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Chapter 87 - Small Chat

Lin Zi Rui sat numbly with his eyes staring straight ahead in a daze. His heart… is so painful. Why is it so painful? If he is not so greedy, he should still be Yang Shao Yu's friend. But now, everything is gone. 

Suddenly the door opens. Lin Zi Rui looked up in expectation but it was not Shao Yu. 

The waiter put all their ordered dishes on the table and was about to go out and was stopped.   Lin Zi Rui stood up and handed his wallet to her. "Count the money."

"But you haven't eaten yet..." The waiter looked at Lin Zi Rui strangely and looked down at the untouched dishes on the table. 

“Count the money”. Lin Zi Rui said one more time. 

"Alright." The waiter took Lin Zi Rui's wallet.

With his body slightly bend, Lin Zi Rui slowly walked out the door. Right now he just wanted to leave here. 

"Sir, you have forgotten your wallet and things."

Lin Zi Rui walked out of the restaurant but he heard the waiter calling out to him. He took the wallet, but the waiter also gave him another bag.

"This is not..." Lin Zi Rui is trying to say that this is not mine, but he knew it was Yang Shao Yu's bag when he see it. It seems that just now he had forgotten to take it away.

Looking at the bag for a minute, Lin Zi Rui finally picked it up with his slightly trembling hand. 

Then he turned and walked slowly on the street.

Perhaps, this thought should have never crossed his mind from the start. 

Yang Shao Yu went home and felt his head was aching. His hand rubbed his throbbing head, trying to ease the pain.  

He never expected Zi Rui would have that kind of mind towards him… 

He took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and pour it in the cup.

It seems like his loud heartbeats just now finally calm down. 

If he knew that Lin Zi Rui is gay...

Yang Shao Yu was silent by his thought. If he knew Lin Zi Rui's orientation, would he still willing to become Lin Zi Rui's friend?

Thinking of Zi Rui and his face appeared clearly in his mind. Yang Shao Yu frowned as he went to the balcony. Then he sighed. Maybe he will because even now he seems to be a bit reluctant to him.

After a sleepless night, Yang Shao Yu woke up early the next morning and go to work. 

At this time, the security guard just changed the s.h.i.+ft. Because it was still too early, he felt like he can even fall asleep while standing. 

Suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance, and the security guard squinted as he looked from a distance. Hey, isn't that a.s.sistant Yang?

The security guard quickly stood up, but this a.s.sistant Yang seems to walk in without even looking at him. 

The security guard was surprised. How did he feel like something was not right ah? 

Not to mention Yang Shao Yu alone. Even Lin Zi Rui came out of the restaurant with a blank mind. He did not take a taxi, instead, he slowly walked home. He did not even realize how long it took for him to reach home. Only after he walked into the house and felt his body freezing cold that he slightly woke up and sighed. Was it necessary for him to fall so hard? It's merely his confession being shot down by Shao Yu ba.

Lin Zi Rui went back to the room for a shower and then lay in bed. He turned over, looking at the dark night outside his window. He sucked his nose, feeling wronged, but there was also an unspeakable grievance in his heart. This late, did not know if Yang Shao Yu had already... had he already went looking for his girlfriend?

Lin Zi Rui got up from the bed, wanted to find his mobile phone. It was not on the table. Lin Zi Rui looked for it all over the room and could not find it.

He immediately went into the bathroom, but it was not there. Lin Zi Rui was anxious. Where is his mobile phone ah?

Lin Zi Rui went downstairs to find, but after a circle around the house, the phone is still missing. Then he simply sits on the sofa.

When elder brother Lin came down for a drink, he was surprised to see Lin Zi Rui sitting motionless on the sofa.

"Xiao Rui, are you okay? Why are you sitting here?"

"I? I am fine." Lin Zi Rui shook his head.

"Then why are you sitting here? Don't you feel cold?"

“Brother, what should I do if the person I like thinks I am disgusting?” Lin Zi Rui leans on the sofa as he spoke.

This time, elder brother Lin was really shocked. Who was it can let Xiao Rui like him so much? No, Lin's brother shook his head, and then he was angry. Who would say his family Xiao Rui was disgusting. Such a hateful person.

Looking at Xiao Rui's dejected face, Lin's brother was distressed. Is the other party so good? Looking at Xiao Rui's dull appearance, elder brother Lin felt like raining a mouthful of cursing on that person.

But after he meditates, he thinks it was more important to enlighten his baby brother first. 

"Xiao Rui a, do you really like her?"

Lin Zi Rui nodded. He didn't know when he started to like him. Before him, he also warned himself from liking a straight man. But when he thinks about Yang Shao Yu, his heart couldn't help but has a trace of joy. 

"When, when do you like her?" Lin's brother asked as he never heard even a little wind about this matter before. 

"I don't know." Lin Zi Rui looked at his big brother.

"Then if you can't put her down, just go for it one more time. It doesn't matter if you fail. At least you have tried and will not regret it later."

"Is it?" Lin Zi Rui muttered to himself.

"Yeah, go for it. Big brother supports you."

"En." Lin Zi Rui smiled and his mood was slightly better.

At this time, elder brother Lin still did not know, Lin Zi Rui's favorite person is a man. Do not know in the future, will he regret it when he thinks of this time when he supported Lin Zi Rui to pursue others. 

After Lin Zi Rui listened to his brother's words, he decided to put aside this matter first and go to sleep. Since he already showed his cards clearly to Yang Shao Yu, why not try it one more time. If that time Yang Shao Yu really doesn't like him, then he would give up.

Even though he had to work, Yang Shao Yu was happy to be far away from the hospital. But his efficiency in today's work is much worse than normal. Therefore, he decided to go home and rest. But when he came back, he saw Lin Zi Rui is waiting for him. 

Yang Shao Yu's forehead wrinkled. He sighed while looking at Lin Zi Rui who appeared at his doorstep. 

Author's note : (I will abuse Yang Shao Yu next. So please don't hit me when you see these chapters.)


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