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Lin Jian Yin’s eyes widened. “What? Are you confessing to me?”

“No!” Meng said seriously, “This, of course, is a proposal. Didn’t you hear me say ‘marriage?’”

“What?” Lin Jian Yin opened his mouth wide. After a while, he finally shouted, “No way! What kind of man lets a woman propose? At least, that man can’t be me! This is so humiliating!”

“Didn’t you say you would respect me? Can’t I even propose to you?” Meng felt wronged.

“This, this…” Lin Jian Yin struggled painfully from the bottom of his heart for a while. In the middle, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Meng’s hopeful but also fearful expression. Also, his inner clock had already counted down to twenty-something seconds. He replied hurriedly, “Alright already, if you want to propose, then propose.

“I’m willing. Are you happy now?”

Meng smiled so radiantly, so sweetly, that her smile could drown a person. Seeing it, Lin Jian Yin couldn’t stop himself from revealing an idiotic smile. As if he were falling into that sweet smile, even the sky and the earth started to spin. The scenery, the imperial palace, and the crowd in the surroundings slowly blurred together, like a painting that had water poured over it. The colors began merging together, and you couldn’t make anything else out anymore…

A faint sentence drifted over. “d.a.m.n! Only needed a few more seconds. This contract is of no use anymore. My work was for naught!”





Lin Jian Yin woke up abruptly. His whole body almost jumped up straight, and he looked to his left and right. He had actually returned to his rooms already, but he didn’t see Meng. Could it be that she hadn’t come out? Lin Jian Yin’s heart tightened at that thought. What if she didn’t come back….

Lin Jian Yin got up in a frenzy, falling down from the couch in the process, rushed to the Nintendo placed on the floor, and as soon as he saw the Nintendo’s appearance, completely froze. Even though the Nintendo hadn’t exactly looked new before, it couldn’t compare to the current appearance of it being so dirty that a heap of sand would come off if you wiped it. Spider webs, moss, and even small spiders were crawling on top of it. It looked like it had been in the waste dump for a long time and had been dug out just now.

There wasn’t a trace of the cartridge left.

Lin Jian Yin’s last resort was to look at the television screen. On it, there was nothing but the blue screen of it being disconnected. He lifelessly looked at the screen, refusing to think of anything, refusing to ponder. He feared that if his brain booted, he would think of the only possible outcome: maybe it wouldn’t be anything good, maybe he should have agreed to Meng’s proposal sooner. Who cared about his image issues? How much was his image worth? Would it even measure up to Meng’s sweet smile?

After who knows how long of s.p.a.cing out, his nose was the first to wake up. A familiar smell of food breezed through, resembling something like fried eggs. Lin Jian Yin slowly picked himself up and hopefully walked in the direction of the kitchen. Sure enough, there was a girl standing there with her back to him. Lin Jian Yin slowly walked behind that person, reached out his hands, and hugged her. She seemed to be a little surprised. Her body froze, as if she didn’t know what reaction would be best.

At that moment, Lin Jian Yin didn’t want to talk either. He only wanted to hug Meng and calm down properly from the shock he had just received. What luck! His Meng was still here. He hadn’t lost his Meng.

“Lin Jian Yin, what are you doing!”

Bai Xue Chen hissed through gritted teeth. Lin Jian Yin turned his head, puzzled. Bai Xue Chen’s eyes were almost ready to spit fire. Lin Jian Yin thought it was very strange. His hugging his own Meng shouldn’t be any of Bai Xue Chen’s concern, so why would he be angry?

But at second glance, Lin Jian Yin saw a familiar silhouette standing behind Bai Xue Chen. She wore blue-white slippers, a very big blouse, wide jeans, and also carried two red-white plastic bags. With this kind of exclusive attire, it could only be one person. He blurted out, “Meng?”

That’s not right. Who am I hugging right now then? Lin Jian Yin abruptly jerked away, and the owner of that back also turned around with a wry smile. It was Yue Lan, wearing an ap.r.o.n. She held a spatula in her hand, but even so, her touching beauty wasn’t affected.

Stunned, he looked at Yue Lan, and at Bai Xue Chen, and then at Meng. He didn’t know whom he should apologize to first. He could only stammer, “Wait, I can explain, really…”

“Screw your explanation. You don’t mess around with your friend’s wife.” With a kick, Bai Xue Chen toppled Lin Jian Yin over, and he pretended to pummel and beat up the latter.

Ye Meng Ling watched the two childish men wrestling without a comment.

“Meng! The eggs are ready. Let’s go outside to eat.” Yue Lan carried two delicious smelling plates.

Meng Ling happily replied, “Alright, I also bought soy milk.”

The two women didn’t pay any further attention to the men and walked out of the kitchen by themselves, while chatting.

“Let’s both hold a wedding in June, alright?”

Yue Lan’s gentle voice sounded from the living room, and the two wrestling men stopped simultaneously. One was pulling the other’s cheek, and the other was pulling the former’s hair, appearing bizarre. They both perked up their ears to eavesdrop on the girls’ conversation.

“Well, Jian hasn’t proposed to me, yet.”

“What? But you proposed to him already, right?”

“That was to leave the game. A game is a game; reality is reality.”

“Then… alright then. Well, it’s not urgent. I’ll wait for you and Jian Yin to marry, and I’ll marry Bai Xue at the same time.”

As soon as he heard that, Bai Xue Chen revealed an aggressive expression, and he tried hard to throttle Lin Jian Yin. “For my happiness, my future, and my beautiful wife, you’re going to propose right now. Propose immediately. Propose to her now…”



Lots of people were gathered inside the church. There were even many media personnel holding cameras and camcorders, taking pictures and recording ferociously without a care for the wasted film. Everyone knew that today was Lin Jian Yin and his manager’s wedding. When the bride, wearing a pink dress, threw her wedding bouquet with a shy smile, the pink tulips suddenly disappeared in mid-air. Despite everybody’s eyes widening, they still couldn’t find the big bouquet that should have been very noticeable.

The beautiful tulips actually reappeared on a far away hillside where a black and a white silhouette were. The bouquet was currently in the white silhouette’s grasp.

“What an unprofitable contract.” The black silhouette said lazily, “You gave him a manager and wife who could endure his rude remarks, yet you only requested the bride’s bouquet in return?”

“To be correct, it’s a bride’s bouquet of true love.” The white silhouette revealed a smile. He looked at and smelled the fully bloomed tulips, as if he could feel the deep love between the groom and wife through them.

“True love, huh? That sure is rare.”

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