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“Tan Lao, the concert you organized this time was really good! Really, really good!”

“Du Lao your last 《Canon》 with w.a.n.g Lao and Li Lao was great! It has improved!”

“Is this your B City Symphony Orchestra's Xiao Qi? Well, Chen Lao said his skills were good. Listening to him today, he's indeed worthy of his reputation, ah!”

. . .

Some musicians would chat and laugh with Tan Lao before leaving. There were also some people who would pretend to look at Qi Mu and carelessly laugh as they said, “B City's Symphony Orchestra has a handsome mascot. No wonder my daughter has been talking about your concerts lately.”

The face and mascot Qi Mu: “. . .”

Sending off such a large number of people tired him out even if he was young. Furthermore, the guests loved to tease him and make fun of him, which only made Qi Mu raise his focus to 120,000 points to answer politely.

The temperature in B City would drop below 10° C (50° F) at night in November. The streetlights cast over the ground like a layer of frost and the cold air was white. A crescent moon hung in the sky, and the city's brilliant light shone into the sky, dyeing it a magnificent rose red. There were no stars in sight.

In the beginning, Qi Mu only wore his performance suit, but when he was sending off the last few people, he had no choice but to wear his coat to protect himself from the overwhelming cold. The jacket was unlike his usual style and temperament, and he felt that the color was too bright and noticeable. However, he was helpless as it was the thickest in his wardrobe.

Style before practicality, that was the original's motto.

When he saw that bright red figure, Min Chen's steps faltered. After a while, he started walking again, and he raised his Phoenix's eyes to look at him. The red coat offset the youth's bright face, and under the lighting, even the smallest hairs on his face were visible.

Artistically speaking, red was the most eye-catching color. When looking around in a crowd, red was the rarest color to find.

It was too flamboyant, and few people could control it.

As luck would have it, Qi Mu was one of those few.

His skin was white, and Min Chen didn't know whether it was from cold or if it had always been that way. He soon realized it was the latter. His gaze pa.s.sed over the young man's delicate face and finally paused on the youth's fingers that were half-hidden in his sleeves. Then he looked up at Qi Mu.

Qi Mu slowly opened his mouth and said, “I. . .”

“Oh G.o.d, Oh my G.o.d! , you look so beautiful in red. How?” Daniel declared enthusiastically, “I have never seen anyone who could wear red so well. You really do surprise people, Engelchen!”

The interrupted Min Chen: “. . .”

The face/mascot/Xiao Tian s.h.i.+/Xiao Qi: “. . .”

Befitting the reputation of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's ace agent, Daniel's sighing in admiration lasted for only a moment. He turned to Tan Zheng Hui and Du Sheng and said in awkward Chinese, “This concert. . . Really successful. . . Me, I'm glad to have come again!”

Min Chen expressionlessly cast a sidelong glance at Daniel and said, “It's not come again, it's come.”

Daniel: “. . .”

I don't understand whatever you say anyway!

Knowing that in the land of Huaxia, Daniel may as well be considered “illiterate,” Min Chen didn't bother responding to him again and instead turned to the others. He nodded gently and said, “The concert was excellent, and so were the performances. Thank you for your invitation.”

While praising Qi Mu, Daniel was speaking in German, and Tan Lao was too old to start learning even English. Although Du Sheng was proficient in English, he couldn't understand German. So neither of them knew that Xiao Qi, their family's mascot had a new nickname: Engelchen/Xiao Tian s.h.i.+.

But, both of them listened carefully to Min Chen's words. Tan Lao smiled, nodded, and said, “It's an honor to have you. Thank you, Min Chen.”

Min Chen had always been a good communicator, even with people he wasn't familiar with. He nodded politely and each minute detail of the movement was like a gentleman in medieval Europe. Even though there was no expression on his face, Tan Lao didn't feel uncomfortable.

“In the finale, Tchaikovsky's op. 48 《String Seranade》 was excellent. The termination part of the third movement was a bit fast on the second violin. I think it will be even more exceptional if you could improve that.” Min Chen made it sound like a casual comment, but Du Sheng cast aside his relaxed smile and listened attentively.

Although he was older than Min Chen, he had to admit that this man would always notice the things they overlooked.

Min Chen's order of conversation could be seen with a glance. After talking to Du Sheng, he turned to Qi Mu, and Qi Mu could not help but go quiet, involuntarily swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

In his previous life, the highest form of praise had come from Mr. Erberk Dorenza, the conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, and also one of the world's four grand conductors. Qi Mu had exchanged many pointers with the man during his rehearsals with the orchestra and gained frequent inspiration.

But the man in front of him. . . was the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. And he also had the honor of being one of the four grand world conductors at such a young age.

The most important thing was, he had been acknowledged by everyone as the king of cla.s.sical music.

After writing his first sonata at the age of sixteen, he proceeded to create dozens of songs in just a decade. Most of those songs were symphonic pieces and were played by orchestras all around the world. In the past few years, he personally directed a “Bertham Night” where all the songs he composed were performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

And now, Qi Mu was waiting for this legendary figure's comment.

Qi Mu suddenly realized he could hear his heartbeat thumping as if it would jump from his throat the next second. This was different from his previous contact with the man, this time. . . it was a real review.

He no longer had an orchestra to rely on. This was his solo, and this review was entirely his own, where no other factors were to be considered.

The bleak night wind blew in from the other side of the road, sweeping over the man-made lake in front of the concert hall. The moon's reflection on its surface was suddenly distorted by a series of ripples. It seemed to mirror Qi Mu's mood of not being able to remain calm.

“Your 《Tzigane》was very good. I think you would play Paganini's songs very well. 《E Minor》had no outstanding issues, but you were too quick on the third part of the second movement. If you were playing in an orchestra, your deputy chief would be troubled.”

The slightly hoa.r.s.e but magnetic voice rang out on the evening brize, and Qi Mu subconsciously lifted his head. He looked up toward the right. He obviously didn't expect to meet Min Chen's gaze head-on.

The hall's splendid chandelier shone through the tall doors onto the young man's face, and Min Chen had a sense of deja vu. Qi Mu's eyes were wet as if a pitiful kitten was staring at him, and Min Chen's heart trembled as his throat tightened.

Then, with his tone a bit stiff: “Overall, you played well.”

The word “well” was almost the highest evaluation he had ever given and it made Daniel glance at him again. When Daniel looked at him, he saw Min Chen was so focused on Xiao Tian s.h.i.+, and he suddenly thought: Do you want to scoop up Engelchen?! What great potential!

Without delay, Daniel said to Qi Mu, “Do you wish to study in Europe? I know several colleges. Whether it's Paris, or the UK, or even Cologne, Germany, there are no problems. I can recommend you. I really like the sound of your violin. I was impressed!”

Daniel spoke in English as his Chinese was not good. When he was researching Qi Mu for Min Chen, he found out that Qi Mu's English was excellent and he could carry a normal conversation.

After Daniel had spoken, Qi Mu didn't even have to think about it as he replied with a smile, “Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Daniel, but I have no plans to further my studies at this time.”

Daniel sighed and said a few more words to persuade him, but Qi Mu politely refused them all one by one. In the end, Daniel could only give up on this “recommendation” plan that had made him suffer and turned to chat with Du Sheng and Tan Zheng Hui.

Qi Mu actually knew that he had no relations.h.i.+p with Duke Daniel, and the other party wouldn't recommend him to a college for no reason. Daniel may look approachable on the surface, but Qi Mu wasn't simple enough to believe in words like “I like your violin” or “I am impressed.”

Daniel wanted to use this opportunity to bind his future with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He wanted to recommend him in the name of “cultivating future members,” and although Qi Mu had decided to walk the path of struggling in the orchestra, he did not think it was time to tie himself to a specific orchestra forever.

Even if it was the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

After switching to exchanging in English, Daniel and Tan Zheng Hui carried a pleasant conversation. After everyone had spoken some, Daniel seemed ready to leave. However, who would expect for Min Chen to suddenly lift his head and look at Qi Mu.

Qi Mu's mind went blank, but he obediently listened as Min Chen opened his mouth to speak, “You. . .”

“Hey, Auston, Daniel! Long time no see!” Professor Karl, who had been speaking to some students at the side, suddenly shouted with a wave of his hand.

Having been interrupted for the second time that night, Min Chen: “. . .”

Having breathed a sigh of relief, the face/mascot/Xiao Tian s.h.i.+/Xiao Qi: “. . .”

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