A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 349 - I Don't Need to Listen to Your Words

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Chapter 349 I Don’t Need to Listen to Your Words

Su Jianan was afraid of the cold, so when it was cold, she slept very well. She curled up in the bed like a pet, with only her head poking out, breathing shallowly, and her beautiful face was filled with peace.

Lu Boyan sat down by the bed, tidied up the hair on Su Jianan’s forehead, and saw her face through the dim light.

No wonder Tang Yulan had advised her to give up her children.

The vomiting that lasted for half a month had depleted her. She was not only thin, but her face was pale and scary.

Those knives inserted into Lu Boyan’s heart suddenly slashed to the side, and his heart was filled with countless b.l.o.o.d.y wounds…

This time, he would not let Su Jianan go anyway.

In the quiet room, the phone suddenly rang. Lu Boyan was afraid of waking Su Jianan up, so he went to the outside balcony to pick it up.

The phone call was from Su Yicheng. When he was connected, he asked, “Have you found Jianan?”

“I found her.” Lu Boyan said, “She’s at my mother’s, I will take care of her.”

“At Aunt Tang’s place?” Su Yicheng smiled. “No wonder she was taken care of and couldn’t be found by me. Only there, how did she think of it?”

Pausing, Su Yicheng said something seriously, “I am calling to tell you good news. Hong Qing, who Jianan has been looking for, was found…”


After he ended the call, Lu Boyan did not immediately return to the room, but stood on the balcony, letting the cold wind blow on him.

During the time Su Jianan was gone, there were so many moments, like when he was drunk or when he woke up feeling empty, that he hated Su Jianan so much.

He hated her for refusing to tell the truth and hated her for leaving no room for everything.

However, everything she did was for him. Even though she left, she did not give up on trying to help him find Hong Qing.

And what she got was only misunderstanding and embarra.s.sment.


The sound of Su Jianan’s cough came from the room. Lu Boyan walked back. Su Jianan didn’t wake up. Perhaps it was because she felt so uncomfortable that she frowned in her sleep and pressed her dry lips together.

Lu Boyan poured a cup of warm water and wiped the lips of Su Jianan with a cotton swab.

Tang Yulan told him that Su Jianan couldn’t drink water too quickly, otherwise she would vomit.

Her lips were not so dry, and Su Jianan’s wrinkled eyebrows gradually began to stretch out, so Lu Boyan put down the cup of water and quietly accompanied her by the bedside.

In Su Jianan’s memory, she hadn’t slept so safely for a long time. She couldn’t feel uncomfortable in her sleep, and she wouldn’t feel uneasy. It was like a newborn baby who returned to its mother’s arms and was surrounded by a familiar atmosphere. She felt at ease.

When she woke up, her spirits were unprecedented good. She turned over and saw Lu Boyan sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It must be an illusion!”

This was the room he lived in when he was a child. She missed him very much, so this illusion appeared.

Su Jianan calmly looked at the digital clock on the bedside table say 10:30, and she should sleep.

So she turned over and continued to sleep with her back to the “illusion”.

When she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly realized that something was wrong—that illusion was just too real!

Su Jianan pulled down the quilt and sat up, not able to look clearly at the bedside. The lights were dim, and Lu Boyan’s figure was both illusory and real, and she reached out a hand in confusion—

If she could touch it, then it was not an illusion.

However, before she even touched the “illusion”, he suddenly moved. Su Jianan was so scared that her back became chilled, and her whole person froze.

The “illusion” grabbed her wrist and pulled hard. She couldn’t help falling into his arms.

The solid warm chest, familiar arms and breath… Su Jianan blinked—it was really Lu Boyan!

“How did he come back!”

Su Jianan later realized and she struggled and explained, “I… I came to visit Aunt Tang today. It is a bit late to go back. Aunt Tang let me stay here for one night. I didn’t know if you would come back. You… Don’t think too much.”


The more Lu Boyan did not speak, the more nervous Su Jianan got. “You… you want to stay here tonight? Then I’ll go to the guest room!” She paused and changed her answer in a panic. “No, I am going home!”

After that, she tried to get free from Lu Boyan’s arms, but he forced her to stay. “Which home do you want to return to? In addition to returning to our home, you will be found wherever you go.”

Su Jianan felt that her back was cooler—how did Lu Boyan know that she was hiding from her brother?

Perceiving the surprise of Su Jianan, Lu Boyan loosened the grip of his hand and gently pulled her into his arms, just like before.

Feeling the long-lost gentleness of Lu Boyan, Su Jianan’s first reaction was not to enjoy it, but to be vigilant.

She said so many hurtful things to him at the Jiangyuan Hotel, and returned the ring to him, and even said that the ring was meaningless and didn’t care if he was with Han Ruoxi or not… Lu Boyan should have been disappointed with her.

His sudden tenderness was too abnormal.

Although she didn’t want to believe it, there was only one explanation.

Su Jianan looked up at Lu Boyan. “What do you know?”

Lu Boyan said, “Your brother told me everything.”

Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan with astonishment, and there was a moment of being stunned in her eyes. Then she looked down and said, “I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything to me to feel sorry about. The person who should apologize is me.” In the dark, Lu Boyan stared deeply at Su Jianan. “I should always believe in you.”

If he had always believed in Su Jianan, he would have gone to find her during this time.

Then, she wouldn’t have needed to bear all the pain by herself when she felt the most uncomfortable.

Su Jianan’s eyes suddenly became red.

During the half month, severe morning sickness tormented her and she was unable to sleep at night, even her basic eating and drinking were a problem. But she did not cry. For the sake of the children, she was willing to endure the pain.

The unscrupulous insults and misunderstandings on the Internet… She could only comfort herself with the innocence of the unknown.

As for if she could still be with Lu Boyan, she admitted that she was lucky, but this could only be decided by the arrangement of the heavens.

She bore misunderstandings and great pains. She did not think that Lu Boyan would find out about everything so soon.

At this moment, Lu Boyan looked at her with such a gaze. The grievances of the past few days suddenly all came to her heart, as if the fuse of fireworks was ignited and was about to break out in her heart.

She could finally stop hiding everything, and no longer would she have to bear the pain that she should not bear. She suddenly wanted to pounce into Lu Boyan’s arms and cry.

Lu Boyan held Su Jianan in his arms. “Don’t cry, the next thing has been handed over to me. You no longer have to be threatened by anyone.”

“But Kang Ruicheng has the…”

Lu Boyan kissed Su Jianan and stopped her from saying: “The so-called evidence. If I dare to stay, then I need the confidence to explain it to the police. Do you know why Kang Ruicheng did not threaten me with these things to divorce you?”

Su Jianan slowly understood. “Because Kang Ruicheng knows that these things may not necessarily threaten you.”

But she was different. Regarding the thing that looked exactly like the evidence of crime, she did not know what Lu Boyan was doing at that time. She only knew that the evidence was unfavorable to Lu Boyan and could not be seen by the police.

She began to panic. It was equivalent to taking the bait of Kang Ruicheng, which was exactly what Kang Ruicheng wanted, and then she would not hesitate to agree to the request made by him.

Kang Ruicheng did not expect to completely separate them. He just wanted to watch Lu Boyan be in pain and make him taste the feeling of losing loved ones.

Su Jianan regretted not discussing it with Lu Boyan, not knowing that Kang Ruicheng was so sly.

She covered her face. “I’m sorry…”

The truth was that the information might not threaten Lu Boyan. Su Jianan did not know whether she helped Lu Boyan or created unnecessary losses for Lu Boyan.

“You were not wrong,” Lu Boyan said. “At that time, you were already calm enough. If the information is exposed, I can’t guarantee that there will be no negative impact on me.”

“…” Su Jianan knew that Lu Boyan was just comforting her.

Lu Boyan changed the topic. “When you were in the hospital, how did you and Yunyun get through me? How can the hospital make fake bills for you?”

“It’s actually very simple.” Su Jianan honestly explained the “criminal process”. “At that time, a friend of Yunyun was unexpectedly pregnant, but she didn’t want the child, and she didn’t want to leave a record of the abortion, so Yunyun took me to pay the fees and do the registration, but the person lying on the operating table was a friend of hers. Anyway, the doctor who did the surgery did not know who Su Jianan was. The sentence you heard was what the doctor said to Yunyun…”

Lu Boyan suddenly remembered that in the fire exit of the Jiangyuan Hotel, he almost made Su Jianan fall off the stairs, and in the mall, she was almost pushed over by Han Ruoxi.

Two accidents… He did not know if they were lucky, or the children were lucky.

But probably, these children after all didn’t belong to them.

“Jianan, we…”

When Lu Boyan was about to say something, Su Jianan suddenly covered her mouth, jumped from the bed, and rushed to the bathroom to vomit while holding the sink.

The vomiting made her eyes red, and she couldn’t say anything. Lu Boyan took a cup of warm water and gave it to her to gargle, then held onto her as he walked her back to the bed.

She didn’t dare to lie down, but only took a few pillows and sat back on the bed, her face looking a little worse than when she just woke up.

Lu Boyan took her coat hanging aside and put it on her shoulders. After thinking for a long while, he opened his mouth. “Jianan, there is something that we need to talk about.”

He looked dignified as he hesitated. Su Jianan immediately understood what he wanted to say and pulled the quilt over her. “I want to sleep.” Actually, she had no sleepiness, but she could only close her eyes and escape.

“Jianan,” Lu Boyan paused for a long time, then said, “you should listen to the doctor.”

Though she closed her eyes tightly, she could not hold back the raging tears. Su Jianan curled up against Lu Boyan in the bed, and her shoulders twitched, and eventually she could not suppress it. All the grievances were vented with crying.

Lu Boyan hugged her. “It’s not your fault, Jianan, you don’t need to blame yourself.”

This was his first child with Su Jianan. How could he be willing?

However, he was even more reluctant to see Su Jianan suffering such pain.

They could still have children in the future, but the body couldn’t be tortured more and the doctor couldn’t guarantee how long Su Jianan could endure it. He couldn’t let Su Jianan take the risk.

Su Jianan pushed Lu Boyan and said, “Why do you also say this?!”

The children were inside her, and she could feel their fresh lives and that they were growing up. But the doctor and her family all told her to give up the two children.

It was the life of two children, not two stones on the side of the road.

“We are doing this for you.” Lu Boyan tried to appease Su Jianan’s emotions. “Jianan, we can still have children in the future. This time, listen to us and have the surgery.”

Su Jianan suddenly remembered something and pushed Lu Boyan away. “We are divorced. I don’t have to listen to what you say.”

If she was told to give up her children, she would not listen to it at all.

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