I’ve Been Taken to Another World Since I’ve Gone and Tried Playing With the Little Girl Compilation Chapter 5

I’ve Been Taken to Another World Since I’ve Gone and Tried Playing With the Little Girl Compilation -

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   “Wizard-sama, thank you very much.”

   The girl who had heard my words bowed her head deeply. The way she’s acting like she can receive my protection without so much resistance might be unexpected. But for me, I’m can easily see through lies because I have magic.

    Some people emit auras of an underling coming to the forest to b.u.t.ter me up. Telling some false circ.u.mstances proved to be a very effective way of luring sympathy out of me who’s fundamentally softhearted. 

   However, after I stay inside this forest, fortunately I have never been mixed up in this because I am sure to come to suspect outsiders. To such fellows, I have sent letters by express delivery using metastasis magic to their superiors 『You must come if you want to negotiate. 』

   I’m drifting off topic.

   The girl who was bowing in front of me, I decided to protect her because she was not such an underhanded person.

   “Well now, the wizard shall make you a slave no more.”
.  “Eh?”

   I declare so with a gesture a little exaggerated like an actor who acts in a play. She becomes bewildered to my abrupt words, and to look after the girl, I go around her back. Then, I strip off the little girl’s clothes so that I can look at her back.

.  “Just don’t move”
.  “Y, yes… …”

   Her back must be looked at by someone, it might be the case that she has a trauma to the touched thing, she is s.h.i.+vering and clattering as her face becomes pallid. She’ll turn pitiful if I prolong here, let’s get it over with quickly.

   A big symbol remains on her back. And it isn’t only one, there are how many of them. They might have had to brand her over and over again. Perhaps due to her growing up fading it unusually, or perhaps it might be to have been motivated to break her mind to submit herself. 

   She can’t personally see her back herself, but it might have been strongly printed every time to completely turn her into a slave and she is conscious of those scars.

   Chi, I click my tongue a little. As I thought, I hate this world. At least while those unconcerned guys that treat others with disregard to human rights run rampant here. I dare to confirm their location as I use magic while probing that place with my hand. As a matter of fact, I am conscious of her as I am giving her treatment while memorizing the places she felt uncomfortable. I erase the scars as I do so.

   Though I’m a.s.suming that I’m sensing some strong horror especially when I touch the scars, I’d like her to persevere now for a little while. Today, on this day; now, at this time; to release her from her slavery, to receive a strong impression, I will not do it abruptly so that she can have a good understanding of having been healed.

   “It’s finished”

   Before long, I was applying the finis.h.i.+ng touch of the treatment, and I released my hand from her back. At the same time I produced two mirrors.

   “Try looking at it”
.  “… …?”

   At my words, Sharu opens her closed eyes.


   None of the scars denoting she was a slave has remained on her back, though it is natural, only her pretty skin was reflected in the mirror. Petapeta, perhaps not believing it, she touches her back.

   Was she able to swallow the fact that the scars had disappeared? Boroboro, she began to weep.

   “The scars. There’s scars are!”
.  “Yes”
.  “They were burned! They were painful!”
.  “Yes”
.  “They would never disappear! You’ll be a slave your whole life they said!”
.  “Yes”

   Wah, she could talk up to there, but the rest was only her raising her voice while crying. I hug her close, brush gently her head and wait for her to cry herself out. Now, she was sincerely was.h.i.+ng away that her social position had been a slave.

   I settled down and Sharu probably because she had been crying for a while, her stomach rung a lovely 『Kuu』. Her face flushed red and after brus.h.i.+ng once her stomach, I tell her: “then, let’s have dinner now.” The rice porridge ended up cool since it had been a long time since it had been made, but since there’s magic, it’s not a problem. I fix it by warming it up as if it had been just made.

   “Hmmm, this?”
.  “Rice porridge, that’s what this food is called.”

   It is me only that knows rice porridge because rice does not exist in this world

   “Because it’s hot, you be careful when you eat it.”
.  “Un~!”

   I almost said “It’s hot, so don’t burn yourself.” Probably “Burn” is NG (no good) word, if I’m not careful here… 

   Fu-, fu-, Sharu blows the spoon she carried to her round mouth. Then, she swallows that deeply. She opens her eyes widely and she eats the second mouthful. I haven’t had outsiders eat this food before. I was anxious if it was palatable, but I understand it was groundless fear from this appearance.

   “It’s delicious!”
.  “Yes, I’m so glad.”

   Though if it was possible, I wanted to be able to step into the bath because the meal was finished, however I decided ahead that to have her take a rest in consideration of Sharu’s tired body and mind.

   I take her along to the bedroom and put her to bed in my bed, however she insist on objecting against it.

   “Umm, wizard-sama, ‘is okay even I sleep on the floor.”
.  “It’s not allowed. Children must properly sleep in their beds.”
.  “But!… …”
.  “Sharu-chan is not a slave anymore.”

   The girl hears the words 『not a slave』 lets out a “aah” and her face changed. She was moved to tears.

   “You sleeps neatly in the bed so as not to catch a cold.”
.  “Yes……”
.  “Right then, you sleeps first because I have some business to attend to for a moment. ”
.  “I understand……”
.  “Then, good night. ”
.  “Sweet dreams!”

   As expected, she might have been considerably tired. She fell into deep sleep shortly after. Let’s think she won’t wake up if she heard a little bit of noise.

   Well then, shall the VEry scary wizard finish up his business?

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