Kingdom and also because he was their superior agent as well.

"Chief Michael told me that you were going to be a.s.signed to the Caucasus region but I opposed it with all my will. Someone talented as you two should work in Europe. The Caucasus is too small for you. Since I have my team watching over the Caucasus, there's not much for you to do here."

"We only wish to support you, prince consort."

"I think it'll be great if you could work your way up to the headquarters in Langley after working in the European Chapter. The Arirang Autonomous State needs insiders who are in the mainstream group of the CIA."

Since the two were only rookies in the CIA, they would need a lot of support from their connections and experience in the field. Because they had graduated the CIA University, it would be more helpful for them to be in the headquarters where most of their connections from the university would be gathered.

"Now that you're done with studying and have decent jobs, all you need is to find a woman for yourself."

"We still have a long way to go prince consort. Maybe we'll work for two more years before looking for women."

"Did you already find girls in America by any chance?"


They did not reply to Youngho right away. It seemed that they might have already found girls from America.

"I guess you already have girls in mind. Alright, good luck with that."

"Thank you."

Youngho thought about the juniors from the Korean Navy Special Forces since they were yet to find women for themselves, unlike these Serbian young fellas who had just graduated from university. It was a shame.

The mansion on Zeynep Farm was crowded with people in a long time.
There was a month left until the kids went back to their school and since Rena was going to enroll in the international school in Baku, he came back with his family early from the autonomous state.
Rena seemed to be fond of Baku.
The scenery of Zeynep Farm was quite different from the empty-looking autonomous state. A hill full of trees, the stream at the center, and the antique-looking buildings on the farm made a warm and homey atmosphere.
Although she decided to stay with Jelyan and Leon instead of going back to Tskhinvali where her mom was, it was natural for her to miss her mom. She visited Katya not long ago with Il-kwon and she seemed to be relieved to find out that Tskhinvali was only about an hour away on a light airplane. She could go back anytime to meet her mom and grandmother.
Katya loved Rena's decision to stay with Youngho since she was happy that Rena would be able to study at an international school rather than being in South Ossetia where the educational standard was quite low.
She rather thanked Youngho and Fatima for their support for her daughter. Youngho was also glad that Katya did not mind him raising Rena.
Katya was now highly motivated to expand the hotel in Tskhinvali since she was not able to do that with her daughter around. To support her, Youngho sent some funds for the construction of the new condominium.


After hearing that Korean employees of Zeynep Security Service were having a hard time finding girls to marry, Karajan stepped up to be in charge of a matchmaker's job.
She had been solely focusing on raising her children, so she got excited to have a new job apart from babysitting. She visited Baku University and met up with senior girls who might be interested in meeting Korean guys.

"Ugh, she might end up making a marriage broker company at this rate."

"What about it? Your kids now go to the kindergarten on Zeynep Farm. It'll be good for her if she gets back to work."

"Don't say that so easily just because it's not your business."

"What's wrong? Karajan doesn't make breakfast for you anymore because she's too busy now? You can come to our house to eat."

"No, not that. You know how ambitious Karajan can be."

"You said she was stubborn. Is she now ambitious?"

"That's the same thing. If she is determined to make money, she will do it at the cost of our family's happiness."

"Dude, chill out. She's been home ever since she married you and had children. Don't you remember how active she used to be when she worked at Chunho Merchant's direct clothing store? She needs a place to breathe. You're always gone for work anyway."

Youngho and Jong-il were now always at the autonomous state that they only came home a handful times in a month. Fatima and the kids visited the state often but Karajan hated flying since she was scared of it. She was always in Baku.

"I was thinking about giving her an office at the Arirang Hotel's building for a marriage broker business. What do you think?"

"Jeez, you really want to make it big?"

Youngho thought that a decent place was needed for a marriage broker business.
When a couple was on a blind date, many women would naturally want to meet at a clean and luxury café, so he thought a hotel would be a perfect spot for Karajan's office. When single women entered the hotel, they would feel like a Cinderella in a luxury palace.
If the consulting office was located in a hotel, it would be easy to gain clients' trust.
Although Azerbaijan was not a traditional Islamic country as it was more liberal, there were still a lot of marriage broker businesses since many marriages were still arranged by conservative parents.
Many parents would come to a consulting office with the pictures and profiles of their sons and daughters to look for a great match for them. Those parents would especially be intrigued to see an office in a luxurious hotel. They would feel like they had come to a high-cla.s.s business, and trust that they would find a high-cla.s.s match for their sons or daughters.
That was what Youngho was after.
Since he was trying to get a match for Asian, non-Muslim guys, which was not traditional at all, he wanted to appeal the superficial sides of the office and the Korean guys to the parents and ladies. It was not a lie since the Korean employees were actually making way more than normal Azerbaijani workers.

"Karajan, do you like this spot?"

"Oh my! Boss. Won't this be too good for my small business? I don't want my clients to get overwhelmed by the look."

"This will earn their trust, don't you think?"

"You are indeed generous!"

Even after getting married and quitting her job, she still called Youngho her boss.

"You know those Korean guys really need you. If you can match up to ten couples, that will be a great success."

"I'll try my best. I will find great Baku ladies for them."

"Some of the guys want to live in the autonomous state. I don't think it will be easy. Wouldn't Baku ladies who are used to big cities hate to move to a remote area?"

"Oh, you don't know about girls here. They'll want to follow their husbands no matter what once they're married."

"Still, I doubt that they want to live in the autonomous state. It's not a well-equipped city yet."

"I'll take care of that. You shouldn't be worried."

Karajan a.s.sured Youngho confidently.
It seemed that she was quite excited about her office. She was highly motivated now.


Hong Sung-ki entered Zeynep Corporation's office in downtown Baku with an excited face.

"Do you like her?"

"Are you kidding me? She's going to win a beauty pageant if she ran for one."

Most ladies in Baku were beautiful, but any women in the early 20s were all beautiful in any country. To Hong Sung-ki, who was getting older without a dating experience in a long while, any women in that age range would look like they were angels from heaven.
Youngho worried that he might insist on dating only Korean ladies but he accepted interracial marriage naturally. This might be Youngho and Jong-il's influence since they all married a woman from a different country.

"Dude, I'm not saying about her face. How is she really?"

"Boss. Ladies here are so kind. I don't need to be so picky about them. The parents' of the girl I met today were quite surprised to hear what I make a year. They looked like they were ready to give me their blessing any day if I told them that I'm going to get married to their daughter."

Since Zeynep Corporation that included different businesses like Zeynep Farm, Zeynep Security Service, and Arirang Hotel—who was well known in Baku, people generally thought highly of others if they were employed by the corporation. The girl's parents must have been intrigued to hear that Hong Sung-ki was one of them.

"Man, are you ready to get married already?"

"When do you think I'll be able to meet a beautiful lady like that?"

"Girls here are all pretty!"

"There's another thing I liked about her."

"What is it?"

"I asked her if she would be fine living with my parents, and she nodded. Man, she was so cool."

"Are you trying to get your parents to move here?"

"Yes. They're farming in a rural area in Korea but they're getting older. I want to serve them now."

Hong Sung-ki cared about his parents dearly. He wanted their parents to retire soon and come to live with him.

"Okay, if you feel that way, I'll give you any house you want at Zeynep Farm. You could ask your parents to come and live with you."

"Thank you, Boss."

"I'm only doing this so you can serve your parents, not for your sake."

Youngho, who lost his parents while he was serving in the military, cared for others' parents to a great deal. The reason that he was so fond of Michael or Yaniv was that they were about the same age with his parents if they were still alive. If any of the security guards wanted to bring their parents, he wanted to support their decision wholeheartedly since he did not want anyone to regret like him after their parents pa.s.sed.

"But I surely want to live in the autonomous state. It's also closer to Siberia."

"Would a lady from a big city want to live in such a remote region? Ask your girl first. Our Jets can get them to travel from the state to Baku within an hour."

If the runway of Zeynep Farm was modified a little bit, Jets would be able to land on the farm as well. Youngho was also planning to buy another Jet that would be dedicated to Zeynep Farm.

"My parents still want to farm after retiring. Their dream is to have a large land for themselves."

It was not easy to own a large area in Korea. It was because the country was quite populated and the land was extremely expensive.

"Well, if they are still strong enough to farm, there are tons of land that can be spared at the autonomous state."

"Boss, are you going to distribute the farmland in the autonomous state?"

"Most definitely. In fact, I'll start distributing it this year."

"For free?"

"I need to be fair to everyone. I'll make them repay for the land in the course of ten years. But the land will be cheap since I don't want to burden our residents."

"You mean I can register too?"

"Are you a farmer? Your parents might be able to, but not you."

Hong Sung-ki was intrigued by Youngho's words.
It was understandable since many Koreans thought buying land was a great investment.
Youngho was, in fact, one of them. He was crazy about land and properties.

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