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Chapter 427 Mu Qi, I Think You Are Jealous

Kang Ruicheng’s five fingers were like iron pliers, clamping on to Xu Youning’s throat tightly.

Xu Youning opened her mouth subconsciously, but her respiratory tract seemed to be blocked so that the air which could be inhaled became less and less.

Death was close at hand, and Xu Youning had to show she surrendered to Kang Ruicheng by making eye contact.

It should be because the news came out that something had happened to his goods. She had to pretend to know nothing. The more innocent she looked, the better result she could get.

Kang Ruicheng increased his strength on her neck again, as if to straightly wring Xu Youning’s neck. “The goods to be s.h.i.+pped to Poland were attacked by Mu Sijue, and all the goods are sinking to the sea floor. Did you know his plan? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I… I didn’t know,” Xu Youning said in a calm and harsh voice. “Mu Sijue would immediately send someone to take such an action without any discussion with me. What’s more, he has no reason to discuss it with me. Since you clearly know that Mu Sijue will definitely pay you back for shooting him, you should beware of his revenge!”

Xu Youning was very glad that Kang Ruicheng was seizing her by the throat so that her face could twist aboveboard.

Otherwise, according to Kang Ruicheng’s understanding of her, he might not be able to be deceived by what she had said.

“…” Kang Ruicheng focused his bloodthirsty gaze on Xu Youning. After a long time, he said, “On the day Mu Sijue returns to China, you’d better make your own decision. If you choose to stay, I will handle everything for you, and you can continue to live your own life with your new ident.i.ty. Of course, if you choose to go back to Mu Sijue, I will not stop you.”


Xu Youning was greatly confused. Why would he let her make her own decision on the day Mu Sijue returned to China?

Instinctively, Xu Youning felt that the reason why Kang Ruicheng gave her the right to make her own decision was by no means simple.

Kang Ruicheng seemed to see through Xu Youning’s doubts. “It’s a difficult choice to make for you, right? Mu Sijue was badly injured, and he must stay in Mexico for at least four or five more days. You can spend these days thinking it over. Or Mu Sijue will find a way to save you. At that moment, you don’t even need to think about it, and the answer will naturally come to your mind.” Kang Ruicheng hid his face in the thick darkness with an enigmatic look.

“…” Would Mu Sijue find a way to save her?

Hearing that, Xu Youning did not have any trace of joy and expectation in her heart.

“I have so many women by my side. Since you like Xu Youning only, who is the most unimpressive one of my women, she is for you now.”

Mu Sijue’s words were vivid in her mind. He could easily give her up. How could she dare to have any expectations?

“In order not to make Mu Sijue feel suspicious, I will send someone to watch you these days. You can ask them for what is missing.” After a pause, Kang Ruicheng emphasized again. “A Ning, just stay here. Don’t let me find anything wrong with you.”

Xu Youning laughed at herself. “You can rest a.s.sured.”

Even if she had had expectations of Mu Sijue, after this incident, she could completely give him up.

Since he could be so ruthless to her now, after her ident.i.ty was revealed, Mu Sijue was even less likely to pull his punches. She could survive only when she returned to Kang Ruicheng.

How could there be anything wrong with her?

At this moment, she just wanted to know if Mu Sijue would worry about her a little bit.

In the Mexico City Private Hospital…

Shen Yuechuan was still studying the photos sent by Kang Ruicheng.

In the photos, Xu Youning was completely wet and curled up in the corner. The wet hair covered one of her cheeks, while the other cheek was red and swollen, on which there was a palm-like mark. At the same time, there was also a trickle of blood descending from the corner of her mouth.

“Poor girl, she really looks like a cruelly abused animal.” Shen Yuechuan returned the mobile phone to Mu Sijue. “Kang Ruicheng is really perverted!”

Mu Sijue wore a cool look, as if thin ice was a film on his handsome features. “That’s just fake.”

“The wound on Youning’s face seemed not to be fake.” Shen Yuechuan deliberately enlarged the photo. “Do you see the palm-like mark? It must be because of a really hard slap.”

Mu Sijue deliberately ignored the tingling in his heart, sneering and saying, “If you really wanted to threaten one person with another’s death, would you slap the hostage’s face?”

Shen Yuechuan thought about it and agreed with him. Even such a kind and lovely person like himself would directly beat the person hard, or casually cut off a hand or foot and send it to his enemy. Slapping… was more like to vent anger.

Probably because the goods to be s.h.i.+pped to Poland were attacked and he unnecessarily lost a lot of money, Kang Ruicheng was so angry that he lost his mind and slapped Xu Youning.

“What are you going to do?” Shen Yuechuan asked.

“Nothing.” Mu Sijue calmly tapped on the notebook keyboard with his five slender fingers, and made a careful and detailed a.n.a.lysis. “Xu Youning might have voluntarily left with Kang Ruicheng. She wanted to help Kang Ruicheng get back that deal. Sending someone to rescue her is equivalent to giving away the deal to Kang Ruicheng. Don’t you think it sounds like a joke?”

Shen Yuechuan pondered over his words for a long time while touching his chin, and suddenly said, “Mu Qi, I think you’re jealous, aren’t you?”

Mu Sijue abruptly stopped tapping on the keyboard, and gave a mean look to Shen Yuechuan. “Do you want to stay in Mexico for a few more days?”

Shen Yuechuan kept waving his hands. “I don’t want to stay one minute longer!”

He ran to the hospital after waking up only to tell Mu Sijue that he would return to City A tomorrow. He did not expect to encounter such an outdated incident that Xu Youning was “abducted”.

In fact, Mu Sijue was not as indifferent as he looked.

As soon as Jie returned, he was sent to a place in the middle of nowhere to perform a task, which even got his whole team into trouble.

After seeing the photos from Kang Ruicheng, Mu Sijue had been holding his cell phone so tightly that Shen Yuechuan was very suspicious that the phone would fall apart in Mu Sijue’s hand.

At that moment, if Kang Ruicheng was in front of Mu Sijue, Shen Yuechuan had no doubt that Mu Sijue would tear Kang Ruicheng to pieces.

However, he fought back all his urges, and did not even take the initiative to call Kang Ruicheng. It made Kang Ruicheng feel that he did not care about Xu Youning at all.

During the conversation with Kang Ruicheng, Mu Sijue’s indifferent tone was the same as his gloomy look.

He clutched the phone so tightly that his knuckles turned pale. He obviously wore a gloomy and murderous look, but his words betrayed his emotions.

He casually dealt with Kang Ruicheng, promising to give away Xu Youning to Kang Ruicheng. This made it sound as if he really did not care about Xu Youning’s life.

Only Shen Yuechuan knew that Mu Sijue was probably just betting, and he tentatively asked, “So, don’t you really plan to save her?”

Mu Sijue said coldly, “Xu Youning stays with the persons on her own side, and she can eat and sleep well after cooperating with Kang Ruicheng to take the set of photos. Do we need to save her?”

“Okay.” Shen Yuechuan threw up his hands in resignation. “This is between you and Youning. In such a case, it’s not convenient for any outsider to intervene. Just make your own decision. Don’t let Jian’an know that Youning was kidnapped.”

After speaking, Shen Yuechuan walked out, leaving Mu Sijue alone in the ward filled with the smell of disinfectant.

For no reason, Mu Sijue became a little restless, and had to put down his laptop.

Seeing the photos sent by Kang Ruicheng, Mu Sijue had already guessed his purpose. He calmly told himself that Xu Youning and Kang Ruicheng might just be putting on a show, but looking at Xu Youning’s red and swollen cheeks, he inevitably felt as if needles were p.r.i.c.king his heart.

Even he had not treated Xu Youning like this.

“In order to help Kang Ruicheng, was Xu Youning willing to be beaten like this?”

Mu Sijue did not know whether he was jealous or angry about her resignation. In short, an inexplicable emotion drove him to say those ruthless words.

He knew very well that after the quote, Xu Youning should have suspected that her ident.i.ty had been revealed. She had also sounded him out in the morning, but he did not let her find any conclusive evidence.

Xu Youning was so afraid of death, and she knew that she would definitely be killed after going back to him. This time, she was “caught” by Kang Ruicheng. She might seize this opportunity and tell a lie that she was dead. Then she could change her ident.i.ty, continue to follow Kang Ruicheng, and act as his weapon. She would never return, and he would never have to see her again.

Mu Sijue was not giving Xu Youning a way to stay alive. He was just accustomed to weighing the benefits against the cost. Since saving Xu Youning had no other purpose other than to vent his anger, he did not need to make a stupid sacrifice.

In addition, if Xu Youning wanted to come back to him, she would come back all on her own. If she thought that staying with Kang Ruicheng was better, he would not care.

From that point on, he would pretend that Xu Youning had been killed. No matter who she would become in her new life, in his eyes, she was only a person on Kang Ruicheng’s side. Once she threatened his interests, he would kill her!

With a few days pa.s.sing quickly, Mu Sijue had almost recovered.

He was born with a better physique than ordinary people. No matter how badly injured he got, he could recover after just resting in bed for a few days.

He suffered a very serious injury a few years ago, and the news spread widely in City G. Some people were eager to take the opportunity to replace him in City G.

He clenched his teeth and left the ward. On that occasion, he should have been able to fight back all those who came to pry into his information. After recovering, he eliminated all of them one by one.

Since then, he was never hurt again, and occasionally some misreports were published, but no one dared to consider replacing him.

This time, Shen Yuechuan did a good job of blocking the news of his injury. At least, Ah Guang did not notice any changes in City G, so that he could feel relieved to recover in Mexico.

After two calm days, Mu Sijue was going to be discharged.

The first group of people who was shocked was Jason and the others who had been responsible for protecting Mu Sijue these days.

After Jie felt guilty and left, Jason became the temporary captain. Every day, he was trying to help Jie save Xu Youning. Everything was ready except for Mu Sijue’s order. However, so far, Mu Sijue had not given an order yet, and had not even mentioned anything about it.

Jason couldn’t help but mention it once, only to be scared out of his wits by Mu Sijue’s gaze.

All of Mu Sijue’s followers were wondering if Mu Sijue wanted to save Xu Youning.

But Mu Sijue was not the kind of person who would give up any of his men, even if that man was just an insignificant person who was far less important than Xu Youning.

Jason once said to other men that Seventh Brother must have a plan, but it was not the right time yet.

But today, Mu Sijue suddenly said that he was going to be discharged. He did not mention a word about Xu Youning, but just asked Jason to pay the hospital expenses and erase his hospitalization record.

After everything was ready, Mu Sijue took his men out of the hospital and headed straight for the airport.

Xu Youning was left in a foreign country.

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