Monster Factory Chapter 686: Long methods of prospecting knowledge.

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Chapter 686: Long methods of prospecting knowledge.

The condor recognition plane spread its wings and flew high, and in the car, General Mopu and Ye Qing also witnessed the last flash of light disappearing over the horizon without worrying about this forgotten place of civilized society. This is an oasis in the desert created by the ingenious work of nature!

Taking advantage of this last light of sunset, Ye Qing and General Mopu could simply enjoy the view of the vast rainforest, where the water vapor evaporated by the scorching heat illuminated by the setting sun turned into endless golden clouds. This beautiful scenery did not last long, and the golden cloud slowly faded and eventually turned into nothingness.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Ye Qing, who was controlling the Condor reconnaissance plane, laughed.

General Mopu nodded absently, the vast rainforest contrasting sharply with the desert. Towering past from a high alt.i.tude, this rainforest is simply a green miracle left behind by the creator. It's a shame that the sun fell and the photo turned gray, which kept Ye Qing from enjoying it again and again.

Without opening the car window, General Mopu could guess that the sky outside was completely black and asked himself this question inside: "How will he explore for minerals?"

"Tianjin, I will activate the pulse terrain detector, you are responsible for calculating the data."

"Understood, boss," Tianjin's electronically synthesized voice came from the car again.

As Ye Qing tapped on the remote control, the gray image on the large screen in front of him immediately changed color. It turned into a vast expanse of white, and it was no longer clear to distinguish between the sky and the earth, there were only three-dimensional graphics produced by the vulture reconnaissance plane delimited by grids.

A dazzling fan-shaped green wall of light shot out from the belly of the vulture scout plane, and the ruler marked the widest part of the green light fan for one kilometer, and a magical scene took place and happened. The position swept by the wall of light immediately showed a b.u.mpy mountain pattern.

From the supercomputer formed of thousands of blade servers in parallel, with powerful three-dimensional rendering capabilities, he described every edge and tree of the mountains around the Sotu rainforest.

As the vulture spy plane flew farther and further, a complete model of the rainforest appeared on the big screen, the area of each mountain, the height of each mountain, everything was represented, each tree in the mountain was accurately marked by super calculation, and after the vulture reconnaissance plane flew over the Sotu rainforest showing that there are many unknown places in the mountains that have never been trodden and have been fully digitized and exposed to Ye Qing and in front of General Mopu without reserve.

As the pattern of mountains resembling the full moon rotated, General Mopu's retina tore a little and his thinking became chaotic.

"G.o.d! What kind of technology is it?"

A graduate of the University of Bristol, General Mopu, is proud he studied at the university ranked in the top ten in Europe and the top 100 in the world. Precisely because he had studied abroad, what he saw on the bright map he understood better than most people. He also understood that the level of technology hidden behind the vulture was higher than any electronic machine he had encountered in his past. He heard that developed countries have terrain detection radar that can scan the curves of the terrain. But he's never heard of anyone building this radar into a tiny vulture. It is even more incredible to see it sweeping the outline of the tree. He turned his head and looked at Ye Qing as if he had Alzheimer's disease.

"Ye... President Ye, these... these high-tech technologies are all masterpieces of the Huge Industrial Monster?"


General Mopu's reaction made Ye Qing extremely proud in his heart. Young people are all vain, and Ye Qing cannot be completely exempt.

With a smug smile, Ye Qing told a well-known "native" who went to a famous university: "It sounds miraculous, but in fact, most of the credit is due to the help of our company's super server. to perform data simulation. "

"Scanning the terrain, using the principle of the Doppler Effect, the reconnaissance aircraft equipment sends out a pulsed vibration source, the vibration source propagates toward the mountains and is reflected by the object. In this process, the source of vibration produces relative motion, which is captured by the receiving device. The outline of the object, the reason it may be so small is it is not responsible for any data calculation."

"Of course, our outstanding industrial technology also contributed to this."

"So... how about prospecting?", asked General Mopu. He talked about it all the time.

Ye Qing snapped his fingers, indicating he had asked a good question.

"Where is the cave discovered by the mining team?" Ye Qing moved his finger to the center armrest control panel, and the mountain model on the large screen immediately stopped rotating and zoomed in.

General Mopu clenched his chin and searched for a few minutes before finding the location of the cave. He showed on the digitized and three-dimensional drawing a small place where it was clear that there was a small tree and a cave.

"General Mopu, do you know how to observe radiation?"

The latter shook his head in confusion, obviously, he had missed that.

"It's very simple. Irradiating uranium ore with ultraviolet light can cause radioactive substances in uranium ore to emit a striking green fluorescence."

After that, Ye Qing controlled the high-flying vulture scout plane and fluttered its wings toward the mountain cave in front, and the virtual data screen also turned into a black camera.

"What will happen if I turn on the ultraviolet spectrum irradiation generator in this cave?"

Ye Qing's voice fell, and immediately there was a small piece of white crystal on the forehead of the vulture reconnaissance plane, and the ultraviolet spectrum generator began to work, and the blue-violet light shrouded the darkness of the cave, allowing General Mopu and Ye Qing to clearly see the scenery near the cave. The scenery was mundane, but under the reflection of ultraviolet spotlights, the surroundings of the cave and the air around the cave of green halos quickly faded into the dark night.

Slowly, the branches of the dwarf tree at the cave entrance and the leaves on the branches even exuded green light. There is no doubt that these are radiations, beautiful but also deadly, which flesh and blood cannot bear.

"The tree s.h.i.+nes because its roots have absorbed radiation over the years, and the radiation in the air s.h.i.+nes on it all year round."

Ye Qing sent an order to the program command of the vulture reconnaissance aircraft to carry out reconnaissance with an ultraviolet spectrum generator according to the mountainous terrain, and gradually the three-dimensional model of the mountain became covered with fluorescent radiation points. The halo was different in light and dark, and the trees in some places even fluoresced like the dwarf tree at the cave entrance. He seemed to have come out of the fairy world bright, beautiful, almost like a dream.

"Do you know what means to use to detect iron ore and estimate reserves?"

"Using magnetic measurement, the ore is magnetic. The instrument can measure the magnetic field strength and the area of an area, and after sampling and a.n.a.lyzing the iron content in the ore, you can roughly estimate the production of a piece of iron ore."

"We now have mountain data, mountain radiation data, and the content of these minerals, so naturally we can estimate the production of minerals contained in the mountains."

"How to estimate the mon.a.z.ite mine?", General Mopu felt that he had laid down all the doubts of his life.

"Mon.a.z.ite also has radiation, and it contains a small quant.i.ty of radioactive metals, uranium, and thorium. It's just its radioactivity is so weak that we can't see it with the naked eye. But little matter, our light observing instruments can capture such subtle changes in radiation."

General Mopu nodded in confusion. He was completely convinced and learned a lot. Being able to embrace Huge Industrial Monster's advanced technological thigh is simply the belief he cultivated in his past life.

"Haha ~ the super calculation has already given the estimated reserves."

General Mopu didn't ask to know how many there are, especially when he saw the corner of Ye's mouth was full of smiles, and it seemed that he was very satisfied with the detection results. It's good to be satisfied... General Mopu heaved a sigh of relief. If Ye Qing wasn't satisfied, why is his face so full of smiles?

"Hehe~ wait for me here, I'm going to the mountain to collect more samples."

Ye Qing's smile grew stronger.

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