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More than two weeks had pa.s.sed since Tan Lao's concert was reported on by several of the magazines in the cla.s.sical music circle like 《Music Hall》 and 《Sound of Music》, but the buzz still hasn't dissipated.

Most of the professionals had a high opinion of the concert. The performers invited were famous musicians in Huaxia, and there were no accidents, and all the performances were successful. Therefore, from an appreciative perspective, this concert was one of the most outstanding performances all year.

On the other hand, a young “unknown” had appeared and attracted the attention of a lot of people. While Qi Mu's name could be found in their distant memory, he hadn't appeared in public for nearly ten years, and his comeback was with such brilliance, they would only emotionally declare, “Young talent, ah!”

For non-professionals and those not in the circle, cla.s.sical music generally sounded lofty. While others were listening to the Spoon Brothers' Little Pear, and they answered, “What are you listening to?” with, “I'm listening to Balakirev's 《Islamey: Oriental Fantasy》.”

See, wasn't it just pretentious?

But, that person who played such beautiful music on the violin. . . what—a—handsome—brother!

The superimposed effect would startle the world, and that would just be tragic. Especially for those with a superficial understanding of cla.s.sical music, they would fall for the enemy and only shout: what a male G.o.d.

So, of those that did not know Qi Mu, there were many in and outside the industry that liked his sound. . . and his face. At the time, Qi Mu had no idea, but many girls bought the B City Symphony Orchestra's tour alb.u.m because of him. And, after listening to the majestic music, they shouted: “Coach, I want to learn how to play the violin!”

Beauty is not strength——that was the evaluation of his many fans. It was also the opinion of 《Voice of Music》's editor, Li Mei. When she saw the young man that followed Zheng Wei Qiao in, Li Mei suddenly felt as if she had become the editor of a fas.h.i.+on magazine and a T-model had walked into the room.

“Li-, this is Xiao Qi. It's been difficult on you today!” While he spoke, Zheng Wei Qiao handed over the boxed cake in his hands, “I heard today's exclusive interview was with Li-jie, ah. I'll be waiting for you.”

《Voice of Music》 was one of the leading magazines that covered cla.s.sical music in Huaxia. Although it wasn't on the same level as 《Music Hall》, it was still a professional magazine that was not to be taken lightly. In general, their interview candidates were only the seniors of the industry, like Tan Lao or Du Sheng, and other musicians who had won awards.

After all, it was a cla.s.sical music magazine. Although 《Voice of Music》 was a leader in the industry, compared to other newspapers, it had flat sales. But to their surprise, half a month ago, their magazine actually doubled their sales!

After a meeting of the higher-ups, the sharp increase in sales was generally believed to be related to Tan's concert. Specifically. . . related to the young man's face on the cover. So, they set forth with this scene: 《Voice of Music》An exclusive interview with Qi Mu by Zheng Wei Qiao.

Li Mei was thirty years old this year, and she had long pa.s.sed the age of infatuation, but even she couldn't help but glance a few times at the beautiful youth.

She certainly understood why this young man could double the sales of their magazine. “Xiao Zheng, don't be polite! I wanted you to come so I could thank you! Xiao Chen, take him up for makeup and photos!”

Qi Mu followed the young man called Xiao Chen, then he was busy with the interview and filming.

When he was in Paris to partic.i.p.ate in the Thibaud Violin Compet.i.tion, although he only got second place, he had a lot of interview opportunities. The process was the same, so Qi Mu paid meticulous attention to detail, and Zheng Wei Qiao didn't have to worry about it.

After over an hour of interviewing, Qi Mu politely said goodbye to everyone in the room, and the editors who had always been cold and high-up could not recover their senses. Holding out his phone to take a picture, one said to himself, “. . . He's gone?! I haven't taken photos yet! I'm gloating to an old cla.s.smate in an entertainment magazine that we also have handsome guys in the cla.s.sical music world! The photos haven't been sent yet, how can he leave?!!!”

The entire editorial room mourned.

Having such keen hearing, Qi Mu heard every word. With a helpless smile, he turned to listen as Zheng Wei Qiao spoke, “Xiao Qi, I didn't expect you to do so well today, it only took an hour, and we're done. I thought you weren't familiar with this kind of thing. I even especially bought a black swan cake to build a good relations.h.i.+p with everyone. . .”

Zheng Wei Qiao said nothing else and Qi Mu turned to look at him. He saw Zheng shaking his head with regret. Pus.h.i.+ng the silver frame of his up his nose, the other man sighed, “If I knew you could get along with everyone so well. . . I wouldn't have wasted the money!”

Qi Mu: ". . ."

Qi Mu truly didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but he was still very grateful to Zheng Wei Qiao for the opportunity. Although it was 《Voice of Music》 that took the initiative to invite him, it was still Zheng Wei Qiao who had taken the time and energy to build the relations.h.i.+p and arrange everything properly.

“Zheng-ge, I really appreciate you helping me so much this time.”

As soon as Qi Mu's words registered, Zheng nearly slipped, and he turned to stare at him in surprise.

In the dim light of the parking lot, the young man was smiling at him, and his handsome face was slightly obscured. Qi Mu smiled, “You've been very busy. If you and sister-in-law come over to visit next month, I'll order some food.”

Qi Mu wasn't a hypocritical person, and he naturally knew that Zheng Wei Qiao would not reject his offer. Along with his direct thanks, he also changed the way he expressed his grat.i.tude.

As expected, the tight expression on Zheng Wei Qiao's face eased a lot and he opened the car with his key fob. After the two got in, he fixed his seatbelt and said, “You have grown up Xiao Qi. When I first heard your thanks, I thought were going to send me something.”

Qi Mu was dumbfounded.

He did not know that Zheng Wei Qiao was referring to before. When he had first introduced jobs to the original, the original Qi Mu had on a whim tossed the imitation violin at him in honorarium and said, “As thanks for introducing me to work, the rest isn't needed.”

Qi Mu had to think that Zheng Wei Qiao must have been angry at the time. His kindness and good intentions had to be measured with money in the eyes of the original. Anyone would feel chilled by it.

Zheng Wei Qiao started and looked up to say, “Please, your sister-in-law and I can eat, but Xiao Qi, you'll have to change the time. You might not have time next month. You can come over to our place to eat once the New Year is done. Your sister-in-law will personally cook for you.”

Qi Mu bowed his head and buckled himself in, then turned to look at Zheng Wei Qiao. “I won't have time next month? Zheng-ge, how do you know how much time I'll have before I do?” He said so, but there was a smile in his voice and his eyes.

Zheng Wei Qiao said affirmatively, “Of course I know you won't have time, because soon. . . Hong Kong will have a festival next month. Over the course of two weeks, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Montreal and Salt Lake City's Symphony Orchestras, and many other world-famous ones will be there.”

Qi Mu was stunned into silence, and he could only listen as Zheng continued, “In addition, the famous Ukrainian pianist, Sweet Sheri, and the American violin master Claude Porter, and other outstanding professionals will be there. I have to accompany your sister-in-law here, so I have to pa.s.s, but you can go for a trip.”

These names only made Qi Mu's surprise grow even stronger. In the end, he reached such a state of shock he couldn't help but ask, “There is such a music festival? I've never heard of it before!”

Zheng Wei Qiao said with a smile, “There seems to be a problem with the propaganda so it will take a few days for it to reach hit large-scale publicity. I have a friend in Hong Kong, so I know about it. Although I can't accompany you, are you going, Xiao Qi?”

Qi Mu naturally couldn't not go!

Since his rebirth, he had yet to partic.i.p.ate in such a grand-scale event. New York, Montreal. . . These were all world-cla.s.s orchestras that were no less acclaimed than Vienna's. And Sweet Sheri, Claude Porter, these were masters in the industry!

Along the way back, Zheng Wei Qiao told him about the festival. Once Qi Mu had entered the apartment building, he intended to drive away. He bowed his head and twisted the ignition, but in the peripheral vision, he seemed to see a familiar shadow. But, when he looked up, the path was empty.

He froze for a bit, then smiled and said to himself, “That's weird. Did I just see Min Chen? Dazzling, ah.” Zheng Wei Qiao then drove away from the community.

What he didn't know was that just three meters from his car, a handsome, expressionless man was staring down at a fat cat. Whether it was a large or small eye, neither was willing to concede.

Min Chen stared down at the cat that was blocking the way. It was too lazy to stretch its legs and go even a step further. Sprawled in the five or six meter wide road, it refused to yield.

At the time, Qi Mu was entering the building's elevator. His excitement due to the festival had yet to abate, and there were traces of joy on his face. Just as the doors were closing in from either side, he seemed to see a familiar figure in the narrow gap.

He remained in a daze as the elevator went up several floors, then he smiled helplessly, “Must have been the wrong person. . . how could it be. . . Min Chen?”

To mistake this kind of face, it always happened quickly.

However, a week later, during which Qi Mu had buried himself in packing up his bags to head for Hong Kong, the shrill of the doorbell took him by surprise. He quickly stood up and struggled through the mess of his luggage to the front door. With a creak, it opened.

The moment the two gazes met, both people froze.

Qi Mu's eyes slowly widened, and he stared at the indifferent man outside. He did not try to hide his gaze. Up and down, from one side to the other, he studied this uninvited guest. Finally, he seemed to believe his eyes——

It was Min Chen!!!

Outside the door, this indifferent man's ears, which no one could see, had turned red. But, on the surface, he remained a cold expression on his handsome face, and he asked in a plain whisper, “Are you afraid. . . of bugs?”

This voice was still magnetic and low, and he still looked calm and composed, but what he said——

It was like an entire dimension of dissonance!

Qi Mu: “. . .”

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And secondly,  our ML is just awesome. He's so freaking cute! I think this is a rare occasion where I can honestly say he's a romantic interest I'm not disenchanted with. Qi Mu is dignified and beautiful, and Min Chen is sophisticated and handsome (and cute, because fear of bugs? I relate). How spoiled am I on this pair?!

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