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The spring rain was fresh and pleasant. Its smell permeated the soil and gave off the feeling of vitality. Several students talked amongst themselves. More, still, were concentrated on the various musical instruments in their hands, eyes closed.

As an old college, the Paris' National Conservatory of Music had over 200 years of history. After many renovations, every single piece of their music equipment was world-cla.s.s. The practice rooms had perfect insulation, and there were no sounds from outside, only the beautiful sound of the musical instruments.

Paganini's 《Caprice No. 24》 was not that elegant nor full of aesthetic. Sometimes, it could also be regarded as an etude. This was the case for amateur violinists. Professionals and skilled violinists, however, could play such a complicated piece and make it truly unforgettable.

Musicians like Akkad, for example.

Paganini's 《No. 24》 not only tested the audience's aesthetic appreciation but also the violinist's skill. Only a good musician could perfect such a difficult piece, and only a strong musician could control their momentum when playing Paganini's works.

Min Chen had listened to Qi Mu play Paganini's work before. It was that 《Bell》, at midnight on Christmas' Eve. Three or four months had pa.s.sed since then.

Despite feeling it was the same as Lu Zi Wen's violin, Min Chen had also been amazed by Qi Mu. Such a unique performance was first-cla.s.s even when placed it on the world stage.

But that's it. It was just amazing.

If Daniel asked Min Chen to bring Qi Mu into Bai Ai, he would hesitate but answer: "No, he still falls a bit short."

Qi Mu was extraordinarily talented. His absolute pitch made Min Chen think of taking Qi Mu as his student. He could teach him to be the world's top conductor.

But, if he wanted to be Bai Ai's concertmaster. . .  Qi Mu still lacked compared to Christole.

Min Chen's skill with the violin was middle-tier, at best. If he evaluated himself, Min Chen would consider himself pa.s.sable as concertmaster or deputy concertmaster for a second-cla.s.s orchestra. But to evaluate anyone else, he could do just fine.

The difference between Christole's and Qi Mu's violin was too small for Min Chen to describe.

However, it is precisely because the difference was so small that Min Chen couldn't tell what is wrong——

After all, he wasn't that proficient with the violin.

When Min Chen made the move, he hoped that Akkad would take Qi Mu as his student. What he couldn't hear, Akkad might be able to spot. Perhaps he was the teacher Qi Mu needed?

Although Min Chen was prepared for this outcome, when he heard Qi Mu's violin again, he was utterly stunned. The pure, decisive sound played from that violin made him breathless with shock.

. . .Qi Mu had changed.

The song had a lot of beautiful and gorgeous techniques, not to mention how it changes between several octaves, requiring the left hand to maneuver across the strings. Between the various ways the bow needed to be used, the plucking of the strings, it was enough to give the average violinist a headache.

Under the bright suns.h.i.+ne, the young man stood with his head tilted sideways, and his left hand danced across the strings. The speed of his fingers exceeded what human eyes could capture, leaving behind only an afterimage.

His right hand slid the bow gently across the strings.

In this section, musicians needed to demonstrate the piece's progressiveness with the right hand holding the bow in a spiccato while the left hand danced over the strings. This was the most challenging part, but Qi Mu seemed to have no difficulty with it.

What surprised Min Chen was not the display of these difficult techniques but instead. . . the qualitative change in the sound itself.

It was like a veil had been removed. No, more like a layer of mist shrouding the sound lingered at the edges, almost ready to clear.

The sound of the joyful violin reverberated in the music room. Each friction of the strings and the bow let out a high-pitched sound as if singing the upbeat notes.

At the end, Qi Mu finally heaved a sigh. He turned to look at Min Chen off to the side.

Flas.h.i.+ng a beautiful smile, Qi Mu spoke, "You've heard it, then. . . Mr. Min, can you give me some advice? I haven't found an answer yet."

Roused from his stupor by Qi Mu's voice, Min Chen looked up at him for a while then said, "Qi Mu, I don't know if you noticed but..there has been a fundamental change in your violin. I don't know how Reed did it but. . . now, I think I know how you will have to change."

Min Chen's tone was serious and solemn. Qi Mu's expression s.h.i.+fted to concern, and he asked, "You. . . noticed that?"

Min Chen nodded slightly. "You only changed a few notes, and there was a slight altering of the beats. It's still the recognizable 《No. 24》. However, your violin is quite different than before, you've changed. I can see exactly where the problem is. It's quite hard to explain but. . ."

After a pause, Min Chen looked up at Qi Mu, "Is there a piano?"

Ten minutes later, a tall Swiss man excitedly lent them his music room.

The brunet was called Dylan. He studied the piano for more than ten years, so a Fazioli grand piano resided in his room. With it, he could practice any time he wished.

"Little Seven, I never knew you knew Mr. Bertram! I'm so excited! G.o.d, is he going to borrow my room to play my piano? G.o.d, I won't even play this Fazioli again, I must preserve it!"

It was natural for Dylan to be excited at meeting his idol. Grateful, Qi Mu said, "Thank you very much, Dylan. My room doesn't have a piano, so I can only borrow yours. If you need to practice, you can go to my room, it has good lighting."

Despite not completing the task given by his mentor, Dylan shook his head without hesitation. "No, Seven! I want to stay and listen to Mr. Bertram play the piano. I want to remember this scene well and imprint it in my heart!"

Qi Mu: ". . ."

Min Chen played a few notes to familiarize himself with the piano, then he looked up at Qi Mu, who had his violin rested on his shoulder.

Min Chen smiled, "Play as usual. I'll keep up with you."

Qi Mu nodded and lifted his bow.

He had no doubt that Min Chen would be able to keep up with him nor that he would have any trouble despite not rehearsing first. If Min Chen couldn't play it. . . no one in the world could.

When the elegant piano resounded, Qi Mu's eyes widened.

It. . . wasn't an ensemble!

It was an accompaniment!

The piano was like a river's stream, and the sound flowed slowly in the room. Although Qi Mu was shocked, his bow didn't stutter, nor did his fingers on the strings. He remembered Min Chen's words from earlier, "Don't worry about me, just play as usual." So, he did. Qi Mu stopped thinking about it and concentrated on playing.

Only the sound of the violin and piano resonated in the quiet room.

The sole audience, Dylan, was taken aback. He never expected that Mr. Bertram would accompany Little Seven! This was simply too amazing!

And this piece, Dylan could recognize from a single note. It was the piece Little Seven had been practicing so intently, Paganini's 《No. 24》. Dylan's own syllabus hadn't yet reached it, so he knew how difficult it must be. Qi Mu played it well, but he couldn't say much.

Today, however, he felt that this song. . . could be adapted so pleasantly?

What Dylan didn't know was that Qi Mu was also surprised.

Min Chen only acted as the accompaniment, but Qi Mu felt that he was being led by the man. While being pulled wasn't obvious, he could still detect the slight traces.

Qi Mu didn't intend to ask Min Chen his intention, but when he entered the song's second section, he found——

He grabbed hold of that inspiration!

The echo of freedom released the melody and let the sound of the violin dance.

Every time he practiced, he would try to find that flash of inspiration Mr. Akkad once described. Qi Mu had occasionally seen a glimpse of this wonderful feeling before, now. . . he actually had it.

Even after the 6 to 7 minutes, when the piece had ended, the echoes of a violin and piano still lingered in the room.

It took a long time for the sole audience to recover and applaud. Qi Mu set down his violin and turned to look at the man by the piano. Min Chen looked back at him.

The two gazed at each other for a moment then Min Chen revealed a rare smile and asked quietly:

"Do you. . . get the feeling now?"

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