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At the living room of Yaniv's mansion in Volgograd, Yaniv—who seemed to have put on some pounds—and Sergey reacted differently to Youngho's absurd order.

"You are collecting those weird things now?"

Sergey looked at Youngho ridiculously, and Yaniv could not hold back his laughter.
This was indeed a ridiculous idea to Youngho as well.
It would be understandable to have about ten vessels, but one disguised wars.h.i.+p did not seem to be as effective on its own.

"It's for peace of mind."

Youngho was out of excuses that he just told him a random reason.

"Are you that bored these days? If you don't have anything to do, why don't you come with me for hunting?"

Yaniv truly believed that Youngho was just trying to buy a disguised wars.h.i.+p for a hobby. It was more convenient for Youngho that way.

"Mr. Yaniv, an escort vessel is necessary to freely travel around the five oceans. There are pirates in action near the Panama Ca.n.a.l now."

"Arirang s.h.i.+pping must have its own armed vessels. Are you really going to buy a wars.h.i.+p just because you're afraid of those petty pirates?"

"It's to prepare for unexpected situations. It's still a suicidal mission to sail around the Black Sea. The Arirang s.h.i.+pping decided to take the risk because private s.h.i.+ppers and retailers pleaded to us to transport their goods for them. We've been bribing the Russian Navy as well."

"Oh, you shouldn't be worried. I already told the Black Sea Fleet to let you pa.s.s."

The Russian Navy must have done that in order to provide supplies to Russians, and it had been working out well for Youngho. He already knew what Russia was up to, but he still pretended not to know about anything.

"I heard that there are countless uncompleted wars.h.i.+ps in Russian s.h.i.+pyards. Why don't you reconnect with your old friends this time?"

'Old friends' meant other mafias and influential people who might have connections with wars.h.i.+p makers.

"Do you need it armed too?"

"I don't think that's possible because of the public eye, but if you could make a launcher for a missile under the deck, I'd really appreciate it."

Thinking that Yaniv would reject his request if he asked for a missile as well, Youngho thought that would utilize the missiles that were stored in the autonomous state.
Being a mafia boss of southern Russia, Yaniv must have defense companies and s.h.i.+pyards under his influence. If Yaniv really tried, he would be able to get even a nuclear weapon on that vessel.

"I knew you were up to something when you agreed to provide supplies without a word."

It was true that Youngho wanted to make Yaniv feel indebted by doing him a favor, but he was a businessman who would not show his intention so easily.

"Well, those supplies, I only agreed to provide them to save your face."

"Okay, okay. I'll inquire about the s.h.i.+p from a few places. It'll take some time in order to keep it a secret."

There was nothing Yaniv could not do in Russia. It was only a matter of time.

Youngho was going to leave the next day, but he was stopped by Sergey.

"You've finished your business with Boss. Now, why don't we talk about our business?"

"Brother. Our supplies for Turkey is not even enough. If I cut their supply and turn them to Russia, it'll damage our reputation."

"Lee. Any business should be closed after talking about money. I'll pay you more. Think about the handmade hunting rifles and wolf furs."

The hunting rifles and wolf furs produced in the autonomous state were sold out in Russia as soon as they were restocked. In the beginning, Sergey almost forcefully sold them to his connections but now, they gained huge popularity in the market.
Especially, the hunting rifles were favored as great gifts. Even a trend of giving them to their lovers as a present was created among rich Russians.
The quality of the rifles was proven since even Yaniv also gave it to President Putin.

"Well, I can't help it if you're going to force it like that."

"I'm just asking you a favor. It's a better deal for you too."

"Very well. We're currently changing our conventional production method to modernized production method. We'll be able to provide some of them in the winter."

"It's not automatized production but modernized production?"

"We still need to handcraft them so that they don't lose their value."

"You know, I can sell machine-made products as handcrafted products."

Sergey was used to doing everything in the mafia's way.

"Oh, that's fine, brother. I'm not going to deceive anyone with the products made in the autonomous state."

"Who's deceiving who? I'm just following the logic of the market."

That market logic was the mafia's logic and power.


Yaniv was someone who had the whole world in his hands and was always bored.
It was impossible to estimate his a.s.sets. He was a mafia boss in his 60s and all of his businesses were already well established. All he needed to do was to maintain his health so that he could live long.
Other than frequently going on hunting trips, he had no other official events these days.
Now that Youngho was here, he did not wish to let him go so easily. Since he insisted for Youngho to stay longer and keep him company, Youngho could not refuse him so coldly.
Yaniv's mansion located in the outskirt of Volgograd was adjacent to the Volga River. It was a great place for fun outdoor activities such as fis.h.i.+ng, horseback riding, and different sports.

"Brother. Where is Park Jong-il?"

"Oh, he's at the gym. He said that he's going to teach lethal movements to our bodyguards. Man, I bet he's going to knock down some of our men tonight."

Every time Youngho and Jong-il visited Volgograd, Yaniv's bodyguards sought a chance to learn from them, so Jong-il had been sparring with them as much as possible.
It was sparring but it rather looked like one party beating up the other party. Although they could not ever beat Jong-il, they kept challenging him. Their determination to improve was quite impressive.

"Mr. Yaniv wanted to go fis.h.i.+ng with me. Are you coming along?"

"Well, I should. He gets insecure when I'm not around."

Since Sergey was the most trusted man, a G.o.dson, and the brain of Yaniv's organization, he always followed wherever Yaniv went. Without Sergey's business skills, Yaniv would not have the riches he had now.

The Volga River that flowed in front of the mansion was 3,600 kilometers long. It was the longest river in Europe. Russians were proud of it, and they referred to it as the Mother Volga.
It was connected to the Black Sea through a ca.n.a.l, and it connected Russia to the Baltic Sea as it was connected by a series of that pa.s.sed through Moscow.
The Volga River's downstream was quite wide, and countless vessels traveled through it.
Youngho and Yaniv were now fis.h.i.+ng at the front of the river as they set on the edge of a field. They talked for a while and Yaniv finally asked about the wars.h.i.+p.

"Why on earth do you need a wars.h.i.+p? Are you trying to battle with someone?"

"Oh, Mr. Yaniv. That's nonsense. I just want to have it to satisfy my own desire."

"Man, you have such a weird hobby. I'd understand if you collect antiques or valuable pieces of jewelry but I never get people who collect weapons."

Yaniv seemed to have a little doubt in his heart, but Youngho was relieved that Yaniv just thought of it as his hobby.

"Oh, you don't know how much people like to collect weapons these days? If I get rich like you, Mr. Yaniv, I'd buy a yacht and cover it all over with arms and brag it as I sail it around. It's a dream of a true man."

He looked at Youngho with an absurd face and made a point.

"Jeez, the Internet has spoiled so many people."

Yaniv's dinner table was full as always.
All sorts of gourmet dishes were there. It was a little too much for only a few people, but it was also a very common convention among mafias. Not only mafias but also rich Russians were known to practice hospitality if they had guests. It was to show off their wealth and generous manners, and the guests would only consider saying that they were treated well once they received such hospitality. It was not acceptable to have an empty spot on the table when guests were around. The table should be filled up even with any alcoholic drinks in the house.

"Mr. Yaniv. I feel pressured because you always prepare so much every time."

"I don't know what you might think but I consider you as my friend. We Russians treat our friends well. This is only the basics."

"How dare can I consider someone as huge as you as my friend, Mr. Yaniv?"

"Are you saying you don't want to be friends with a mafia?"

"That's not what I'm saying. I'm just a young man who still has a long way to go. I can't be put on the same line as you."

"Well, looking back, my past had been indeed dark and hard."

Now that Yaniv was over 60, he felt that his life was in vain. He regretted that he had been a mafia his whole life.

"This might sound a little vulgar, but there's a saying that you should make like a dog and write like a minister. You know you're living in the dark times once it gets harder and harder to make it to the next day. Any person with some guts would have walked in your ways too. I know I would've but you're different now. You're a prideful and confident businessman and philanthropist now."

As Youngho was speaking, he realized that he got carried away and his speech might have sounded as if he was lecturing Yaniv. He apologized immediately.

"Forgive me if I came across a little rude. As I told you, I'm still a young boy and I don't have much experience like you."

"I know you're young, Lee, but you seem to know how this world works. I like that a lot. You're saying that I'm fine now, right?"

"Oh, you're not just fine. You're admirable."

Youngho could throw in flattering words a hundred times to his business partners especially when they asked about themselves first. Acknowledging the other party's achievements was the basics of negotiation. People would not be hostile towards the other party when they were flattered by him.

"Hahaha… You know how to give a sweet talk, but I'm flattered to hear that I'm admirable. Alright, let's drink up!"

Looking at Yaniv drinking in a good mood, Youngho was sure that he would be getting the vessel he wanted without any trouble. Since he was not buying the vessel for his business and Yaniv was helping him find it, he would not have to pay a high price. He could just forget it if the price was too high, and Yaniv knew that as well.

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