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The number of first-cla.s.s schools of music in the world could be counted on two hands, and the Paris' National Conservatory of Music was one of the most outstanding. 

Any top music academy would have orchestras of varying sizes, or private, student orchestras. Almost every one of them would perform from time to time, and it was one of the ways students communicated with each other and enhanced their skills. 

Qi Mu thought of joining his violin department's orchestra, but Akkad kept him too busy for it. He was unable to partic.i.p.ate in their daily practice, so he gave up.  

After the opening ceremony, when Qi Mu returned to Akkad's designated violin room, his mentor said, "Little Seven you will start rehearsing with the college orchestra tomorrow."

In a daze, Qi Mu asked, "Professor, don't we need to keep practicing?"

He was in a bottleneck period, and it was hard to keep improving in such a short amount of time. Akkad also changed his exercises from training his skills to improving his mastery and understanding of music. But, Qi Mu wasn't confident he could reach the level Akkad wanted. 

Akkad nodded then took a piece of paper from his score folder and handed it to Qi Mu. "This is the letter I got from the Dean. You can serve as the orchestra's concertmaster right away."

Qi Mu was so shocked he couldn't even ask, "Why did you put such an important thing in a score folder?" 

Instead, he asked, "Professor, isn't Angelo the concertmaster? He's excellent, I think he deserves the position. I don't want to steal his seat."

Akkad smiled and said,  "Seven, do you know that he's going to graduate soon? He's busy preparing for his graduation project and exam. He has no time to practice with the orchestra, he's practically resigned."

After a pause, he continued, "They don't want to take the time to train another concertmaster. In skill level, you're the only one suitable for the seat, so the Dean agreed to make you concertmaster."

Only then did Qi Mu realize Angelo was about to graduate. With that, he remembered something else, too. With a smile, he said, "Professor… I'm about to graduate, too, right?"

Akkad's smile stiffened, but he hid it soon after. Laughing, he said, "Yes, if you can get first place again in the next a.s.sessment, Little Seven… you will graduate."

It was as Akkad said before, he didn't want to trap Qi Mu in the college and restrict his development.

For many students, the Paris' National Conservatory of Music was the cradle for their development. It provided them strength and shelter, giving them peace of mind. But, Qi Mu could stand alone. He didn't need the academy to be his protective wall. Instead, he was the academy's pride.

In the quiet violin room, Akkad stared at Qi Mu, his student for only half a year, squinting. Hiding his gaze, he said, "Well, you will report to the orchestra tomorrow. Remember to rehea.r.s.e with them every afternoon afterward, got it?" 

The school was so good its students could be hired by first-cla.s.s orchestras directly.

Qi Mu nodded and replied in affirmation. Then, he thought, "Professor, you told me to report tomorrow. So today…?"

Akkad grinned. "Today? Today you're going to play the pieces Farrell taught you. Seven, you can't be lazy. Teacher is much stricter than that Farrell fellow, so you have to play seriously, ah! If you make even one mistake, I won't give you any chocolate!"

Qi Mu: "…"

He didn't want chocolate…

Qi Mu spent the whole day playing the tracks Akkad arranged in addition to several other pieces his mentor randomly selected. 

Knowing his mentor's temper well, Qi Mu had already practiced a few pieces here and there, though it was just a few. Ultimately, Akkad, who wanted to play the teacher's card, reluctantly handed over his chocolate. His expression was stiff.  

"That chocolate is made by my favorite old shop, you can only find it in Turin. Seven… you must savor it!"

Qi Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "…Teacher, I really…"

"Stop dilly-dallying! Just take it, I can't bear it anymore!"

Qi Mu: "…"

There was an old Chinese saying that was pa.s.sed on since ancient times, "Zhǎng zhě cì, bù gǎn cí," It meant the younger generation could not refuse a gift from their elders. He held the bag of chocolates, hesitating. As soon as Akkad wasn't paying attention, he slipped it back into the lounge. 

He knew the saying, but Akkad wasn't Chinese. Therefore… he didn't count.

Under the brilliant sunset, the temperate summer wind blew through Paris. Even with the breeze, it was sweltering. 

Grabbing hold of his violin case, Qi Mu walked towards the college exit. Some of the students on the lawn greeted him with a smile as he pa.s.sed, while the rest looked on from afar. They chatted about Reed Akkad's favorite student and how he got first place in the a.s.sessment twice in a row.

Before Qi Mu stepped out of the gate, he received a text from his mentor. Rows of messages appeared on the flickering mobile phone screen——

【Well, Little Seven. You bought this chocolate, too. It's good. It tastes the same as the ones I gave you, your teacher approves. But, you have to practice seriously tomorrow morning and, don't forget, you have to report to the orchestra. Bribing your teacher is useless, you know!】

Seeing this tsundere message, Qi Mu burst out laughing.

"Yes, I know," he replied. 

He whispered to himself as he walked out of the gate, "Teacher is so cute, he knows very well that's his chocolate…"

The youth's voice was drowned out by the sound of violins resounding across the university. 

Returning home with a bag of fresh vegetables, Qi Mu had just placed it on the shelf beside the entrance when he received a call from Vienna.

Stunned at the name on the screen, Qi Mu connected the call. A hoa.r.s.e voice spoke from the other end, "I found something, sir."

Qi Mu's hands clenched into fists. He asked, "What did you find?"

"I couldn't find out who bailed Luo Yu Sen out, until I received a clue a few days ago, sir. When I went to check it out…" The man hesitated. "You might know him, he's famous in Vienna."

Qi Mu heartstrings pulled tight.

Jacques wasn't a household name in Vienna, but he was still quite famous there.

"Yes…" Qi Mu said, "Are they from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra?"

On the other side, the man shook his head. "No, no, no, sir. Not from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, but from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Err… You should have heard of Wei Ai's concertmaster… a Mister Leon Zayev?"

Qi Mu's pupils shrunk. His fingers tightened around the phone, their tips turning white.

"Mr. Zayev is quite the powerful man, but I'm very sure he's the one who bailed Luo Yu Sen out." Charles added, "He found a proxy, who then led Luo Yu Sen's parents to a lawyer and ultimately released him on bail."

Charles proceeded to recount everything that had happened. His theory was well-founded, he even said he could send Qi Mu the evidence the next day. Qi Mu only needed to give him his address.

Qi Mu had no choice… but to believe this fact that had never occurred to him.

"Please continue to look into Luo Yu Sen and Zayev, and the past… What they did in the past year." After a pause, Qi Mu added, "Money is not a problem, I'll wire it to you tomorrow."

After Charles replied with an affirmative, Qi Mu hung up.

Only the sound of the clock ticking echoed through the dark living room, breaking the frozen atmosphere.

After a few minutes, Qi Mu flipped the switch and turned on the light. The house suddenly brightened, but the youth kept his head lowered in silence.

Qi Mu didn't know how much time pa.s.sed before he started to move. Head bowed, he changed into his slippers. Just as he stepped into the kitchen with his violin case and groceries, his phone rang again. 

When the call connected, the pa.s.sionate 《La Campanella》 came to an abrupt end.

Qi Mu stood by the kitchen counter, smiling. "Why did you call so suddenly… Min Chen?"

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