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Let's start with the links to completed stuff. Chapter 5, Afterword, Full Text.

And next, the talk t.i.tled "about what's next". Basically, I have no idea. I thought of picking something up and have potential candidates, but I'm completely unsure whether it's a good idea to pick anything up at all considering none of us who are translating stuff here know what we're standing on. So for the time being I might not pick anything new and just observe how everything unfolds.

Of course OSO volume 8 is in plans without any change, unless something happens again, in which case I would probably move to translating different type of content, I presume. Anyway, for now I'm gonna wait and watch what's happening... I think.

PS: From now on I will mercilessly delete all comments suggesting novels to pick up as well as comments from desperate leechers.

PS2: Someone mentioned they wanted a timer... kinda late, but there you go. In less than 2 hours OSO 8 comes out. Of course there will be no update or release on the blog even if the timer reaches the end. It's purely a timer until the book comes out in j.a.pan.


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