Journeys Through Bookland Volume X Part 62

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SCOTT, SIR WALTER: _Kenilworth_, a tale of the days of Queen Elizabeth; _Old Mortality_, a story of the Covenanters; _Guy Mannering_, an eighteenth century tale, with Meg Merrilies, Dominic Sampson and others of Scott's most famous characters; _The Heart of Midlothian_, a tale of sin and its punishment, with a wonderful picture of a sister's love and devotion.

STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER: _Uncle Tom's Cabin_, an interesting story, but like most books written for partisan purposes, its influence is not now wholesome.

THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: _Henry Esmond_, _Pendennis_ and _The Newcomes_ may be read in the order named. _Vanity Fair_ is better appreciated by adults.

TWAIN, MARK: _Tom Sawyer_ and _Huckleberry Finn_, two stories whose fun every boy will appreciate.

WALLACE, LEW: _Ben Hur, a Tale of the Christ_. An admirable historical novel.

Poetry and Drama

BROWNING, ROBERT: Besides the poems given in these books, _The Lost Leader_ and _Rabbi Ben Ezra_ are enjoyed by boys and girls.

BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN: _The Poetical Works_ (Household Edition), D. Appleton & Co. _The Song of Marion's Men_, _The Green Mountain Boys_, _Thanatopsis_, _Sella_, _The Death of the Flowers_, _The Planting of the Apple Tree_ and _Robert of Lincoln_ are among his best poems.

SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM: _Julius Caesar and Coriola.n.u.s_, two plays based on Roman history and excellent for reading purposes; _Richard II_ (1398-1399), _Henry IV_ (1402-1413), _Henry V_ (1414-1420), _Henry VI_ (1422-1471), _Richard III_ (1471-1485), all based on English history; _As You Like It_, a great comedy; _Hamlet_ and _King Lear_, perhaps the two greatest tragedies.

All these are excellent reading, especially in such an edition as the _Temple Cla.s.sics_. Other plays may well be read, but everyone should know the foregoing list.


EMERSON, RALPH WALDO: _The American Scholar_, _Self-Reliance_, _Culture_ and _Behavior_ may be read with profit by the young, even if they do not fully understand the philosophy.

HALE, EDWARD EVERETT: _American Essays_ and _English Essays_, two books edited by Hale. They contain selections from the writings of George William Curtis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Was.h.i.+ngton Irving, James Russell Lowell, Addison, Goldsmith, Lamb and Thackeray.

HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL: _The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table_, a charming series of talks which embody the best of Holmes's wit, wisdom and philosophy. One of those things everybody must read.

IRVING, WAs.h.i.+NGTON: _The Sketch Book_ contains such perfect stories as _Rip Van Winkle_ and _The Legend of Sleepy Hollow_, as well as a number of fine essays for later reading.

ROOSEVELT, THEODORE: _American Ideals and Other Essays_. Putnam.

RUSKIN, JOHN: _Sesame and Lilies_. In spite of its seeming difficulty, this book contains some of the most inspiring words ever spoken on books and reading.

WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY: _A-Hunting of the Deer and Other Essays_, a delightful little collection that young people will enjoy and that has fine literary qualities. Houghton, Mifflin Co.


Th.o.r.eAU, HENRY DAVID: _Walden_, a vivid book of outdoor life. Such also are _A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers_ and _Excursions in Field and Forest_.


FABRE, JEAN-HENRI: _Our Humble Helpers_, familiar talks on the domestic animals. The Century Co.

BOSWELL, JAMES: _Life of Samuel Johnson_. The first great biography, and still the most remarkable in its intimacy. Not of general interest to young people.

BROOKS, ELDRIDGE STREETER: _Historic Girls_. G. P. Putnam's Sons.

BROOKS, NOAH: _Life of Abraham Lincoln_. G. P. Putnam's Sons.

BURROUGHS, JOHN: _John James Audubon_. Small, Maynard & Co.

GOLDING, VAUTIER: _The Story of Henry M. Stanley_. E. P. Dutton & Co.

HARRISON, FREDERICK: _Oliver Cromwell_. Macmillan.

IRVING, WAs.h.i.+NGTON: _Was.h.i.+ngton_, and _Mahomet_.

LODGE, HENRY CABOT: _Alexander Hamilton_. Houghton, Mifflin Co.

NICOLAY, JOHN G.: _Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln_.

OBER, FREDERICK O.: _Pizarro_. Harper.

RIIS, JACOB A.: _The Making of an American_. Macmillan.

SCHURZ, CARL: _Life of Henry Clay_. Houghton, Mifflin Co.

SCUDDER, HORACE ELISHA: _George Was.h.i.+ngton_. Houghton, Mifflin Co.

TRENT, W. P.: _Robert E. Lee_.

WISTER, OWEN: _U. S. Grant_. Beacon Biography.


BANCROFT, GEORGE: _History of the United States_ (to the inauguration of Was.h.i.+ngton). A voluminous history with interesting pa.s.sages, but tedious to young readers.

DRAPER, ANDREW SLOAN: _The Rescue of Cuba_. Silver, Burdett & Co.

FISKE, JOHN: _The War of Independence_. Houghton, Mifflin Co.

LODGE, HENRY CABOT, and ROOSEVELT, THEODORE: _Hero Tales from American History_. The Century Company.

MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP: _The Rise of the Dutch Republic_. This, with other histories by the same writer, is a long and brilliant account, full of interest to the older youths who have a taste for history.

PARKMAN, FRANCIS: _La Salle and the Northwest_, _The Conspiracy of Pontiac_, and _Montcalm and Wolfe_ are three histories of a brilliant series on the French explorations and colonizations in the Northwest. Parkman is one of our finest historical writers, and his graphic style has given many a young man a deep interest in history.

PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING: _The Conquest of Mexico_ and _The Conquest of Peru_ are two interesting histories of the longer type, written in an interesting style that many youths will enjoy. Prescott's work lies with the Spanish, as Motley's with the Dutch and Parkman's with the French.


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