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Visiting the Brothel

WARNING: 13+ content

Translated by: Niladri

Looking out of the wobbly carriage's window, the vista of ancient houses made my mind wander.

I know that I am not a perfect woman. Although talented, There are many shortcomings as well. I am not the type of person who can stand atop the highest place.

I remember that a senior entrepreneur once informed me, I had two shortcomings; first, a lack of ambitions and second, lack of ruthlessness. He also said that nonetheless I have been able to compensate for them. Although there is no ambition, arrogance will make me unhappy whenever another person gets head of me, and no matter how much I use it as a spur to advance myself, it will never be enough [T/N: IDK if author is referencing shakespeare's Macbeth here.] Regarding insufficient ruthlessness, although  for a winner it is a fatal flaw, but I am calm and intelligent enough to have a keen insight into human nature and considering the bigger picture. It is very difficult for others to push me out. I will not provoke a war on my own initiative, but I will never be afraid of other people's attacks. The spoils of war that I managed to collect until now, has made me who I am today.

It is not difficult to believe that even wily old foxes are scared of me.

I am a positive person with a pa.s.sive personality. Perhaps it is because of this that I had been in charge of reorganizing  and restructuring of acquired companies. As for the acquisition process, my ruthlessness was not sufficient to play this top financial game. As a   "Conformist to one's strengths", I can showcase my talent better.

Meanwhile, I also had to shoulder some matters of upper-level public relations, because my network of contacts was unexpectedly wide-  they were mostly achieved through fortuitous encounters. One or two old foxes in the shopping mall and politics business had all been waiting for me to ask favors from them with green eyes. Apparently,  it was because I am smart enough to understand and empathize with a person, and my intentions always were clear. Naturally, some people scoffed that I was good at capitalizing my body, but it was truly the case of "the wise man thinks he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows everything" [C/N: hurray my first 100% accurately translated proverb]. Besides, these group of bosses may not be necessarily be attracted towards me. I am not a beauty who could overturn cities. But I have the capability to appreciate other people's strengths and also, criticize myself. My big dipper figure was obtained through torturous training. Of course, I must also thank my natural symmetrical skeletal structure which made my chest worth being proud of. But without consistently exercising, one will gain 20 jins instead of becoming a beautiful woman .Although  My five features were delicate and handsome, but for other people, when one dresses up properly, 3 point talent will become 7 point. Plus, thanks to china's poetry and moral beliefs, you can even manage an 8-point score…

The work was not tiring, but the rewards were enough to compensate me for even selling my own life. Last year, when I received the year-end bonus, the annual salary exceeded 10 million yuan. I lived alone in the penthouse in top of a multi-storied building, more than 300 square meters, with a dedicated driver and maid. How many women have managed to achieve so much at only 26 years old just by depending on their talents only?

Certainly, good luck is also a major prerequisite.

However, in any event, I was tender. Compared to these old foxes  that I dealt with, I was merely a novice.

In this s.p.a.ce-time, are foxes experienced enough to be considered demons? My observation skills are insufficient to deal with them. To say nothing, just my baby "son" is a th.o.r.n.y issue!

I must deal with this carefully.

Fortunately, I also have other outstanding characteristics: sensibility, tenacity and a strong intuition. These should allow me to avoid many dangers. Even if I cannot avoid them, I will prevent the worst case scenario from occurring, and look for an opportunity to earn back what I have lost.

My 179 IQ was praised by Harvard Psychology Research inst.i.tute. I feel that since I am one of the few people who simultaneously has a high Emotional Quotient as well as a high-IQ, I can solve any problem in this strange situation.

The carriage of my "son" kept swaying as it went out of the city. I was a little vigilant. I have many political opponents and personal enemies. Can we not allow people to take the opportunity to me? No we must let Yao Jinzi be my personal bodyguard!(Author: The one who wants to kill you is him? What kind of smart and calm modern woman would make such a call?)

As my heart was full of apprehensions, the carriage stopped near the riverbank [C/N: tentative 浦] and we alighted. My heart quietly drank in the sounds: really it is a peaceful elegant place! I saw a few small houses, gray tiles and white walls . There were crystal clear brooks before the gate- clear enough to see the bottom. There were a few rocks along the stream, seemingly unintentionally yet ingeniously placed, regardless of their shape and position. A few patches of remnant snow made it even more unique. A few seating areas were present under the shades of j.a.panese bananas. Didn't know that lush green trees like these could grow in such weather.

[C/N: Something like this probably?

A soon as I walked in, I could smell the delicate fragrance of the jasmine scented incense. There were many tables, chairs and coffee tables, all of which were intricately crafted and the surroundings were quiet. I suddenly heard a quaint shout, "The n.o.ble guests have arrived, serve the tea! Serve the tea!

I take a look at the porch where a tailorbird was hanging and a hill mynah was overlooking it (1). I laughed, "Trying to scare me? Think it's so easy?"

Gao Yushu also laughed with me.

The screen-curtain of the inner room, was lifted, and a beautiful glamorous beauty came out. Although it was a man, and he was wearing man's clothing, his manner of movement was charming and feminine. He wore a narrow sleeve jacket with a purple fish tail [C/N jacket with an extended portion looking like a fish-tail.], and he looked too gorgeous and clean to be masculine.

He walked smilingly over to give me and Gao Yushu a kotow and was stopped by the latter. I looked at the non-verbal communication between him and Gao Yushu, and by their appearance, is he Gao Yushu's man?

The beauty smiled and said:"Esteemed one, this one never thought that esteemed one had the ability to invite Zhang Daren. Little Lan here will serve you a few more!"

Gao Yushu smiled and his beard shook. He only said: "Certainly, certainly, Boss Lan. Since I have invited the big Bodhisattva, you must behave well. Don't make me lose face!"

The blue blooded(2) owner was truly a good actor, he gave a coquettish look to him and spoke in an overjoyed manner:"Zhang Daren, Lan Guan(3) has kowtowed to you, Zhang Daren coming to our small place, is really an honor to my humble establishment. Asking Zhang Daren not to detest our crudeness. Later, more people will join in!"

Gao Yushu pinched his cheeks and said, "You can sure talk. Since you wanted me to bring in Zhang Daren, why don't you bring in the good stuff? where are those children?  [C/N: No pedo]

The seductive Lan Guan laughed and grabbed my sleeve. I immediately smelt a fragrant breeze. Although it was rich with effeminacy, I was unable to figure out how a human body could have that kind of smell . It had the same scent that I could smell on my mother, I was unexpectedly not repugnant.

"Zhang Daren, you are so lucky to be born so handsome. Look at this face, this skin, this eye, my eyes can't move! So I dare not call out all my children, one their frail and delicate features will bring shame to Daren and two, I feared they would start fighting to s.n.a.t.c.h you!"

I did not get a chance to speak. Gao Yushu laughed and said, "Your mouth, whenever opens, one can neither love nor hate! Even so, just call the best one among your newly arrived products, and four of us can drink a little wine and chat for a little while, wouldn't it be nice?"

Lan Guan heard that and rubbed his palms  full of excitement and joy: "this idea is good. No wonder people say that the Esteemed one is a poetic gentleman- one expert in matters of love."

The dialogue between the owner of a brothel and client… hey I am also a man! I want to experience it too!

(*1) (see footnote after word-meanings)

We entered a heated room  and everyone sat in seiza position. Two young male servants looked clear and elegant. They gracefully got up and started to serve the food and drink.

At this time, a person entered through the doorway.

Our joking voices calmed down with the sudden intrusion.

For the first time in this s.p.a.ce and time did I see a man whose appearance was beautiful enough to compare with my beautiful boy [C/N:Yao Jinzi] and Zhang Qinglian. This person was probably 21 or 22 years old. His face was white as if coated with powder, eyebrows like ink, starry pupils, cherry lips and long arms. If Yao Jinzi is a beautiful young boy with a weak, fragile, stubborn and juvenile temperament; I am the type of delicate beauty which the constraints of age and s.e.x, then this person could be said to have a graceful bearing, heroic and vigorous spirit and bright personality. Compared with him, Zhang Qinglian seemed too pale and feminine, and Yao Jinzi looked too proud and arrogant.

This world unexpectedly had people like this! That was my first impression.

The second impression was naturally: A person with such a strength of character actually degenerated into a male prost.i.tute!

"Xiao Yun, come and sit, attend to Zhang Daren." Then he sat down beside me.

Oh, calling him Liu Xianglian would be inadequate! I wouldn't be Xue Pan either! (4)

However, I realized this this person's voice was very special, sweet and smooth, reminding one of thing like honey and velvet.

"Oh, Xiao Yun is a savage-like person, devoid of any etiquette, Zhang Daren, please doesn't be offended! Xiao Yun, you tell Zhang Daren about yourself, and then pay him your respect by pouring him a gla.s.s of wine, and thank Daren for his magnanimity."Lan Guan has eagerly helped this Xiao Yun free himself from his predicament. Although his appearance is like this, nevertheless, this Lan Guan took an interest in him. It was because he reminded me of, "The generation of dog-slaughterers uphold justice , heartless many are scholarly court attendants ."(5) Looking at Lan Guan and Gao Yushu sitting together, the saying really suits the occasion.

However, a woman's intuition is unreliable. I must also remember that " give their hearts to none, actors show their true selves to none."

[C/N: Basically Lan Guan wants to advertise Xiao Yun as a honest and loyal person, while MC cautions him/herself that performers cannot be trusted since they hide their hearts as well as their true selves.]

"Zhang daren, this villain(6) was named Yuan Qing Yun, daren can also call me either Xiao Yun or Qing Yun." The super handsome guy named Xiao Yun grinned unscrupulously, and revealed his clean, white teeth. The smile was unusually dazzling. Although he called himself a villain, his att.i.tude was contradicting that appellation.

However, it was very s.e.xy and evil, like a demon.

I figured out what Zhang Qinglian should say in this sitation:" Oh then this official will not be polite abd will call you Qing Tun. The name of Qing Yun is so lovely, how can this official blame you?" The saccharine words were disgusting. Simultaneously, I must also also co-ordinate my body language: I looked at him with a smile and showed a fascinated look in my eyes.

[WARNING: next 5-6 paragraphs may be nauseinducing to some readers]

Lan Guan said: "Come come, I'll toast a big cup out of respect for Daren. Xiao Yun, you toast a drink for daren, let all four of us drink a gla.s.s each, we shall listen to Xiao Lan's  music and drink until we are drunk…"he said so and took a sip. He kept the wine in his mouth and then delivered it to Gao Yushu through his mouth. Gao Yushu happily interlocked his hands with the former and drank.

I couldn't help but look at it with trepidation. Thank G.o.d, Buddha is truly merciful that he did not give me this set [C/N: of lines in a play].

Yuan Qingyun suddenly reached out and grabbed my waist. He took a sip of liquor and leaned over to me.

Looking at his face coming closer and closer with a smile on his thin lips, my mind went blank: G.o.d, Ave Maria, does he really want to do this kind of stuff with me?

But it was too late, his lips were on my lips. I wanted to shove him away, but his arms were tightly holding me in place. Despite my struggling, the mixture of liquor and saliva were promptly poured into my stomach.

Really… Disgusting!

I was angry and wanted to cry but had no tears.

That repugnant man kissed me casually! Making love is one thing, kissing is a completely different matter. In my opinion, s.e.x can also be simply just to fulfill one's  physical desire. Kissing has an intimacy that is not for the purpose of reproduction, instead is closely related to feelings. In modern world, even when it concerned my three year long s.e.x-partner, I never permitted him to kiss my mouth. This idea was perhaps a little naïve, but I insisted it.

Now a despicable male prost.i.tute frivolously did so, really absurd!

Gai Yushu, that thieving official also clapped and created a clamor with Lan Guan!

However, I took a deep breath and calmed myself. I am now Zhang Qinglian. And Zhang Qinglian will never be angry for such trivial things.

"HaHa, Qingyun is very enthusiastic. Why have I never seen you like this before? It is like a juvenile hero admiring his young lover!" Gao Yushu looked at the eyes of Yuan Qingyun s.h.i.+nning and drooling. This kind of revolting "obscene kindness" is generally shown by middle aged men who suffer from deficiency of vitality and kidney problems.

Also what "juvenile hero admiring young lover", not only have they ever been seen, even the cla.s.sics never describe anything of such sort. Where did that come from? Who is the hero? Who is a young lover?

Such incomprehensible nonsensical fart is really worthy of being spoken by Zhang Qinglian's pack of scoundrels!

Lan Guan also joined in for fun and said to Yuan Qingyun,"Xiao Yun relax, don't be too anxious. Be careful or you will scare Zhang Daren away!"

Gao Yushu also said with a sly smile: "A moment ago did he not frighten Zhang Dareb!"Saying that he also winks, looked really interested in such indecent stuff.

I was extremely depressed.

At this time, Lan Guan requested permission from the two officials to bring in bamboo instruments. They were all fifteen to sixteen year old girls blowing the pipa. Lan Guan looked at us grinning, and said "This guifei(7) is drunk, may daren put up with listening." Then he cleared his throat, and sang.

Although I didn't understand what he was singing, I have never seen a play before. I felt that his song was interesting. After he finished singing, Gao Yushu gave him a huge applause.

Lan Guan smiled and went back to Gao Yushu's arms. I observed Yuan Qingyun when Lan Guan was singing, the corners of his mouth rose up in ridicule. Since that kiss was not very tender from my side, to eliminate any suspicion he has of me, I asked:" Can Qingyun also sing a song?"

He shook his head with a smile.

"That", I glanced at him and considering his vigorous body, asked "Hynyun Sword Dance?"

He smiled and shook his head again, shamelessly.

"What services does Qingyun provide then?
He leans his face to look at me, his gaze lingering on my lips, chuckled and whispered,"Will drink."

I blushed.

This, this… … Just take a look at this scene! I was sitting in his arms ;-; since he is taller than me, his lap was also big. Can't he sit in my arms?-He was casual and frivolous, now unexpectedly started to s.e.xually hara.s.s me.

Just who here was the prost.i.tute?

I can't even decide what to do with a man?

The new hatred stacked atop the old, the angrier I got, the more I wanted to face upwards and loudly cry: Your mother! This brother is really depressing!

(1):[C/N: sorry, I tried but I just cant do this "我看了一眼廊下鷦鷯的鷯哥" if anyone can translate this better, do help]

(2): A  person of n.o.ble birth

(3): a boy in the employ of a teahouse, tavern, or restaurant

(4): Xue Pan (Chinese: 薛蟠; pinyin: Xūe Pán) is a secondary character in the cla.s.sic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. He is a ne’er-do-well lout who is guilty of the killing of a man over a beautiful slave girl, Zhen Yinglian, who is renamed as Xiangling (Lotus). He has the manslaughter case done over with money, then escapes to the capital from Jinling.

He is the elder brother of Xue Baochai and the son of Aunt Xue. Pan was also a local bully in Jinling City, where the Xues came from. He is a total opposite of Baochai, who is tactful and cultivated, although he has genuine respect for his sister. He is on the other hand tactless and uncouth, and mixes around with bad company. He eventually marries a shrew, Xia Jin’gui, who causes much misery to Aunt Xue, Baochai, Xiangling and himself.

(5): It means, during one's troubles, a common man can be expected to uphold justice, but a scholarly man will remain heartlessly indifferent. It originated from a story about Fan Kuai and Liu Bang. Google them if interested in historical trivia.

(6): People call themselves this in order to humble themselves. There are apparently many versions of 'me' like this one, this servant(nucai/nubi), this villain, this [insert word here].

(7):  highest-ranking imperial concubine

Pre-completion rants and announcements:

*1:C/N: The previous part took me 2 days to translate. The chapters are getting longer (3.9k words to 4.3k words with too much fluff. From the later part, I will be dropping the accuracy  (NOT THE QUALITY) a bit when not needed (like chapter 7) . Sorry for this, otherwise there is no way I can bring 2-3 chapters per week. The accuracy drop should be sporadic and temporary. Do tell me if the quality is too bad. I am only responsible for cleaning the MTL, so if story has too much fluff somewhere (exactly like this chapter is) don't blame me.

Post-completion rants and announcements:

Okay it was a torturous and very long chapter.I did not re-read the second half (from *1) so please help me spot any typos and errors. I have 2 consecutive exams coming on so expect next release to be quite a bit late. The good news though, is that it has more actual plot content and is approx 3.5k words long. So, stay tuned… Oh, best not expect 3 chapters any week, coz you will be disappointed.

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