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Chapter 81.1: Set Up

For a fleeting moment, he seemed to have heard a familiar voice, and he did not know whether it was because he had drunk too much which was making him hear things.

It was only till Mo Fei Ran called out to him from behind that he returned to his senses.

"It's nothing, go on and leave!"

And at that same moment, in a dense forest about a hundred miles away from the Imperial Capital, a slender bodied shadow in front finally came to a stop, his brows creased up as he stared ahead of him, seemingly rather frustrated.

He was rather familiar with this place but it was exactly because he knew this place well that he knew he must stop and not go any deeper inside.

This stretch of forest had become mystifying boglands and although he was surrounded trees that stretched further than the eye could see, once one reached the center region, it became a place filled with poisonous obstacles and the land below one's feet would suddenly turn to bogs. If one was not careful and came to step into the boglands, then it would be hopeless no matter whether one called out to the Heavens or to Earth.

At the moment that he hesitated, the sound of swishes broke through the air and several black shadows then appeared within the dense forest.

"Mu Chi, we do not have any bad intentions and merely want to ask Young Miss Mu to come out to help us with a favour."

The leader was a tall framed man who stepped forward. He looked to be about twenty seven or twenty eight years of age and was rather stalwart looking, seemingly a candid and straightforward man.

The Carefree Valley's Alliance could be found in all corners of the Constellation Lands and they were all dressed fully in black, their faces covered with a malevolent demon mask. This was to prevent themselves from being identified and the most famous ones among them all in the Carefree Valley were the mysterious and highly elusive Ten Great

The were cla.s.sified in three levels as Heaven, Mystical, and Yellow. Above the Heaven level, were the Gold Medal who possessed even more terrifying powers. It was said that to employ a Gold Medal to carry out a mission, the price would not be lower than ten thousand gold and it could well be imagined just how rare Gold Medal were.

And the Ten Great, were ranked even above the Gold Medal

They were part of the Carefree Valley's might but was also an independent body of people, establis.h.i.+ng a Temple within the valley. It was said that these ten people were the Carefree Valley's trump card and they were so mysterious that no one knew anything about them.

The only thing that was known was that the Ten Great were an highly unconventional bunch of people in the Carefree Valley as they would never hide their faces or aura. That was because no one had ever survived under their hands.

And before his eyes, the group of about six or seven people were all uniformly clothed in black and a demon mask except for the man leading them who did not cover his face in anyway, which undoubtedly meant that he was one of the Ten Great

Mu Chi sighed inwardly at his bad luck today. He had just come out from the Mu Manor when he been marked by this bunch of guys.

Although he possessed rather great skills himself, but with so many people to attack him from all sides and they also had such a legendary grade killer with them, the slightest offense taken with a misplaced word might very well cost him his life here.

He silently considered his current circ.u.mstances and then opened his mouth to ask: "If you are looking for my elder sister, shouldn't you go look for her in the Mu Manor? What is the meaning of pursuing me so relentlessly like this?"

[Could that demoness Mu Lai have somehow come to antagonize such a bunch of people in the past? With that tyrannical and aggressive character of hers who considered herself above everyone, she just very well might have come to have offended other people.]

The tall framed man then laughed softly and said: "Though the Carefree Valley and the Limitless Sect could be considered to share rather friendly relations, but since you are close to Young Miss Mu, she would naturally agree to it if you plead with her on our behalf. If we do it ourselves, I fear that if negotiations turn sour we would have to do it the hard way."

The man opened his mouth to explain patiently, his gentle and polite personality one that you would never expect to belong to a cruel and bloodthirsty killer.  

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