Monster Factory Chapter 725: 1 day before departure.

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Chapter 725: 1 day before departure.

"Boss...I...I didn't mean lying to you."

"Don't talk about it. It's already over. You have your own problems too."

Ye Qing nodded and touched the empty wine gla.s.s with his fingers: "I just can't understand why you didn't tell me about it sooner. Before that, I didn't know you were the G.o.d Real Eye, I could have done my best to protect you."

Yun s.h.i.+ had no claim to be a G.o.d or not at this time and she quickly took the crystal wine container, filled Ye Qing's gla.s.s half full, and gave it to him.

"At first, I just wanted to hide from those pirates. After all, I'm on the good side, and they're on the bad side. Later, Amano Heavy Industries shut down, and I thought they forgot everything. I heard saying that Mr. Zhang was too busy to take care of himself, and he might even have a lawsuit. I didn't think they would hara.s.s me anymore."

"Well ~ Amano is the one who fell." Ye Qing smiled at Yun s.h.i.+.

It's no secret among senior officials, but Yun s.h.i.+ obviously heard it for the first time, so she was stunned for more than ten seconds, then gave Ye Qing a thumb up.

"Excellent boss!"

Ye Qing happily accepted the compliment, took a shrimp, peeled it, and said: "I didn't expect our company to even have a hidden G.o.d in it. Tianjin kept telling me that his teacher must have been a man. Yes, I always thought he was a man."

"I didn't expect him to be a beautiful woman!"

"How can there be ~"

Yun s.h.i.+ was very embarra.s.sed and twisted.

"Tianjin is also our company's network technician. His talent is far superior to mine. It's much bigger, and he can learn anything as soon as he reads it. ~ At the factory, he really loves him; he talks about his net master all day. ~ His name is Tianjin. ~ After all, let's not talk about it now, what are your plans for the future?"

"I...I want to take a few days off to go home." Yun s.h.i.+ looked at Ye Qing cautiously: "I dared not tell my parents that I... I was kidnapped by a group of pirates, and Sister Zhang asked me to say it was of a pyramid scheme and that the organization deceived me..."

"Knowing you helped find me ~ my parents wanted to go to the police station to pick me up and come back here to thank you. ~ It took a lot of effort for me and Sister Zhang to persuade them not to come."

"You were deceived by an MLM organization?" Ye Qing laughed and almost splashed the wine from his mouth.

"Ha ha ~ Uncle and Aunt didn't scold you for being brainless, a talented 19-year-old graduate from a key university may be tricked by an MLM organization.


Yun s.h.i.+ pulled her mouth so high that she could snag a mop.

"Then I'll give you three more days off."

Ye Qing stopped laughing: "Eat first, and when you're full, I'll ask the security department to send two retired security guards, scouts to escort you. ~ But after you return, you can't hide in the propaganda department and be an ostrich."

"So… what do I do, go to the network department?"

"First of all, you can be my secretary. In your spare time, you can help Tianjin. Now he is responsible for the development of the s.h.i.+ Lei car program. An expert like you is missing."

"To be... to be a secretary?" Yun s.h.i.+'s eyes flickered: "Now they're all going to call me the president's secretary. Secretary, that sounds weird."

"So you'll be the a.s.sistant!"


In the afternoon, Ye Qing arranged for the security department to accompany Yun s.h.i.+. He first called Kong Tao, the sales manager, to the office to discuss the remote driving function review that will be held tomorrow.

"Everything went well. Last time, we only submitted the technical data to the transportation department for review. ~ This time, in order to allay the concerns of the domestic public, the transportation department has designated the Center of Shanghai Automotive Quality Supervision and Inspection as a road simulation test site for s.h.i.+ Lei car remote driving. At the same time, he also invited several professors and scholars from the [State Key Laboratory of Regional Optical Fiber Communication Network and New Optical Communication System] of Shanghai Jiaotong University to partic.i.p.ate in the evaluation of wireless communication technology for remote driving. ~ Tomorrow, the transportation department will also send a representative.»

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"And the media?"

"Eighty-nine domestic media and forty-one foreign media."

Speaking of which, Kong Tao was a bit nervous: "The United States also sent representatives."

"What's the matter, the US government has already said our project has huge hidden dangers. At the press conference, I repeatedly stressed the practice brought out the truth." Ye Qing looked at Kong Tao strangely: "They sent representatives to act as a third-party supervision agency. Isn't that what we want?"

"These reps have a past. They're all people from Tesla's automotive intelligence lab."

"It's ungood to come," Ye Qing understood, if the Huge Industrial Monster and the United States are like water and fire, and to compare it with Tesla. They are enemies like life and death, although this enemy is considered by only one side, except by Tesla.

"100% of the visitors are no good. At the test site tomorrow, we have to protect the US representatives."

Ye Qing nodded, taking this matter to heart, but not the slightest nervousness.

After dismissing Kong Tao, Ye Qing took the special elevator to the third bas.e.m.e.nt of the building, pa.s.sed through several pa.s.sages blocked by explosion-proof doors, and arrived at a huge pure reinforced concrete column. An alloy door that could withstand rocket attack was inlaid on the column, and when the door was opened, an elevator appeared in front of it.

There were no floor b.u.t.tons on the elevator, only a mechanical numeric keypad. He has entered the correct pa.s.sword, and the elevator begins descending rapidly. The elevator was slightly weightless, and this feeling lasted only a few minutes as if the elevator was leading to another world, and when the elevator door opened, a vast white cubic s.p.a.ce pure as the dominant note appeared in his field of vision. It was full of technology and sci-fi elements, and there was no problem using it directly to shoot sci-fi movies.

It was still a blockbuster that mixed science fiction and fantasy because the researchers here are not humans, but monsters with different looks!


He looked around and only saw Master Craftsman and Master Metal Expert. Ye Qing shouted from the exclusive office in Tianjin. In the Tianjin office, there was a communication system connecting the entire laboratory.

Half a minute later, the Electrocrystalline appeared shaking his head.

"Boss!" The Electrocrystalline's hands were behind him, and there were flashes of electricity pa.s.sing through the translucent body from time to time: "It's over; I just made the final adjustment to the system. I'll test it tomorrow. At that time, the s.h.i.+ Lei car data was directly connected here, and I let Master Jin Liuhai act as the No. 1 driver, and the supercomputer acted as the No. 2 driver."

"Tomorrow I want you to come with me."

"What?" Tianjin was surprised: "Boss, aren't you afraid that these humans will see me? On the Internet, it is said that humans have caught creatures they have never seen before. There are nineteen of them that need to be dissected and studied. ~ No ~ no no no, I'm not going."

"Don't you know how to be invisible? You will stay in the equipment car when the time comes. All the people in the car are monsters. What are you afraid of?"

Ye Qing took his right hand out of his pocket and continued to weigh it as if playing a yo-yo and sighed, "This time, the US representative is very strong. If you don't go, J I'm afraid the pitch can't hold him."

"The problem is dealing with a bunch of idiots. It's boring!" With Ye Qing's right hand, Tianjin's two eyes continued to move up and down, focusing on the s.h.i.+ning rough diamond the size of a fifty-cent coin.

"Forget it ~ the problem is I'm doing what you ask me to do!"

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