Potion Maker Chapter 59: Cecily, Pebble, And Errors

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Will and Klaus sat in a room having tea as they chatted about Cecily and her condition.

"So Will, what do you think about my daughter's condition?" Klaus asked as he put his cup down and looked at Will with a piercing look that only a concerned father could have.

Will looked out the small window he sat next to as he scratched his finger on the armrest of the chair he sat in, he sighed as he looked at the children run through the streets and the disciples that cultivated, and absorbed large amounts of blood from vats scattered across the training ground.

"I hate to say this old man, but it doesn't seem like I can fix this with my current capabilities"

Turning to look at Klaus, he saw his eyes dim as his shoulders started to slouch, though the next words said returned some of the light in his eyes.

"Although there is a chance she'll die before I can do anything, I promise that I'll do anything in my power to help her, even if I cannot permanently cure her I should be able to prolong her overall life in the future"

Will smiled lightly as he looked at the no longer slouching Klaus, even if Cecily wasn't in the situation she was in he would still help the two. They, after all these years have become important to him, and considering all the help they gave him by going against the laws of the universe he is serious about helping as much as he can.

Looking at Will a strange glimmer appeared in Klaus's eyes as he looked at Will causing him to mentally facepalm, 'not again..'

"You should marry my daughter, you know she likes you right? Besides, it would be best for her to experience having a family on the off chance she cannot be cured, plus, you like her too right? Not to mention you two would make such beautiful children!"

Listening to Klaus bring up marrying his daughter for the nth time, Will could only sigh, "I doubt she does have feelings like that for me (although I never talked to her about that) plus, her temper got a "little" more out of hand these past five years, she's like a fierce tigress nowadays"

Laughing, Klaus slapped his knees as he stared deeply at Will, "She's like a tame kitten around you though, how could you not notice her feelings for you?"

"Old man, she could just be being kind, she is a nice girl if you can get used to her temper though"

"Oh, come on! My daughter isn't one of those girls who is kind to everyone, and ends up breaking countless hearts! She's only ever kind to you! It's as obvious as the pale b.u.t.t of an infant in broad daylight!"

Pouting slightly, a very odd sight to see on a man any age, Klaus started to tear up slightly, "She is even cold to me her own father! I don't know what's worse! Your obliviousness? Or my daughter ignoring her own father most of the time!?"

Will sweatdropped as he listened to Klaus throw a small tantrum, he sighed as he looked at him.

"Okay, you finally got me, I'll go speak to Cecily about what you mentioned later, and you are correct old man, I do like her"

Upon mentioning this, some doubts that clouded Will's soul disappeared as he felt a pleasant but also painful twinge in his soul as he felt a connection form off in the distance.


Clearing his head Will stood up as he looked at the not-that-visible grin on Klaus's face as he gave Will two thumbs up, shouting "You have my blessings!" as he walked out the door.

Walking through the gate, Will started going over things in his head as he decided to walk aimlessly as he thought.

Thinking about his points, he decided to ask the system a few questions that were churning within his mind for some time.

"System, are you the system, or just a middle-man of sorts?"

Upon the sudden question, Will felt as if something within his mind tripped and stood up panicked, as if what was said was extremely shocking.

-I never thought you were this intelligent Will. You are correct in fact, if there wasn't certain conditions, I wouldn't be here and you would be dealing with a bland and boring interface or monotone voice.

Scowling as he tried to ignore the insult to his intelligence, Will decided to ask why he has less points than he should as he stopped briefly to allow some younger members of the branch clan to walk by.

"What about my points? Why are they less than they should be?"

It was almost as if a snicker could be heard in his head, as the system answered him.

-Because the system was created from a s.h.i.+tty pc merging with lightning and your soul, there are many glitches and issues it has handling such intense things. Frankly consider yourself lucky that I am here, or the system might have glitched away all of your points, I might not have full control, but I have enough to add features and unlock them earlier, plus making sure glitches are minimal and less harmful.

Will might not understand the voice's issue with electronics, but the fact of the matter is cultivators and any other ent.i.ties harnessing any kind of energy (except electrokinesis) hates electronics with a pa.s.sion. For example, when QI (more than what is naturally present in the vicinity of the device) goes through the device they all short circuit or burst into flames, another reason worlds, planets, and realms with a lot of powerful cultivators lack technology, except when they discover on how to use QI crystals in place of mortal power sources, then find a way to use cultivation resources to make their own technology, not artifacts, something usable even towards people that cannot harness QI. Though, only cultivators can use cultivator technology to it's full potential, as it runs off of their energy directly.

In response to what the system said, Will stared at a pebble in the path as if it ate his dinner, slapped his cat, and ran off with his sister.

(AN: I couldn't really come up with a reaction, so, ugh, here ya go.)

"So what are the good things? The good things that come out of this unstable system?"

Hearing this, the "system" laughed causing Will's mind to shake as he nearly lost his balance, embarra.s.sed at the fact he nearly fell because of laughter, he angrily kicked the pebble in his way as he resumed walking aimlessly.

The pebble unbeknownst to him, bounced off a tree, slipped through a window, bounced off the head of a couple banging, rolled off the arm of the lady bouncing around, and fell into a questionable pool of white and clear liquids, bounced off the ground from a tremor caused in the nearest training ground, flew through the air after being kicked by the guy's feet at another climax, and flew out the crack in the window once again to land in a cup of tea, as a young man entered the pavilion, sat down, and started drinking…

This man was Cecily's brother…

-Well, the good things, as you have very "cleverly" worded, are that I can even if slightly, influence the prices of things you can buy from the system shop, not the market place, that is ran by a separate system that exists in all universes that divine beings and anyone powerful enough can access. Congratulations on accessing the system shop last month, don't thank me, nope, I didn't help you out at all. By the way, things that are cheap might glitch beyond my control and jump from six points to one thousand, so don't be surprised when a one thousand point item drops to six points suddenly, in fact, purchase it before it is fixed.

"That seems unbelievable, but I have a feeling you wouldn't lie about this"

-What would I get out of that? The stronger you get, the faster you can, the better.

Will was extremely shocked at what he heard, shocked enough he failed to notice a green faced Klein vomiting in a pavilion after using a technique to view the memories of an object; on a pebble that appeared in his mouth when he finished his tea.

He even failed to notice he was already changed and laying in his bed as he started to grin stupidly at the thought of what he could get out of the system's errors.

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